Bangkok Jam @ Plaza Singapura: Extra Enjoyable Meals With 50% Discount

bangkok jam review

There are a few restaurants I always go back to when I visit certain malls. And if it’s not for websites / apps like Groupon / Fave or Eatigo, I certainly won’t get out of my comfort zone. Because of Eatigo, I had dinner at Bangkok Jam with my pals (‘Angie’ and ‘Bread Pitt’) for the very first time. And what do I order at a place which sells Thai food? Phad Thai, of course! 😀 This version with seafood costs just $6++ after the 50% discount, thanks to Eatigo.

‘Angie’ ordered the Tom Yum Seafood with noodles ($6++), and found it was a rather small portion size. I joked that it’s 50% of the usual quantity because of the discount.

bangkok jam promotion

My other pal ordered the Soft Shell Crab with a Mellow Yellow Curry ($9++). I thought the crab was overly salty, but since he’d ordered rice to go with it, it wasn’t too bad. The curry, on the other hand, seems to be more of an acquired taste.

bangkok jam plaza singapura

Angie wanted dessert so they had Caramelized Tapioca with Coconut Milk ($3.95++). She found the tapioca rather hard but her husband thinks it’s fine. I don’t usually eat tapioca so I don’t have a verdict on this one.

bangkok jam caramelized tapioca with coconut milk


All in all, this meal cost about $10 per person. I love Eatigo already. Note that the discounts will usually not apply to drinks. But Bangkok Jam serves complimentary iced water (and they put oranges into the water too so there’s a nice fragrance) which I’m thankful for! 😀 Also, the ‘percentage’ discount is different across outlets and depends very much on what time you arrive at the restaurant. For us, because we came by the restaurant for an early dinner (between 4pm and 6pm), we were entitled to the 50% discount. If you make a reservation and pop by at any other time slot, the discount varies, so check the Eatigo website / app and make your reservation there.