The Only Reason I Enter Marks & Spencer Stores ;)

marks n spencer singapore

Some people visit Marks & Spencer to shop for new clothes. But I have only one agenda in mind: M&S chocolate! 😀 The person who introduced me to M&S is a certain GP tutor who used to come to class with a box full of sweets. You wouldn’t think that you’d need to reward (read: bribe) junior college students for good behavior, but food always works. And that much-needed dose of sugar on lazy afternoons is a real perk-me-up! And come to think of it, it was a classmate who gave me my first Twix bar and got me hooked on Twix! If anyone’s to be blamed if I suffer from obesity or diabetes, it’s these two! 😛 Jokes aside, when I popped by Marks & Spencer at Plaza Singapura yesterday, I decided to check out the other F&B items on sale, besides the chocolate that I had gone in for.

And there were items such as this gluten free spaghetti! Yum! I bought 2 different jars of pasta sauce as well and surprisingly, the bigger jar is the cheaper one.

marks n spencer gluten free pasta

In the fridges, I also saw all sorts of items which looked like TV dinners – the kind you simply stuff into the microwave oven and you have a meal ready in a matter of minutes.

Also, I bought a “Tom Yum Soup Kit” at $9.90 – if the broth is yummy, it’ll be well worth the price. And a couple of other items I’ve never tried before too. Will update this post once I’ve cooked and eaten them all. 😀

But here are my favorite Extremely Chocolatey Milk Chocolate Rounds from Marks & Spencer. They’re on offer right now. Each box costs $6.30 and it’s Buy-1-Get-1-Free! There’s also Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, but Milk Choc is my absolute favorite. And I love not keeping them in the fridge.

marks and spencer

I love it when the chocolate’s all melted and gooey on a hot day. Some people love to keep chocolates in the fridge and they get all solid and are terribly difficult to bite through. I think they’re nuts. And I guess the feeling’s mutual. Just for the record, I like soggy fries too. So there. 😛