Uncle Ringo @ Punggol MRT (till 25 June) What It Takes To Win The Plushies

Uncle Ringo Carnival 2017

It was our second visit to the Uncle Ringo Carnival at Punggol (next to the MRT station) yesterday, and the first time we played at those game stalls. Walked home with two plushies: a big Winnie The Pooh plush, and a medium-sized Minion one. We didn’t play or spend any money during the first visit because it was more of a ‘recce’ session: to check out which games offered the most attractive prizes, which were “easier” to win, and pick up some tips and tricks from the staff manning the stalls or simply by observing the people who were playing. I certainly didn’t want to walk home with an over-sized balloon as I don’t have a kid with me, so it would have been slightly embarrassing. I have no issues carrying a big plushie though! πŸ˜€

As you can see in the first picture above, there’s a game stall offering large Winnie The Pooh (in his usual outfit) plushies as prizes. You can pay $5 for 20 small rings, or $8 for a whole bucket of them and try to land them on one of the glass bottles. We “donated” $8 to this stall without receiving anything. I couldn’t figure out what was the technique required to land a prize. It seemed utterly random. People who managed to do it once (out of sheer luck) couldn’t seem to replicate their success. So I figured it’s a real heng / suay situation. Anyway, most of the games allow each player to win just one prize per day (from the same stall).

Uncle Ringo PunggolThis fun carnival will be at Punggol till 25 June so there’s plenty of time to practise!

My two new pals:

Uncle Ringo Prizes

When you’re there, look for the Tickets booth and purchase a pre-loaded $25 card. There’s no deposit involved. And you can make subsequent top-ups from as low as $1.

Uncle Ringo card

Won the Pooh bear at this stall on my 5th attempt. You get 3 tries for $5. Basically, you guide a small metal hoop down a rotating metal twirl without letting them touch. And apparently, there’s a certain switch behind the counter which the staff can either step on or flip (I guess) that means the buzzer won’t sound and you can easily guide the hoop till the end. I’m really not quite sure if I won this prize on my own or if I received some assistance (not that I’m complaining). Anyway, the trick is to not grip the instrument too tightly – just use thumb and forefinger; as if you’re sewing. And you have to move quickly (before the twirling gets you dizzy) and just focus on keeping the twirl in the middle of the hoop.

Uncle Ringo games

*I’m actually doing this post so I can remember the tips for the next time I visit an Uncle Ringo carnival. Haha!

Won this medium-sized Minion plush at this stall. You get a big plush toy if you land the ball on one of the BLUE spots. Mine landed on a red one. Apparently, the yellow spots get you a small toy. Land on any of the white ones and you won’t get a prize. The trick to winning here is to stand where the three blue spots are in a straight line in front of you – best chance of landing a big prize. Aim to land your ball in the middle of the play area. Don’t use too much force or the ball will just fly out of the play zone. You have 4 tries so it’s pretty easy to win a prize!

Uncle Ringo toys

This fishing game is probably one of the easiest to play. Magnets attached to the end of the rod will attract the metal pieces under the floating creatures. BUT it’s not that easy to win a prize. There are lots of stalls, all offering different prizes so go ahead and pick your favorite.

Uncle Ringo Amusement Park

There are game stalls with darts, cans you need to knock over, tubs you need to land balls in, etc. If the staff you meet are friendly, they might give you a hint or even do a demo to show you how to play the game and win. πŸ™‚ Because it’s no fun going home empty-handed, hopefully some of the hints in this post help you win a plushie!

Uncle Ringo 2017