Kam Long Restaurant in JB (金龍咖喱魚頭) – What’s All The Fuss About?

kam long curry fish head

He said it was near City Square, so we set off on foot to look for this Kam Long Restaurant which supposedly sells really good curry fish head. But we were walking in the wrong direction so it took a while (and help from some kind Johoreans) before we found the restaurant which is located across the road from a Hindu temple. Apparently, it’s really not too far from City Square but you have to get your directions right first – don’t just blindly follow the unit numbers along the same street. And because we got there just before noon, the queue wasn’t too long yet. Just a group of 4 ladies ahead of us in the queue. But it was’t the case after we were done with lunch.

Singaporeans and Malaysians alike seem to love to queue here. As per the instructions from the bosses of a motor vehicle repair shop, just “look for the Hindu temple, and the shop with the queue outside is the one selling curry fish head”.

There it is:

kam long curry fish head jb

There are two levels. I suppose those who look young or able-bodied are quickly dispatched to the upper floor.

Up the stairs you go… *you might want to hold your breath here as the smells are funky*

kamlong curry fish head

Then you’ll find yourself seated on plastic stools, and immediately asking for a cold drink (100plus and Coke are favorites here). And then you wait…

kamlong curry fish head jb

We waited for over 20 minutes for our food to be served while other folks who arrived later than us got to enjoy their curry fish head before we did. Why? Because we had ordered extra veggies and beancurd skin, and apparently these additions take extra time to prepare? That was the “explanation” given to us by a guy who looked like he could be the boss’ son. But I didn’t quite buy this explanation as the veggie and beancurd skin were already in the regular (claypot) dishes of curry fish head. We’d only asked for extras on top. How come that means we need to wait an extra 15 or 20 minutes as compared to the ladies who stepped into the shop ahead of us?


So, folks. DO NOT order anything besides your regular claypot dish of curry fish head, ‘cos you will be made to WAIT and WAIT and WAIT.

Taste-wise, I really don’t know what the fuss is about. The curry tastes slightly sweet. And yes, eaten piping hot with the white rice, it sure hits the spot. But it’s nothing to write home about because on its own, it lacks oomph. Some added spice would be good (though I wouldn’t dare to order an extra spicy version for fear of a longer wait). It’s like Katong Laksa without the fiery chili paste, know-what-I-mean? It’s just… somehow lacking.

Like I said to him… why read those food blogs then rush down to the place ah? The standard might have dropped after the influx of customers (aka blog readers). I don’t mind the queuing… but the food had better be good! But for the price, I guess we cannot complain. RM34 lunch. That’s like S$12?