IJOOZ: Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice at 2 Dollars A Cup!

ijooz fruits vending pte ltd

Yesterday, I enjoyed my third cup of IJOOZ orange juice. Strictly speaking, it was my second cup because there was a most unfortunate incident with the first one. I first spotted the IJOOZ vending machine at Fortune Centre when I was there for vegetarian food. And because my pals and I were heading to the Singapore Discovery Centre after our meal, I kept the juice in my backpack so I could drink it later in the day. Somehow the cup got crushed and my backpack smelled of orange juice for DAYS! The next two times, I made sure I drank the juice IMMEDIATELY. Haha! Got cup #2 and #3 at another vending machine located withinΒ SAFRA Punggol‘s gym. πŸ™‚

I think it’s a really good price. The juice from 4 oranges* goes into each cup, and yes, it may not fill the cup to the brim, but hey, it’s $2 only! And there’s no ice, water or sugar syrup added. But Singaporeans just love to complain. I visited IJOOZ’s facebook page, noted some complaints about the juice not filling up the entire cup and could only roll my eyes. I feel sorry for the boss. After investing in all this technology, and paying for the rental of the space and the electricity to run these machines, and the maintenance, and the sourcing of fresh oranges daily… and people want to complain that there’s not enough orange juice for $2. I suggest they head to the market, buy oranges, and go home and squeeze the oranges themselves. πŸ˜› Alternatively, consider making the ijooz cups smaller, so the juice from 4 oranges will always be sufficient to fill the cup to the brim!

*Update: I’ve heard from IJOOZ. Apparently it could be 3 or 4 or even 5 oranges depending on the oranges used that day. (I always counted 4, so I’ll certainly be looking out for #5 from now on). Also, I forgot to add that I’m impressed this company gives away oranges to charity – those oranges which they have deemed too small or too big or that have blemishes. I think it’s a great idea! Prevent food waste and also delight some folks! πŸ™‚

fruit juice vending machine

I think kids will certainly enjoy watching the process. The oranges roll down, get squashed, the peel gets disposed of, and the juice flows into the cup. And come to think of it, the seeds get removed too! πŸ™‚ How can anyone complain when it costs just $2 and saves you all the time and effort in buying oranges and squeezing out their juice?! Oh wait…


orange juice vending machine

ijooz orange juice

And I found this post on the company’s facebook page. Apparently, people want to know if the oranges are washed beforehand.

ijooz oranges

Picture from ijooz’s facebook page

“People always wonder if we wash our Oranges — Well, every orange that goes into our machines are firstly hand sorted, then put into our high pressure jet and brush roller machine, to get rid of the wax and other impurities on the skin. After the wash, they are dried and placed into our chiller room. They will stay there till our operation teams takes them out and topped up into our machines island wide daily.”


If you haven’t tried IJOOZ’s orange juice, go find a machine near your home or office! πŸ™‚ It’s refreshingly cool, might have a hint of sourness (just like when you eat an orange) but is largely sweet, and gives you more than your daily requirement of vitamin C. We need just one orange’s worth, and the rest gets passed out via urine. So, feel free to share the orange juice with a loved one! And please, for goodness’ sake, don’t complain about the amount of juice lah. Have you bought a pack of potato chips before? The chips constitute probably 20% of the bag – go complain about that instead! πŸ˜›