Seoul Good @ Punggol East Container Park

Punggol Tebing Lane

I never really liked Korean food. I’ve always preferred Japanese cuisine. But strangely enough, after watching a couple of K-dramas, I seem to have developed a liking for kimchi, ramyeon, bingsu, and the like. And Seoul Good is the 3rd container food stall I’ve bought food from since the Punggol East Container Park opened to much hype. Right now, you can head over there on a Friday evening and there’s not much of a dinnertime crowd (so easy to get a table). Aren’t Singaporeans somewhat like sheep? New food place opens, bloggers descend on the place, Singaporeans rush there, queue, instagram, eat, leave. Then the cycle repeats again. Oh, Geylang Serai Bazaar? Chiong ah! GongCha closing soon? Must go queue for 2 hours for their bubble tea then!

And what happens to those places which cannot sustain the hype, and can only watch helplessly as the foodie crowd leaves for the next new instagrammable location? Pretty sad, actually. But good for me now since I can have my meals here without worrying about long queues.

Say hello to my neighbor’s cute kid:

Seoul Good Punggol

We actually popped by Seoul Good for dinner yesterday because we’d bought Groupon (or Fave, if you will) vouchers for 1-for-1 chicken wing sets at $7.90 only. You’ll see a picture of that in a bit.

My pals ordered the Korean Chix Cutlet Rice ($8.90) and Myeongdong Chix Balls with Rice ($9.90). Like us, they also had the Homemade Lemon Tea ($3.90).

Punggol Container Park

Seems like they are fans of the chicken meatballs… which I didn’t get to try.


I really enjoyed the Kimchi Chix Spaghetti ($11.90). I didn’t know kimchi could go so well with pasta. This was delightful! I didn’t fancy those dry and hard chunks of chicken though. And my less-fussy other half enjoyed the Korean Chix Cutlet with Rice ($8.90).

Punggol Tebing Lane

As for the chicken wings, there are 4 flavors to choose from. We ordered one of each but what we got seemed to be just 3 flavors, with one repetition.

Punggol East Container Park

The one at the bottom left corner was not my favorite, while the one in the top right hand corner was pretty spicy. Don’t ask me about the names of the sauces though, ‘cos I don’t have a clue. Show this picture to the staff! Haha!

Here are their opening specials and menu:

Punggol Seoul Good Menu

Seoul Good is great for a weekday dinner with friends. I’m not too sure if there’s a bigger crowd during the weekends, but since it’s the school holidays now, expect most places to have more customers than usual. My pal also noted that Seoul Good doesn’t seem to have baby chairs, leading her to conclude that this place isn’t kid-friendly. Perhaps we didn’t find out where they keep those chairs. And… we just might head back to try their slightly pricey bingsu. Fingers crossed.


Seoul Good is located at 50 Punggol East, #01-K36, Singapore 828826.