Pathlight Students’ Artwork Now On EZ-Link Cards And Thermos® Products

Thermos Pathlight School

I think Pathlight School has truly helped students with autism to shine by encouraging the public to support inclusion, celebrate their students’ abilities, and offering the students various avenues to showcase their talent and possibly even carve out a niche career. Some Pathlight students have recently gotten their artwork featured on EZ-Link cards and Thermos® products and I think it’s absolutely brilliant!

The tumbler you see above has the artwork of student artist Jonathan Cai, while this food jar below is embellished with local kueh by student artist Grace Ong.

thermos the pathlight school

You can find the products in major department stores and at The Art Faculty by Pathlight. The tumbler retails at $47 and the food jar at $49.

And if you like one-of-a-kind items, you can bid for and (possibly) win one for yourself here:

And as for the EZ-Link cards, I love that Sheng Jie’s dinosaur artwork are used once again. This design went on the pouch that Ho Ching made famous (if you recall) 😀

Pathlight Dino Series ezlink card

The Dino Series is available in six different colors (with packaging) at S$8 each on EZ-Link’s Online Shop. The Singapore Shophouses Collection will be available in a set of three cards at EZ-Link’s Online Shop at S$15 from 21 July 2017 and individually at TransitLink Ticket Offices at S$12 with S$7 load value from August 2017.


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*Pictures used in this blogpost are from Pathlight’s Facebook Page and EZ-Link’s online store.