BOUNCE Singapore Trampoline Park: Price, Review, Important Things To Note

Bounce Singapore

I’m not sure what possessed us into visiting BOUNCE during the school holidays. As it was the first time my pal and I have ever been to this particular trampoline park located on the 9th floor of Cineleisure, we really didn’t know what to expect. Yes, there was fun and laughter (and enough of a workout to make us pant). But we also experienced some confusion as to when we could enter the ‘play area’, and not all the staff were friendly. I guess it couldn’t be helped as anyone would have been overwhelmed by the crazy number of kids at the venue as early as 10.30am on a Monday. So if you are wondering whether you should visit BOUNCE, here’s a quick review plus a section at the bottom about important things you need to take note of, such as injuries and that 10% discount you have to ask about in order to get!

First up, I like that BOUNCE occupies the entire level on the 9th floor so it’s really spacious. There’s lots of seating available as you wait to enter (any safety messages or announcements will be made over the PA system so just listen up). Before heading to the counter to make payment, go to the iPad stations and get your waivers done first. Then, once you’ve paid up, you can store your valuables in the lockers provided. A small locker (big enough for a backpack and some loose items) will cost $2 for 1.5 hours and $3 for 2.5 hours. There are also ‘pigeonholes’ for your shoes and water bottles, and your bags too (if you don’t mind the risk of them getting stolen).

bounce cineleisure

Apparently, you can celebrate your kid’s birthday at BOUNCE too. No need to rent a bouncy castle then. 😀

bounce singapore birthday parties

Price-wise, I’d have to say it’s rather steep. For General Admission (non-student rates), it’s $25 for the first hour and $20 for each subsequent one. So discounts are important, as you’ll find in Point #4 below…

There are a number of things you should take note of when visiting BOUNCE:


bounce singapore injury

My pal suffered scrapes on his elbows and knees. I escaped unscathed because I was more ‘reserved’ while he went all out, bouncing and attempting stunts the staff were demonstrating. I was just happy to, you know, bounce on the (same) spot. 😀 He was bouncing on his back and on his bum, and half the time it looked like he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to. He was like a rag doll getting tossed about. Quite a sight! Hence the multiple injuries (no open wounds though).

If your children are going to be ‘bouncing’ for the first time, the right attire would really help. Stretchy clothes which cover the elbows and the knees would help prevent scrapes and bruises as there’s a lot of falling down and tumbling over and smashing into (cushioned) obstacles.

#2: Save Some Time for the X-Park

bounce singapore x-park

There are two areas for you to play in… the one with all the trampolines… and the X-Park (where you’ll have to wear your sports shoes!)

We couldn’t enter the X-Park before our purchased time slot (11am to 12nn) and we max-ed out our 1 hour in the trampoline zone. And even though there were probably only 3 kids in the X-Park, the rather nasty female staff stationed there rudely told us to leave. I appreciate her policing the place and ensuring people stick to their timeslots but there was definitely a better way to tell us to go, such as “Sorry to disappoint you guys, I hope you had fun on the trampolines. Please come by maybe 10 minutes earlier next time?” What we received was “What’s your time slot?! 11 to 12 right? Cannot!” Boo. If not for the very pleasant counter staff and the delightful Malay staff (both male and female) within the trampoline zone who happily demonstrated certain moves and were so encouraging, I’d happily write off this place as one manned by snobs and rude people.

So… make sure you leave adequate time for the X-Park, where you can attempt some parkour moves, do some bouldering, etc.

#3: Kids Camps a.k.a. Tramp Camps

bounce singapore tramp camp

For just $290, your child can enjoy a 3-day camp (9am to 12nn) daily. Go register over at

Instead of becoming a tramp (a homeless person), your child will learn useful skills at the trampoline park. (I think there should be a camp for adults too, for overcoming fears, as these kids have no fear of falling down or looking silly) As there can only be 1 person on a trampoline at any one time, these kids will learn to look out for others around them. Also, there’ll be lots of fun what with the slam dunk with the help of a trampoline, launching themselves onto a giant airbag, and participating in a game of dodgeball.

If your kid is at least 3 years old, I would recommend you sign him/her up!

#4: 10% Discount: You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

As we’d paid for General Admission (the most expensive), it’s $25 per pax for just 1 hour. Add to that the $3 per pax for compulsory Bounce socks, and our total bill was $56.

bounce singapore grip socks

I handed over my money, then asked if there was any discount at all with any cards. And I was told that an NTUC or OCBC card would get me 10% off. I flashed my Plus card with pride. 😀

When your bill is $56, 10% is quite a lot, really!

Not sure why they didn’t just ask me upfront whether I had any of those cards, but I don’t blame them. 😉


*If you’d like to experience BOUNCE but at a lower cost, head there on Fri / Sat, you get to bounce for 3 hours (8pm to 11pm) at just $30 for 3 hours. So cheap!

There are a couple of other trampoline parks in Singapore, so if you’d like, you can also check out Zoom Park Asia, AMPED Trampoline Park, Katapult Trampoline Park, and SkyHigh Trampoline Park. I haven’t been to any of those yet. 🙂