KOI 1-For-1 Matcha Macchiato (Till 7th June)

Koi Matcha Macchiato

If you own a KOI card, you’ll already know that there’s a 1-for-1 Matcha voucher credited to your card. It allows you to get either a Matcha Latte or Matcha Macchiato, at two cups for the price of 1 ($4.10). I had no idea what a ‘Macchiato’ was but ordered it anyway since the Koi Express outlet at Waterway Point doesn’t allow for redemptions of the Matcha Latte. They didn’t allow for toppings either! So no bubbles, or aloe vera, or konjac jelly. Bummer. However, my less-sweet Matcha Macchiato was… pleasant.

I didn’t know this… till it was too late. There’s a small plastic knife that comes with your drink. You’re supposed to make a 2-cm incision on the plastic lid and sip from it. I guess they want you to taste the milk foam? And then you can stick the straw in to taste the matcha portion. It’s a lot of trouble for lazy people, really. And all that plastic!!! (I’m gonna bring a mason jar next time… when I remember)

koi singapore matcha macchiato

Also… the drinks came with complimentary ‘coasters’. They are probably one-use items as well because the color smudges after coming into contact with water and they are rather flimsy. Oh dear.

I can only say that this drink is best consumed outside of the cinema. ‘Cos how are you gonna make that slit in the dark? *ahem* I’ll readily admit to sneaking drinks into cinemas, and I won’t make any excuses either. I simply love drinking bubble tea while watching movies. There. I’ve said it.

And it’s pretty funny too. I have to wait for the right opportunity before stabbing the cup with the straw. Action movies are the best. You can stab the lid at the height of the action. No one sitting around you will notice. But do this at the wrong time, and people will actually turn around and try to identify the culprit in the dark. 😀 Muahaha!

And oh, if you happen to love the Matcha Macchiato, go ahead and try the Black Tea, Green Tea, Peach and Ovaltine Macchiato too! I’ll stick with my fav Yakult Green Tea with toppings. 😀