Changi Airport Terminal 4 Open House Website’s “Technical Problems” Last Night

Changi Airport Terminal 4 Open House

Screengrab from the T4 Open House website

Like many other Singaporeans, I’m terribly excited about the Open House event happening next month at Changi Airport’s Terminal 4. There have been press reports about it and many people were eager to book their slots last night. For some strange reason, we could only make the bookings for the free tour from 0001hrs on 5th July, so many of us stayed up late last night just so we could be among the first to access the website and secure places for ourselves and our family members. *The Open House tours will happen daily from 7th to 20th August, between 9am and 6pm.

But the sudden influx of visitors past midnight might have caused the website to crash.

Some who were unable to access the site or complete the bookings took to Facebook to voice their concerns, prompting Changi Airport to issue an update that the site’s facing some “technical problems”.

Changi Airport facebook page

It’s definitely disappointing. It was entirely predictable that a large number of people would want to visit T4, especially since the Prime Minister himself has taken the tour and said he was “impressed”. So for the open house website of the World’s Best Airport to crash due to the overwhelming response (which could have been anticipated), I have no words.

Thankfully, there are lots of available slots for the public to choose from. And only a handful were fully booked when I checked this morning. *And the confirmation email apparently doesn’t get sent to your email inbox immediately. Expect to wait for up to a few hours before receiving it.

When organizing free events for kiasu and kaypoh Singaporeans, Changi Airport Group might want to note that an “overwhelming response” is to be expected. Either ensure everything runs smoothly, or not pick midnight as the time the website is open to reservations as the next day is still a weekday / working day! (@_@)