Creamery Boutique: Cute Concept, Reasonable Prices, Suitable For Kids

creamery boutique lava cookie

I’ve been wondering what that lava cookie hype was all about, and I found out yesterday evening. Creamery Boutique first set up shop in Bangkok and their outlet in Singapore (at 139 Tyrwhitt Road) is about 6 months old. Their lava cookies are definitely Instagrammable (take a video!) but there could be improvements in taste and presentation for longevity in this tough F&B industry. I like that the lava cookies (which come with ice cream) are priced at $8.90 each. And as a pal mentioned, there’s no service charge or GST. The decor is pretty cute, though most of the decorative items are placed out-of-reach so it’s rather difficult to use them as props for your photo-taking. Will there be a cafe with ‘Instagram corners’ so people can take good pictures of their own food for other people’s social media consumption? 😉

creamery boutique

I have to say that the wait for the cookies to be prepared is really long though. If you have noisy and demanding children, it might be too long a wait for them to handle! Once the cookie is ready, the staff will come over with your order of lava cookie and wait for you to take your camera out. Then they’ll place the scoop of ice cream on top of the cookie, and the cookie filling will flow out.

Creamery boutique ice creams

This novelty factor will see customers coming in for the first visit, but I’m not so sure about repeat business. To me, the little serving pan and the colorful plastic spoons are a little kiddish. It reminds me of the toy sets children play with, as they pretend to be little chefs cooking up a storm in their plastic ‘kitchens’.

creamery boutique tyrwhitt road

I’m not a big fan of the red velvet cream cheese lava cookie. The chocolate lava cookie is alright (one pal says it reminds him of chipsmore cookies). As for the ice cream, go ahead and ask to sample the flavors before you decide on one. I picked matcha eventually, as I’m a big fan of matcha. My pals thought it tasted too ‘green’ though I wondered what that could mean. The lychee ice cream is really good though. The folks at the table next to ours ordered separate scoops of lychee ice cream AFTER they had had their cookies + ice cream. It was that yummy, apparently.

Here’s the Creamery Boutique menu:

creamery boutique ice creams menu

We’ve tried lava cakes, and lava cookies… so what’s next? Lava doughnuts?