ValuDollar Store Opens At Waterway Point! Woohoo!

value dollar shop waterway point

Yet another store has opened at Waterway Point and it’s cause for celebration as occupancy rates in other malls in Singapore have been falling. The tenants in Waterway Point seem to be doing pretty well. I guess it is ‘cos there are many families with young children living in Punggol. And when you’re too tired to cook, eating out at an air-conditioned mall is the way to go. And thus the mall’s F&B and retail stores are doing a roaring business. Sandwiched between Daiso and Toys “R” Us is ValuDollar or Value Dollar or Valu$. According to the parent company’s website, it’s actually ValuDollar, so there you go. 😉 After Toys “R” Us opened at Waterway Point, surprising quite a few people who didn’t even realize there was empty shop space there (the shop hoarding was done so well), people began to notice the space between Daiso and Toys “R” Us. I knew renovation was happening but I didn’t know what new shop would open here. And I’m very happy it’s ValuDollar ‘cos the things sold here are cheap!

Popped by yesterday evening and bought two items: Dove handwash at $1, and a set of 4 packs of wet tissues at just 50 cents!

valudollar waterway point

Also saw that they were selling fidget spinners at $1.95 each. Wow. Might even be cheaper than getting it off Taobao and paying for delivery…

waterway point valudollar

Those “FIRE SALE!” posters are certainly crowd-pulling. The store just opened so how can there be a real “fire sale” as if it’s clearing stock or closing down? Haha! Some items here are sold at the same price as in their stores elsewhere, I believe. But it’s been crowded every evening.

valudollar shop waterway point

If you’re visiting Waterway Point, why not pop by ValuDollar? You are unlikely to go home empty-handed. 😉