Tensho by MOF @ Waterway Point: Beware That Spicy Sauce Even The Chef Is Afraid Of

tensho waterway point

Spotted this Tendon place yesterday when my pal and I were walking past while enjoying double-scoop ice cream cones from Anderson’s 😀 Went back today for lunch at Tensho by MOF. It’s located next to the buffet places (Japanese hotpot and Korean bbq) at Waterway Point, Level 1 East Wing. Tendon (天丼) is short for Tempura Donburi, basically tempura on top of Japanese rice. As it was my first visit, I decided to go with the spicy sauce for my Mixed Tendon, as I know that tempura and rice gets a little bland / boring after a while. Told the female (likely Malaysian) staff that I’m concerned it might be too spicy, so she said she’ll have the sauce served up separately. Great.

Except that it did not get served up separately.

tensho sg

Just one bite into that shitake mushroom tempura and my tongue felt like it was on fire. And that sauce was everywhere – on the tempura, on the rice below…

I asked the young lady why the sauce wasn’t served separately, and she apologized profusely, saying she’ll have it replaced for me. I told her it’s ok and that I’ll continue eating, and OMG this is spicy! Whenever possible, I’ll refuse to send food back to the kitchen, because it may be returned to me with spittle or something worse, right? If you want to give me a discount, sure. If you want to give me a complimentary dessert, no problem. But I’m not sending food back.

She gave me iced water. Then brought me warm water too, ‘cos chef says drinking warm water works better than iced water when you’ve eaten something that’s too spicy. I turned to Google, and it seems one shouldn’t be drinking water after eating something spicy. Drink milk or eat ice cream instead! 😀

In the end, she came over and took the bowl away from me. The chef felt it would not be an enjoyable meal if the level of spiciness was not something I could tolerate. Apparently, they had sent feedback to the head chef that the sauce was too spicy, and they are still in the process of tweaking it based on feedback from customers. Ok, here’s my feedback: IT’S TOO SPICY!

The Original Sauce is fine. Just… nothing special?

What was special though, were the “onsen eggs” which did not look like regular onsen eggs. They looked like mini fried eggs. Interestingly enough, they look all fried and crispy on the surface but inside, the yolk is still soft and almost runny.

tensho review

And, of course, there’s the complimentary pickle dish. That’s the thing with tendon. It gets so boring after a while that you need pickles in order to finish the dish.

tensho free pickles

My less picky other half ordered the cold soba. And I really enjoyed their cold soba. Very tasty and refreshing. Why did I order tendon?! Oh wait… their signature dish is supposed to be tendon! 😀

We each had a small bowl of chawanmushi too. Smallest bowl of chawanmushi I’ve ever eaten, but tasty nonetheless.

waterway point tensho

Very well-taken and tempting food pictures outside the (mini) restaurant. Just be careful of that spicy sauce, ok? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

tensho by mof menu