How To Wrap A Bouquet (Video)

About 5 years ago, a pal and I went to Noel Gifts to interview their founder. At Noel, I also had the chance to learn to put together a bouquet. And this particular video has gotten over 1 MILLION VIEWS! 😀 That’s terribly impressive as it was shot on the spur of the moment without professional equipment. If you want to learn how to put together a beautiful bouquet like those done by the professionals at Noel, then I sure hope this video is of help to you! Pardon the video quality though! 🙂 If you find that it’s too much trouble or you lack those nimble fingers, then go ahead and read my blogpost featuring 10 florists selling gorgeous bouquets under S$50!

I’ve also been to at least one floral jamming session in Singapore. So I’ve had a go at putting together a bouquet using craft paper. Craft paper isn’t the best material for beginners to start with as it crumples so easily, so please take note and choose something else!

(1) First step: choose your favorite flowers (mine are roses) and then pick some fillers to place by the edges, e.g. baby’s breath:

Singapore Floral Jamming

(2) Do the arrangement using one hand to grip the stalks and the other to place each additional stalk at a 45-degree angle outwards.

Floral Arrangement workshop

(3) Trim the ends, wrap using some wet serviettes, place into a small plastic bag and tie it all up with a rubber band or scotch tape. Then you’re all set to start wrapping. FREESTYLE.

Floral Jamming Singapore

Here’s the bouquet I made:

Singapore Floral Arrangement class

It’s actually quite simple, if you don’t mind the end product looking rather… ‘homemade’. Haha! I do think it’s way more sincere to gift something you made by hand rather than what you ordered over the Internet. I’m already looking forward to the next floral jamming session, as I really do love working with flowers. 😀