The Hotdog Bar: Seriously SEDAP Beef Burger at KSL Mall in JB

the hotdog bar

We had lunch today at The Hotdog Bar in KSL mall. In the past, we’d always walk past this eatery after we had taken our meals because it’s not in a prominent location in the mall so it won’t be the first place you spot (after a visual scan upon entering) nor does it look so memorable that you won’t forget to come by first the next time you visit KSL. I say this only because I spotted a wine bar in JB that’s called “Fat Cork”! LOL. Now it’s in your brain, you won’t forget it either. Muahaha! Interestingly enough, I prefer the burger I ordered, as compared to the hotdog bun he wanted to try. Maybe they should name this place ‘The Burger Bar’ instead as they serve up some mean beef burgers!

This burger looks so harmless, right?

ksl the hotdog bar

It’s actually their Mozzarella Burger. It has a “homemade patty” (really? They make the patties themselves?) – choose from either chicken or beef – and lots of “premium mozzarella cheese”. Apparently, if you pull it apart correctly – down the middle – you’ll see the stretchy strands of cheese…

I wanted to be the one taking the photo, so this happened instead:

the hotdog bar burger

Just take my word for it that it is REALLY cheesy. OMG so sinful! And I almost wanted to order chicken instead of beef ‘cos it is more environmentally friendly (raising chickens produces less greenhouse gas) but I just really like beef so… GREAT CHOICE! 😀 *I don’t have air-conditioning at home so that’s my excuse. Also, I have to add that the beef was so tender. And it’s not in one big slab; it’s more like one of those meat patties my mom makes which are crispy at the edges but fall apart easily. Delicious! The burger was pretty big, but if I order it again, I am definitely going to eat it all myself… slowly.

Here’s their menu if you’d like to have a peek:

the hot dog bar ksl menu

I’d love to try the “Singapore Chili Hotdog” next time. A hotdog with Singapore Chili Crab sauce sounds sedap to me.

And upgrading our meal to a combo sure made a lot of sense. For just Rm 4.50, we get french fries and a cup of lemonade.

This is the Hawaiian Hotdog he ordered:

the hot dog bar ksl

Hotdogs and pineapples just don’t quite go together, if you ask me. But beef and cheese sure do! 😀 Order the burgers instead.

Psst: This meal cost us just Rm33.30 which is about S$11. *gasp* I know what you’re thinking too. Go try this soon! It’s worth the journey into JB. 😉


The Hotdog Bar is located on the Ground Floor of KSL mall. You can find them on facebook as well at ‘thehotdogbarjb’.