Streats Hong Kong Cafe @ Nex: Delicious Curry Chicken & Beef Baked Rice!

streats hong kong cafe nex

Randomly picked this cafe for our dinner and it turned out to be a great choice! As we don’t usually head to Serangoon Nex for food (though you have to try that Spiderman-themed pizza, which is truly delicious), I picked this cafe as it didn’t look too crowded. Also, do you remember when we had the Streats newspaper a long, long time ago? I wonder if that’s where this cafe got its name from. 😀 In any case, I now consider Streats a hidden gem at Nex. It’s located on level 3, the same level as the FairPrice supermarket.

I ordered the Chicken Curry with rice (you can choose to have bread with your curry instead of rice) and though it may not look like much, it’s one of the better versions of this dish you can find in malls! And it came with a huge serving of rice which was almost enough for two people to share! But what I love most is that they light a flame under the claypot so your curry never gets cold! Hot curry and white rice… absolutely lovely on a rainy day!

streats review

(Price: $10.80)

He ordered the Black Pepper Beef Cheese Baked Rice ($11.80) which also tasted way better than it looks. There’s not too much rice, but lots of black pepper beef (which is oh so tender) and lots of cheese and I do love the onion strips just below the cheese. The whole combination makes for a very yummy dish.

streats black pepper beef cheese baked rice

We shared this beverage they call “Fruity Snow” which features soursop juice (or ice blend, if you will) and 3 longans.

streats hong kong cafe

Both of us were really impressed – we didn’t expect the food here to be so good. Streats is definitely worth a second visit! 🙂

Streats is located at #03-08. Tel: 6509 1966.