Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review And Why I Won’t Be Back

Jonsson Protein cooling off period

Just like with Victoria Facelift, I spotted a Facebook ad regarding Jonsson Protein’s “FREE VE Protein Hair & Scalp Treatment + 3pc Hair Care Pack (total worth $388)” and so signed up for the complimentary trial at one of their outlets. Thankfully, I had my friend accompanying me or it would have seemed like quite a nightmare. Yes, I might have actually walked out of the outlet with my hair dripping wet, and just gone into an actual hair salon on the same level and got it sorted out, otherwise.

Here’s a screenshot of the ad I clicked on:

jonsson protein fb

I’d asked my pal if he’d like to go for a scalp treatment together with me, and after calling JP, we went there together. We arrived early for the appointment, handed our ICs over, and got ushered into a waiting room.

A lady came in to help us with “registration” – occupation, email, etc. Then she left.

It was a LONG, LONG time before anyone else bothered with us. We chatted, looked out of the room, watched the other staff walking about but with no one else coming in to attend to us.

Finally, in came another lady who went through a sort of questionnaire with us. She wanted to know just a couple of things: have we had chemotherapy, have we undergone scalp surgery, do we have AIDS, and other basic questions about lifestyle, work, stress, hair concerns, etc.

Then there was a scanning done to check on the condition of our scalp – whether we had dandruff, oily scalp, health of the follicles, etc.

Jonsson Protein review free trial

I’m showing you just half of the printout here

Then we were ushered to this other area which looks like your typical hair salon. We had our hair shampooed while we were seated, then took turns to get it all rinsed out in the back where there were only two washbasins. We were also each given a cup of “protein drink” which didn’t taste very good. I took a sip and left the remainder there. (We were also not told that it’s best to drink it all within the first 15 minutes for maximum benefit, and to avoid it oxidizing. My pal’s “consultant” only told us that much later.)

Jonsson Protein protein drink

My friend’s therapist kept the towel wrapped around my friend’s head and walked off to attend to someone else, while my therapist removed the towel and left me with my hair dripping wet. The air-conditioning was so cold, and with my hair wet, I was turning into a human popsicle in that seat!

My friend’s therapist came back soon enough and helped do the treatment for him; basically emptying the contents of a foil pouch into a bowl and, using a brush, spread it all over his scalp, wrapped it up and then the “steaming” began.

Jonsson Protein review 2017

Jonsson Protein review

Meanwhile, I was still waiting there, with my hair dripping wet, and cold, and with no therapist.

It was EVIDENT to me that teamwork wasn’t present. Maybe each therapist cares only for her own customer, earning commissions from her own client’s purchases, and couldn’t care less about the customer of another therapist.

So I sat and waited. Other staff walked past.

Eventually, one more senior-looking lady came over to help do the treatment for me. And I could finally get my hair steamed and stop freezing over. However, for some reason, she ended up with a small clump of hair on her gloves and she held it out for me to see, asking if I usually lose a lot of hair after hair washes. I was shocked and said that no, I’ve not seen that happen before. What did you guys do?!

Yet another glum-faced lady assisted with the hair wash after the “steaming” was done.

And FINALLY, my original therapist appeared again to blow-dry and comb out my hair. GOSH! It was painful. It was like she was combing the hair on a mannequin head, without caring if it hurts or not. For once, I was thankful I don’t have a lot of hair to be combed. 😛

Eventually, it was time for the scalp scan once again, and the sales pitch. It would be $2488 for 10 (+5 free) treatments. OR we could go for $588 for 5 treatments. OR $388 for 3 treatments. And we were also told we could buy shampoo from them for some $30+ dollars (I don’t remember the exact figure). We didn’t want any of them. Even if it was free, I won’t be back again. Thanks! What I found most funny was that we each received a card we can present to a friend and get him/her to come for the complimentary trial. (I put it in the bin later on)

Anyway, we each received the promised 3-pc take-home kit:

Jonsson Protein hair care kit

I’ve included a packet of Watsons tissue for a size comparison.


Here are some things I’ve learnt from going for these free trials:

  1. Having a friend go together with you is a GREAT idea. Try not to get separated though.
  2. Pick an outlet that’s not in the central area. So it would be less crowded.
  3. Avoid peak hours like lunchtime when office workers come in for treatments during their breaks.
  4. There IS a 5-day cooling-off period. So make sure you tell them you want to cancel your purchase (if any) before the 5 days are up. Make sure you check what you’re signing too as there might be a clause saying there’s an admin fee or something.


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