MIZZUE: It’s Bags Galore Here! :D

Mizzue Singapore

I like Mizzue for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they make bags in gorgeous shades of pink (apart from other colors, of course). Secondly, they have a section for “Second Chance items” – you can purchase items which have slight defects or blemishes at up to 50% off. This means they do stringent QC checks, and they are also considerate towards the environment in not letting those (slightly) damaged goods go to waste. Above all, they have regular “Buy 1 Free 1” promotions so follow them on social media – I’ve just noticed another such promo posted on their Facebook page. 😀

Mizzue Buy 1 Free 1

In the very first image you see above, I’ve handpicked 6 of the bags I would love to own, assuming they don’t ever get dirty. 😀 I love the color pink, but I’m perfectly aware of how things in that shade of baby pink get stained easily. So, when it comes to bags or clothes, I tend to stick with boring black. Haha! (*But if the lovely pink items are going at 1-for-1, I’ll certainly be tempted to bring them home!)

Here’s my Livia Harless backpack from Mizzue. It comes in 6 gorgeous colors (go have a look) and it can be yours for less than $80.

Mizzue Livia Harless backpack

I like it as it’s similar to the very popular Anello backpacks which are all the rage (even) now. You can carry the bag as a backpack, or leave it draped on your elbow, or hold it like a handbag.

Mizzue Singapore review

Mizzue Black Backpack

Come to think of it, I believe this bag needs something else to jazz it up (a little decorative accessory?) and I just might find it over at Mizzue Singapore. 😉


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