Georges By The Bay @ Punggol Settlement: Try The Beer Battered Fish & Chips!

punggol settlement georges by the bay

I used to think that Punggol Settlement would be a really ‘happening’ dining spot for people living in or near Punggol. But it seems like business has really slowed down, what with Waterway Point being so awesome, and the container eateries wanting a slice of the F&B pie too. When we popped by for dinner yesterday, we noticed that one of the seafood restaurants on level 1 had already folded. And the business at the other restaurants and eateries wasn’t exactly booming. The Peranakan place at level 2 wasn’t open. And our favorite waffle cafe was shut as it was undergoing a “revamp” (why is one needed, and when will they be open again?) My adventurous other half had made a reservation at Georges By The Bay via an online booking site and didn’t even bother finding out what kind of food the place served. LOL. It’s apparently a drinking hole with decent food offerings too.

I picked the Beer Battered Fish & Chips ($15.90) and the Georges Cop-The-Lot Burger ($17.90) for us to share. And the winner was definitely the fish. I felt the burger was overly salty, while he was disappointed that the fries weren’t warm.

georges by the bay punggol settlement

If you’ve noticed (yes, eagle-eyed you!), the fish had fallen apart at one corner by the time it was served to us. Not sure if an accident happened in the kitchen, but this would not have been deemed worthy of being served up to guests in other places. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thankfully, the fish was well seasoned, and paired well with the tartar sauce. So all is forgiven.

punggol settlement georges by the bay

It’s always fun for me to pop by restaurants and eateries for food tasting sessions, and compare those with just normal makan sessions where we arrive unannounced and no one knows I’m gonna blog about them after. And you’ll be right to think that bloggers get better food and better treatment at tasting sessions. The bosses want the food to look good in pictures and they want nice / good / raving reviews to accompany that too.

At the end of the day, a regular customer may get a smaller portion of the same dish that the bloggers reviewed, or the plating isn’t as nice, or a little accident happened (like with my Fish & Chips above), but the food must taste good. Portion sizes can be small because obesity rates are on the rise anyway, and us Singaporeans eat too much in general. But I won’t compromise when it comes to taste.

Some people say that there’s no point reading articles written by a food blogger who can’t cook. But I think that’s ridiculous. Even a person who cannot cook can tell you whether a dish tastes good or not – you don’t need a culinary degree for that. ๐Ÿ™‚

To me, these articles are my food diary entries. So when I head back to a certain restaurant, I know what I want to order and what I shall avoid. And while the fish doesn’t look perfect, I just might order it again. ๐Ÿ˜‰