Twinings Earl Grey Tea: So Fragrant You’ll Want To Keep The Box Too!

Twinings Earl Grey Tea

I used to drink only green tea at home, but now I have earl grey tea too as it’s impossibly fragrant and I realized I can make my favorite Earl Grey Lychee Tea and enjoy it in the comfort of my own home, without having to pay a cafe or restaurant an exorbitant price in order to enjoy the refreshing beverage. 😀 Also, I don’t add any sugar or syrup into the pot so it’s healthier too! If you’d like to try this as well, get a pack of Twinings Earl Grey Tea, and your choice of canned lychees (or any fruit, really), and make your own version of this tea. If you want to add any other ingredients, e.g. mint or lime, you can too.

On a really hot day, I need this:

Twinings Earl Grey Lychee Tea

Instead of drinking bubble tea, I now have this healthier alternative. 🙂 And I use just 2 teabags.

And like the blogpost title suggests, I’ll certainly be keeping the box too. I haven’t decided what I’ll use it for: to store trinkets, foreign currencies left over from traveling or maybe I’ll just grow some plants in them!


And here’s what else has been smelling really nice at home… my anniversary bouquet put together by A Better Florist. My sister says the scent is “overwhelming” and I guess it’s because there are so many flowers in one bouquet.

A Better Florist

The bouquet looks a little different from the one on their website but I guess no two bouquets will end up looking the same. What impressed me was the packet of ‘plant food’ they taped to the bag within. You’re supposed to trim the ends of the stems, then put the flowers into a vase containing water and this plant food.

A Better Florist review

But alas! Without air-conditioning at home, these flowers didn’t survive very long. I took them out of the wrapping the third day after I received them, and the stalks were soggy and limp already. The stem of one white rose even snapped in two. Couldn’t do much to save / revive them. By the next day, even with the new vase of water and plant food, most of the plants had grown spots, wilted or were giving off an unpleasant smell.

So that’s goodbye to a $119 bouquet. (@_@) It was gorgeous while it lasted though. Head on over to A Better Florist’s website if you want to check out their selection. (If you prefer cheaper alternatives, I have a blogpost featuring my pick of 10 florists with pretty bouquets under $50).