Top 10 Florists With Gorgeous Bouquets Under SGD50

Best Florists in Singapore

Tired of paying for overpriced bouquets? Looking for a cheap and good florist in Singapore? Well, I’ve handpicked the top 10 florists with the best blooms at prices that won’t break the bank. Free delivery and same day delivery are offered as additional perks by some of these florists too! And since I was the one doing the selection, expect to find a Hello Kitty hand bouquet, as well as lots of ROSES! πŸ˜€ Read on and find out which are the gorgeous bouquets you can purchase for S$50 and below – in no particular order of awesomeness!

#1: Floral Garage Singapore

Floral Garage Singapore

You can get a freestyle bouquet from Floral Garage at just S$34.90! Like an omakase meal at a Japanese restaurant, what the freestyle bouquet will look like depends entirely on the florist. Great for folks who want to send a bouquet that will be a surprise both to the recipient and the giver! Delivery costs between $9.70 and $30 so check their website for more details. (Website:

#2: Windflower Florist

Windflower Florist

From left: A Study In Champagne $35, Lion Heart $50, A Study In Champagne 2.0 $50 (Pics: Windflower Florist)

I first noticed Windflower Florist from Sharon Au’s Instagram page. The petite celebrity was holding 2 gigantic and absolutely gorgeous bouquets from this florist. Turns out they have a range of bouquets priced at just $35! I love the way they style the paper wrapping too – so edgy and classy. *Do note that you’ll have to add $10 for delivery. Still, it’s a very decent price for a beautiful bouquet. (Website:

#3: The Enchanted Tree

Daily bouquets at just $30, apparently inclusive of delivery too! Check their site for today’s bouquet πŸ™‚ (Website:

#4: Freeman Florist

Freeman Florist

It costs just $40 to get a Hello Kitty Hand Bouquet! And you can even pay by PayPal! Feel free to add on a complimentary card with your well wishes too! Need it delivered? Add $15. Yes, go get it now. It’s simply irresistible! πŸ˜€ (Website:


#5: Gifts Florist

Gifts Florist 2000

This florist offers a round bouquet featuring a dozen roses at $45. You can also get a box of 11 roses (pictured above) at $45. I’d choose the ones in a box as it instantly makes them look more expensive! πŸ˜€ You’ll also get to choose the color of the box: white, pink or purple. I think purple looks best! Anyone getting this for me? I’ve already stated my preference! LOL! Pick it up from their store at Ang Mo Kio or get it delivered at a fee starting from $15.Β Visit Their Website By Clicking Here.


If you’d like to receive a call from one of the florists on this list, just fill in this contact form below:


#6: Hilton Gifts

Hilton Gifts

I think this hand bouquet looks really classy, what with the red and gold pairing. It’ll cost you $50 + GST + a $5.35 delivery fee. A similar bouquet can cost twice as much at other florists so I won’t say this is pricey at all! (Website:

#7: Fleuriste


This bouquet is such a pretty pastel mix of eustomas, roses, COTTON, etc! I’ve never received cotton in a bouquet before, so I must say I LOVE this selection. It costs just $40. Pay an additional $15 for delivery or pick it up yourself atΒ Kim Tian Road. (Website:

#8: Gift Flowers (With FREE DELIVERY)

Gift Flowers

The Eustoma bouquet would have been great for Mother’s Day (I heard eustomas are expensive too). My pick would be the Mini Spray Roses Bouquet ($49) as I love roses…

At least a dozen roses in here, I believe:

Gift Flowers Singapore


#9: iCupid Florist (on (*FREE DELIVERY)

iCupid Florist Lazada

6 stalks of these rainbow soap roses for $50! I’m not sure if these ‘Soap Flowers’ can be used as soap, but I’m quite sure they won’t be wilting anytime soon, unlike real roses. Available in single colors too. Best part is, you can log in to your ShopBack account first, before going to Lazada and you can earn cashback on your purchase too! πŸ˜€ Plus, enjoy free delivery! (Website:

#10: The Bloom Box

The Bloom Box

Looking at their pictures, I would have assumed each bloom box costs something like $50. But each one actually costs just $35 and includes free delivery islandwide! πŸ˜€ I love the pastel-colored cotton in the 3rd box. πŸ˜€ But there’s a new box daily so place your order immediately if you like today’s blooms! Check out their website for more details:


I hope you have benefited from this blogpost I took hours to put together. Don’t simply pick a florist from the first page of your Google search. Some of those guys have invested lots of money to be ranked on Page 1, so guess who’s gonna be paying for it? Yes, YOU! After visiting probably over a hundred florist websites, I’ve narrowed the search for a ‘cheap and good’ florist down to these 10 you see above. Don’t buy overpriced bouquets anymore, especially if it isn’t Valentine’s Day yet!~

*This post was updated on 07 / 11 / 2017