FREE Kid-Friendly Fun Activities in Sentosa For The June School Holidays

Free Activities in Sentosa

While I’d much rather stay home and sweat it out in this horrid weather we are experiencing now, I suppose people with kids have no choice but to bring those little daredevils out during the school holidays. Or else, to borrow a line from comedian Russell Peters, “somebody gonna get hurt real bad” (or killed). If you have more than one child at home, hats off to you, but you’re in serious trouble! 😀 I think long gone are the days when kids stayed at home and QUIETLY worked through a mountain of assessment books during the school holidays. Thankfully, Sentosa has lots of free and fun activities for families with kids. And your trip to Sentosa can be absolutely free if you’re walking across the Boardwalk from Vivocity and packing your own sandwiches and bringing your own water bottles! I did just that yesterday! 😀

FREE option: Take the Boardwalk into Sentosa, then take the Sentosa Express to Beach Station (the final stop) and make your way to the Palawan Beach.

COMFY option: Take the Sentosa Express from Vivocity (pay $4 via Ez-link card).

MegaFun Sentosa is open from Thursdays to Sundays over three weekends! So head over for some good, FREE fun before the school holidays end!

For the really young ones, there’s the Palawan Pirate Ship. It’s open from 10am to 6pm.

Sentosa Pirate Ship

Adult supervision is required, and make sure the young ones are wearing swimming diapers! Captain’s orders! *If you don’t want to get wet, there are regular playgrounds and D-I-Y activities such as making your own windmill toy. 🙂

And Singapore’s largest ball pit:

Singapore largest ball pit

You can leave your kids in the ball pit. The ‘kor kor’ and ‘jie jie’ (Sentosa’s staff) will entertain them and keep them occupied for a long time! (Read: free childcare services) There are around 90,000 balls in the pit right now, and Sentosa aims to get the number up to 200,000. So if there’s a shortage of plastic balls in Singapore, you know who’s responsible! 😀 I noted that these balls are of really good quality. Unlike those in indoor playgrounds in malls, these balls don’t get squashed easily! Consider me impressed!

And for the older kids, especially those above 1.2m tall, there are a host of fun activities on the beach, such as the Balancing Beam, Cliff Jump, Kids Maze, Horizontal Slide, Traversing Wall, Triple Slide, etc.

The Inflatable Triple Slide is 10-metres tall (equivalent to 3 storeys). Give it a go if you dare! 😀

Sentosa Triple Slide

Sentosa Horizontal Slide

Sentosa Balancing Beam

Sentosa Kids Maze


Triple Slide at Sentosa

Do note the minimum height requirements at each station. And make sure you bring sunscreen!

And don’t leave Sentosa by 6pm! 😀 Apparently, there’s lots more to enjoy after the sun sets!

#1: Movies at Palawan Green (7.30pm to 9.30pm) 8-11 June, 15-18 June, 22-25 June

#2: Bubble Performances (3pm & 5pm), same dates as above

#3: Merlion Magic Lights (an 8-minute projection) 2nd June to 9 July, 7.45pm / 8.15pm / 8.45pm / 9.15pm (weekdays) and two additional shows on weekends and Eve of PH, and PH (9.45pm / 10.15pm)


If you have children who are more sensible, and you want them to understand and appreciate the things which happened in Singapore’s history, you can bring them to the Surrender Chambers at Fort Siloso. The place got a revamp recently and it’s a good opportunity to share with your kids about the horrors of war and how the peace we now enjoy should not be taken for granted.

Fort Siloso Sentosa

It was rather uncomfortable for me to hear the children of some bloggers laughing out loud at the mention of the atomic bomb named “Fat Man”. It’s no joke as some 60,000 people died because of the bombing of Nagasaki. What was most shocking wasn’t their laughter, but that their parents stood by silently, without correcting their children’s behavior. Wow.

The kids also laughed at that one guy who looked especially short…

Fort Siloso


Unlike some war museums I’ve been to, the Surrender Chambers don’t immediately convey the gravity of the atrocities of war and the plight of the people who had to suffer through it. This is why kids can be laughing when nothing was originally meant to be funny. I’m not sure if something’s missing; maybe a video? But I guess there’s nothing here that will kill the “fun” mood of being at Sentosa. So that’s good.

And in case you think I’m too serious for my own good… here’s a picture I edited to include a speech bubble.

Fort Siloso Surrender Chambers


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