British Airways’ New Safety Video Is Hilarious! :D

British Airways Safety Video with Rowan Atkinson

Screengrab from YouTube

I was so amused by the appearance of Rowan Atkinson at the end of the new safety video by British Airways! 😀 The beloved Mr Bean. 😀 Also, if you’re a fan of Gordon Ramsay or Sir Ian McKellen (hello, Gandalf!), you’ll enjoy watching the video! The celebrities star in this humorous pre-flight safety video as part of a fund raising effort for ‘Flying Start’, a global charity partnership between British Airways and UK charity, Comic Relief.

The new safety video will be rolled out in all British Airways flights in September to demonstrate the importance of safety in an entertaining way, whilst also raising funds for charity for the underprivileged.


I learnt something new about the life jackets too!

This guy with the life jacket is Rob Brydon, I believe. I was so tickled by what he said: “There’s also a charming whistle and light combination for attracting attention, should you be one of those people who enjoys attention.” Oh my lord! I found that super funny! 😀

British Airways Safety Video

Screengrab from YouTube

Watch the Director’s Cut here:

And the equally funny Behind-The-Scenes video here:

Now that you know what to expect on upcoming British Airways flights, don’t be like Rowan Atkinson who was fumbling around for loose change! Get your donation ready and place it in the Flying Start envelope 🙂