How To Eliminate Pesky YouTube Ads And Get Around Annoying Paywalls

YouTube Ad Blocker

Back when YouTube was still new, and we still watched something called “television programs” (now I don’t even own a TV set!), YouTube’s draw was that there were no ads and I could watch my favorite channels without being interrupted by commercials. Now, YouTube has all sorts of ads (seen any 30-second unskippable ones yet?) to drive people up the proverbial wall. So I had no choice but to download an ad blocker, and I might go so far as to say that it has been life-changing. No need to wait in anticipation of the ‘Skip Ad’ button or look out the window while the 30-second ad plays. It’s awesome. And as a bonus, I’ll tell you how I’ve been skipping paywalls too.

So simple, it’s ridiculous.

First, the YouTube ad blocker. Simply do a Google search for an ad blocker for whichever device or browser you are using. Mine’s the Youtube ad blocker for Chrome (since I use the Google Chrome browser).

It’s awesome because now I don’t see any ads at all unless I remove the ad blocker for that particular site or video. If you want to support your favorite Youtuber e.g. Superwoman or Ryan Higa or what-have-you, go ahead and watch the ads on their channel. For those channels which constantly spam ads (like 10 ads for a 1-hour-long video), BLOCK those ads! And thank your lucky ad-blocking stars.

And as for paywalls such as those for news sites, there’s a quick and easy solution. Know those sites which you subscribe to and they send you an overview of the latest articles to your email account? Then when you click on those links for articles you want to read, you hit their paywall. You’re asked to pay a subscription fee before you can view any of their articles, right?

The solution is really simple.

If you’re using your laptop (like I’m doing right now), make sure you ‘right click’ on the link and open it in an incognito window. And you get to read the article for free. It is that… simple.

If you’re using your handphone, then what you can do is click on the link and just when the article is loading (you’ll have to move quickly), switch off the data on your phone. This keeps the article you want to read on your screen, and prevents it from loading the page that asks you to pay up. Done reading? Turn on the data again.

Of course, there are some news sites you really want to support because of the quality of the articles they produce: impartial, informative, in-depth reporting, and not being a mouthpiece for any individual or government. You can simply choose to subscribe or make a donation.

You’re welcome. 🙂