5 Of The Best Edible Bouquets You Can Find In Singapore :D

Edible Bouquets Singapore

Need I say more? 😀 It’s so hard to find a cheap and good florist in Singapore as they’re selling such expensive blooms (and prices go through the roof when it’s Valentine’s Day)! So, to get your money’s worth, I’d recommend edible bouquets. You can purchase fresh fruit bouquets or those with chocolate coated strawberries – those are pretty common. But for your gift recipient to be totally blown away, I’d recommend these: macaron bouquets (heart-shaped macarons, yo!), snacks bouquet, cake pop bouquet, cupcake bouquet and if you truly need some bubbly, a champagne bouquet! Read on!

#1: Macaron Bouquet

macaron heart bouquet

Is this not totally gorgeous?! I can’t imagine any girl not swooning over this bouquet! Nope, there’s no sweeter gift than this one. Get your Macaron Heart Bouquet from thefrostedchick.com.sg It won’t come cheap, as macarons are never cheap. I’ve baked those before so I can tell you there’s a lot of wastage when it comes to baking macarons, so the beautiful end product becomes pricier. For a bouquet like this one, it’s $50 for 3 macarons, $70 for 5 and $85 for 8. Worth it, especially since after the pictures are taken and uploaded to Instagram, your darling can still feast on the macarons. Win!

#2: Vegetable Bouquet

The perfect gift for the wife or mother who’s always saying “Aiyoh! Why you waste money on flowers? They die after a couple of days!” Now they’ll just happily cook all these ingredients for you. 😀 There’s asparagus (a pricey veg) in the bouquet, so I think $85 is a reasonable price for a bouquet of this size. You can get this ‘Vegetable Hand Bouquet’ from JW Florist and even have it customized upon request. Check website jwflorist.com.sg for more details.  🙂

vegetable bouquet singapore

#3: Cake Pop Bouquet / Cupcake Bouquet

Who knew?! The cakepops look so gorgeous. It’s evident the baker knows just the right color combinations to make the pictures pop. 😀 The best thing about receiving a cupcake bouquet or a cakepop bouquet is that it can be shared with everyone around you. Colleagues will no longer have to watch with envy as you receive (and take pictures with) your bouquet. Everyone gets to share in the joy! 🙂 These are all from sensationalcakes.wordpress.com. Call 91903668 or email scake88@gmail.com for enquiries. 🙂

Cupcake bouquet singapore

cake pop bouquet singapore

#4: Chocolate Bouquet / Champagne Bouquet

Yup, I know. Predictable. But I love how this Chocolate bouquet from btflorist.com was composed. It’s so girly and so elegant. And it only costs $82! It sure looks way more expensive that that. And you can even pay via PayPal.

chocolate bouquet singapore

For those who love their bubbly, there’s also a Champagne Bouquet from Far East Flora. At just $99.90, you get 12 crimson roses with acacia and baby’s breath, paired with a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut champagne 200ml. Cheers! 😀

Champagne Bouquet Singapore


While doing my research for this post, I also found that there’s been a KFC Bouquet in New Zealand previously! How cool is that?! Singapore’s KFC should totally do this for Valentine’s Day 2018! 😀

KFC Bouquet



#5: Snacks Bouquet

Snacks Bouquet Singapore

This is easily my favorite of the lot. I’m not sure what the coffee sachets or medicated oil(?!) is doing in there but I love that there’s Kit Kat, Pocky, rocher chocolates and Snickers. Yummy! This bouquet costs $80 but there is a smaller version for $30 (pictures of which I have not seen). Get it from carousell from seller wanderfloral. There’s also another bouquet below, which doesn’t have too many quirky items:

Hamper bouquet


That’s all for now! I’ll update this post when I find other interesting bouquets. 🙂 But if you still prefer flowers in your bouquets, then check out this other blogpost I did in which I feature the best bouquets you can get with less than SGD50!

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