Unforgettable Breakfast At S99 虾面王 In Taman Pelangi, JB

Taman Pelangi 虾面王

If you ask me for recommendations of ‘cheap and good’ breakfast options in Singapore, I really don’t know what to tell you. Food here can be pricey, and may not even taste good enough to warrant their pricing. But just across the Causeway, there are so many options to make breakfast an indulgent affair. About a 5-minute walk away from our low-cost “Airbnb” are rows of coffeeshops with hawkers selling everything from ‘wanton mee’ to fried beehoon. I walked past a particular prawn noodle stall and that delicious aroma told me I HAD to dine there. We continued checking out all the other stalls along that stretch and also across the road, then made our way back to this stall: S99 虾面王.

Prawn Noodle in JB

He opted for the prawn noodles with pork ribs, while I was happy with just the prawn noodles only. 😀

My bowl of prawn noodles cost just over S$2, and it had fish cake, sliced pork, lots of fried shallots and also half a hard-boiled egg! Egg in prawn noodles? Yum! And that broth was a heady mixture of sweet and spicy – so delicious. And instead of chili padi, we were given chili paste. How fortunate we are to be able to sample different versions of the same humble dish of prawn noodles. The way hawkers in SG and JB cook the same dish can be remarkably different. It’s just like how our Hokkien mee here tastes so different from the Malaysian version.

S99 虾面王

I ordered a soya bean beverage at the same coffeeshop, and together with the prawn noodles, it made for a really filling, very satisfying breakfast. If only everyday could be like that. 😀


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