Oyoge Taiyaki @ Chinatown: So-So Taiyaki But Delicious Soft Serve

Oyoge Taiyaki

I love Taiyaki, which is the Japanese fish-shaped snack. Back in Osaka, I chanced upon a taiyaki shop and got to eat one which was piping hot (crispy outside, with sweet bean filling inside). OMG. Almost died and went to dessert heaven! But truth be told, everything seems to taste good in Japan. Correct me if I’m wrong; even the food sold in convenience stores taste yummy! What is it with the Japanese and their dedication to serving up delicious food? Back to Oyoge Taiyaki which is located in Chinatown… the taiyaki was a letdown (in my opinion) but the star here is their soft serve. It’s probably the best soft serve in the whole of Chinatown.

We’d purchased their Premium Set off Groupon/Fave and it came with one mochi taiyaki (that you see above), one crossaint taiyaki, one soft serve and a drink. All these for $10.

Oyoge Taiyaki review

I chose the red bean filling for the mochi taiyaki as I love red bean and can’t think of a better filling for this fish-shaped confection. Also, they were out of Belgian dark chocolate during my visit, and I thought Matcha would be too mild a taste for pairing with mochi. Red bean was a good choice but the mochi was so gooey. It’s not “QQ” or chewy enough. I like mochi which you have to bite into and try to pull it apart. It shouldn’t be too soft in texture.

As for the Apple crossaint taiyaki, the taste was good. Kinda like apple pie, Japanese-style. But it needed more of that apple goodness. I could only taste a few small pieces. So it wasn’t shiok enough, if you get what I mean. And the pastry was a little soggy from sitting out in the open for too long, I guess. Would have been awesome if it was straight off the pan.

Oyoge Taiyaki Crossaint Taiyaki

But that soft serve… OMG. It’s delicious! It’s their Royal Milk Tea soft serve and it’s indeed dessert royalty! Even the cone looks like a special charcoal wafer cone. I am SO going back to this taiyaki place again solely for the soft serve. LOL!

Oyoge Taiyaki Royal Milk Tea Soft Serve

As for the genmaicha, oh dear, it was so bland, I would rather have had plain water. But I have a sweet tooth so don’t blame me if I don’t like it. I guess it is a good pairing with all the other sweet items – balances out all that sugar.

While you’re there, you might be lucky enough to get a seat at one of the 3 tables. From one of them you can even watch the lady make the taiyaki…

Oyoge Taiyaki making

Oyoge Taiyaki Chinatown


Oyage Taiyaki is located at 191, New Bridge Road, China Town, 059423. It’s across the road from Bee Cheng Hiang – just cross the pedestrian crossing at Mosque Street after exiting from the MRT station. 🙂