What It’s Like Queuing For Freebies At MUJI Plaza Singapura’s Store Opening

Muji Plaza Singapura opening

The first 100 people in the queue get a $20 MUJI Gift Card each, at the brand’s store opening at Plaza Singapura. Since my sis and I were free on Friday, we decided to give this queuing business a go. How early would we have to get there in order to be two of the first 100 folks? πŸ˜‰ We managed to be the 15th and 16th folks to join the queue and we did stand in line till the store was opened to the public at 1pm.

At what time did we get to the store? Well… it was around 11am. And there were already 14 people who got there earlier than we did. Imagine that! It was a two-hour wait but we were prepared. We had full bellies from a good brunch at Saybons downstairs, and we had books, handphones with accompanying portable chargers, water, etc. It wasn’t that bad a wait. πŸ˜€

MUJI was even sweet enough to hand out small bottles of mineral water to everyone in the queue. I don’t think I’ve seen this happen anywhere else before. So props to them. The only thing that could have been improved was how the first 20 or so people to arrive were asked to join the queue. As it was a zigzagged line to maximize space, without people having to queue outside the building or block the entrance to the neighboring stores, the first batch of people to arrive had to walk along the ENTIRE zigzag. I hate this bit. It gets me dizzy at airports, taxi queues, etc. There was a little opening that allowed some people (including me and sis) to get to the first portion of the queue without stupidly walking along the entire ‘zigzag’.

One of the female staff “guarding” the area was not pleased. She went ahead and ‘sealed’ that portion so EVERYONE had to do the entire zigzag walk. Fail. In terms of thinking of your customer and putting your customer’s needs first, she had failed horribly. I didn’t want to confront her or anything. Another guy who came a little later actually told her off, and gave her an epic eye-roll. So MUJI really sent out mixed signals that day: we provide water because we care about you… but we also want you to walk more than you need to. It’s not really a big deal if everyone queuing is young and able-bodied BUT there were lots of old people in the line, as you can imagine. These folks are likely retirees and therefore have the time to wait in line on a weekday. Some even ended up sitting on the floor within 5 minutes of joining the queue. I believe MUJI can do better next time.

Thanks for the gift cards, though, as we bought lots of snacks with them!

Snacks from Muji Singapore

And when you spend $30 or more, you get a $5 voucher to use at the MUJI cafe. Wow. Freebie after freebie.

The store is very pretty, and rather large as well. But the place was PACKED on Friday! So we simply went straight to the food section and got ourselves tons of snacks.

This display certainly has the ‘WOW’ factor:

Muji Plaza Singapura

I didn’t even know that MUJI has a kids’ apparel range. Pity they weren’t ironed though. Might have been more appealing to the folks shopping for these kiddy clothes.

Muji Plaza Singapura kids wear

As for the verdict on the snacks, so far, I’d say the marshmallows are good. And I like the ‘Chocolate Chou Cream’ (the best value for money as it costs only $2.90 and there are at least 20 of the little cream puffs). *Update: The $1.90 Onion Snack is pretty good too!

The white chocolate strawberries are pricier… and surprisingly sour. So the sweetness of the chocolate balances out the tartness of the strawberries (which are from China, by the way).

Muji White Chocolate Strawberry

The mandarin orange jelly is also sour. Why? Why does everything I imagine would be sweet here ends up tasting sour? πŸ˜€

Muji Mandarin Orange Jelly

The mixed vegetable chips are decent. At least these are salted. The sweet potato chips aren’t salted and taste like cardboard.

Muji Mixed Vegetable Chips

I’ll certainly be back to try the cafe’s offerings. The queue for food was pretty long that day. The queue for the cashier counter for the retail section was also phenomenal – it almost reached the entrance to the store, till they stopped more folks from entering. LOL.

MUJI is located at #01-10 of Plaza Singapura. If you’re not a big fan of queuing, wait till the hype dies down before dropping by. πŸ˜‰