Ridiculously Tasty Low-Calorie Snack That’s Great For People On A Diet!

Renewallife DDO DDO MAMMA

Mummies will know this: there’s this brown rice snack from Korea called “Ddo Ddo Mamma” and it comes in various flavors. I bought ‘Brown Rice and Banana’, ‘Brown Rice and Strawberry Yoghurt’ and ‘Brown Rice and Spinach’ recently when I went to Isetan at Serangoon Nex. As the snacks are originally meant for really young kids (1 year and older), they are really low in calories at just 125kcal per pack (an avocado can already have 160 calories!) and so if you’re on a diet but still can’t stop yourself from snacking, this is great! πŸ˜€

They look a little like Twisties…

Renewallife DDO DDO MAMMA snack

Both the strawberry and banana packs smell so good. And they basically look like Twisties or your regular pea snacks. But the ingredients are something else altogether: chemical-free brown rice, white chocolate made with organic sugar, yoghurt powder, etc. This is good stuff! *Of course, enjoy this in moderation!

I would totally buy these again. If I have to brave one of those mega mommy + baby fairs just to get these with a great discount, I sure will. πŸ˜€

I’ve always thought baby / toddler snacks will taste quite bland / horrid but these ones have made me change my mind. The snacks also come in ziplock bags but I guess adults can polish off an entire pack in no time at all. ‘Cos I sure did. Ziplock function not required. πŸ˜›