The Spa @ SAFRA Punggol: A Special Massage I Won’t Soon Forget!

the spa by the ultimate review

The Spa by The Ultimate came highly recommended by a friend who lives in Sengkang so I was really anticipating a good massage session. I’m pleased that they exceeded my expectations. And I don’t really like massages in the first place as I’m especially ticklish and possess a low threshold for pain. However, I’m in front of the computer a lot, and thus I have more knots in my shoulders and back than a Scout or sailor’s handbook! And since SAFRA Punggol is a short cycle away, there was no reason for me not to pop by The Spa and pamper (or torture) myself. Brought my hardworking other half along so we got our massages done in a couples room.

the spa safra punggol review

The staff are amazing. They are so welcoming and pleasant that you’ll feel like you’re a VVIP once you step in. When I mentioned I would visit the washroom before the massage began, the customer service lady even held the door to the washroom open for me. Mind-blowing. And after the massage, I was expecting the ‘sales talk’ but the waiting area was empty, with just two mugs of water on the table for us. We filled out the feedback forms on our way out, and the lady at the counter only asked if we’d like to know about the packages they had. Absolutely no hard-selling involved, so consider me impressed.

*If I’d chosen to sign up for one of their packages, each massage session in future would cost either $55 or $60 depending on whether I opted for 10 or 20 sessions. 😉

The experience would have been truly PERFECT, and I might have seriously considered getting one of those packages, if these didn’t happen:

#1: The spa voucher I’d purchased supposedly entitled me to pick my preferred massage. I wanted to try the Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage BUT I didn’t know that The Spa required prior notice so they could arrange for a therapist skilled in MLD to do the massage for me. And when making the appointment over the phone, they didn’t ask what kind of massage I wanted either, so I’d assumed we could decide when we reached The Spa. So both of us enjoyed their ‘Signature’ massage, which is apparently some combination of Aromatic, Shiatsu and Swedish. Funny how it forms the acronym ‘ASS’. 😀

#2: The staff are really friendly and welcoming but I have an issue with cigarette smells. I could smell one therapist’s cigarette breath (and she was also coughing halfway into the massage), and the lady at the counter (when we were done with the massage) also smelled like a smoker.

#3: Before the massage began, we had to fill out a form. One of the questions asked was how much pressure we liked during the massage. I chose “medium” and he picked “firm”. He was later told that an additional charge of “$10” is required for a ‘firm’ massage. So… if I pick light / gentle, I can get $10 discount too? 😛 I found this additional charge a little ridiculous. If you’re asking us to get an ‘upgrade’ to a more premium brand of essential oil or pay for shower facilities, that’s fine. But for a firmer massage?

And I’m just thinking out loud here: If I want a firmer massage, I can simply head over after their staff mealtimes. Won’t they have more energy then? And if I prefer gentler massages, I can head over just before they close for the day; their staff should be pretty tired by then. 😀

Located in SAFRA Punggol, The Spa is nestled within an oasis of calm:

the spa safra punggol

You can totally bliss out here, and they do good scalp massages too!

the spa punggol

the spa by the ultimate safra punggol

I love that they provide black disposable undies for ladies and blue disposable boxer shorts for men. There’s none of those white almost-translucent paper undies you get at some other massage places in Singapore. 🙂

Our therapists, Pearl and Amy, were really skilled. Amy found so many knots in my back  (seriously aching today) and gave me an enjoyable scalp massage. We weren’t offered usage of their shower facility within the room so we emerged from The Spa slippery like eels. Perhaps they can consider using less oily creams or oils, like the Botaneco Garden range.

And there’s a reason I’m saying I won’t soon forget this massage session. My therapist gave me quite a surprise. As I was lying face-down, I didn’t realize she had climbed onto the bed and was trying to kneel on the bed between my legs. I only felt my legs being slightly forced apart, and then the paper undies were pulled down, exposing my posterior. What followed was sort of like a butt cheek massage, which progressed to a back massage and then to the shoulders. And my bum remained exposed to the cold air in the air-conditioned room (brrr), even while she was working on my shoulders. Thankfully, while he was also in the same room, he was lying face-down as well so he didn’t notice, didn’t laugh and didn’t roll off his own bed laughing. (@_@'”)

The Spa is located at #04-05 of SAFRA Punggol. Tel: 6870 5151.