Wang Ji Seafood Restaurant (王记) Zi Char At 216 Syed Alwi Road

Wang Ji Seafood Restaurant

Apparently, Wang Ji Seafood Restaurant has been around since 2006. And we only just visited yesterday evening, after he’d purchased a Fave / Groupon voucher at $35 for a 1kg crab. We were in the restaurant for just over an hour, reaching at 6pm, and there were only about 4 tables with diners. Yet the kitchen staff were kept very busy churning out orders which were to be delivered, while one of the (supposed) delivery staff – an elderly man – kept saying he didn’t know where Ghim Moh is and therefore won’t be able to deliver that particular order. 😀 Because we were the first among the diners to arrive for dinner, we got our dinner pretty quickly, but not without a few hiccups.

Here’s the crab, that you saw above as well. It’s supposedly a 1kg Sri Lankan crab. I’m not sure about the weight but it’s huge. The shell’s bigger than my hand:

Wang Ji Seafood menu

When it was served together with the fried buns (mantou), I had to do a little bit of arranging before I could take a photograph, as the mantou were haphazardly stacked onto the plate. I guess that’s what you get when you visit a busy zi char place. The crab was fresh and because it was so big, both of us ate our fill. The sauce could have been a little spicier for more oomph but overall, it was a steal at the Fave / Groupon price!

Then came the prawn paste chicken wings. They looked really good, and smelled really fragrant as well. And truth be told, eaten together with the restaurant’s sambal belachan, they are yummy and juicy.

wang ji 268 seafood restaurant

BUT… they weren’t cooked thoroughly. The first chicken wing I bit into revealed that it was still really ‘pink’ within:

zi char jalan besar

I had no choice but to send the dish back to the kitchen. And when it returned, the surface was more charred and the meat less juicy.

The saving grace was their seafood beehoon, which just from the name and picture alone, I knew would be tasty. Once the vermicelli had soaked up all the sweetness from the prawns, clams, fish, sotong, etc, there’s no way it won’t taste good. This dish is a must-order!

wang ji seafood blog

I didn’t dare to eat any of the clams though, as they were all (hur hur) clammed shut. He happily pried them open with a spoon, but I didn’t touch even one. I didn’t want to risk having a date with the toilet bowl late at night. (But he seemed fine after the meal)

wang ji zi char

And speaking of toilets, the one in the restaurant is not that welcoming. If you don’t want to lose your appetite, don’t use the toilet before your meal. 😀

wang ji seafood restaurant menu


Also, in an entirely Singaporean ‘auntie’ gesture, I brought my own container to ‘tabao’ the chili crab sauce home to make chili crab pasta today. 😀 Added some fish, oysters, egg and chili padi, and it was good to go. Muahaha!

Chili Crab Pasta