Cotton On’s Pomegranate Body Wash: No Parabens And Sulphates!

Cotton On Energise Body Wash

I’ve been looking for paraben and sulfate free shampoo and body wash recently, and while there’s been no luck finding a suitable shampoo, I’ve found body wash in the most unlikely of places: a Cotton On store! Their Botanicals range has one ‘Energise’ body wash with a lovely Pomegranate scent, that has neither parabens nor sulfates! The ‘made in Australia’ product doesn’t just smell good; it’s great for your skin too, with added aloe vera, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and chamomile! And the best part? It costs just $20 for 2 bottles. (Each bottle has 500ml of product)

Botanicals by Cotton On Body

There’s also a Pomegranate Hand & Body Lotion, which I did not purchase (or rather, not yet).

If you spot a Shampoo in this range, please drop me a note!

Of course, without sulfates acting as a foaming agent, this body wash doesn’t give you lots of foam. But I’m fine with it as I’d rather not use harsh chemicals on my skin. And if you like taking really hot showers, you might want to consider how that opens up your pores and (perhaps) allows the chemicals from the products you use to enter your body? I try to take cold showers whenever possible to reduce that risk, no matter how small of a risk it is. And cold showers are apparently good for skin, and strengthens immunity.

*I’m not sure how long this 2-for-$20 promotion will last. Cotton On has been running a sale in stores recently with clothing going for as low as $5. This body wash supposedly sells for AUD$24.95 per bottle but now you can get it at S$20 for TWO bottles!


If you’d like to get this product, I last saw it at Cotton On over at City Square Mall a few days ago. Feel free to call and check if you can make a reservation. I have a feeling these will sell out fast!