Tokutokuya: A Ton Of Hello Kitty Items At Daiso Pricing

tokutokuya suntec

I’m probably among the last few Singaporeans to discover that there’s this store called Tokutokuya which sells lots of items at S$2, and they include a variety of Hello Kitty / Sanrio products. šŸ˜€ It was pure serendipity, when we were looking for mineral water at Suntec City, that we spotted and stumbled into this store with so many Kitty items that my heart must have skipped a beat.

From kitchen utensils to fashion accessories…

hello kitty kitchen utensils singapore

There’s even a big selection of My Melody items too! Most of the goods here are priced at S$2 each, and those that are not have tags such as the ones at the bottom of this rack:

my melody products in singapore

I bought some Kitty rice-shaping molds, a Kitty table hook for bags (that can take up to 4kg) and the ‘zipper bags’ you see in the first picture above that even comes with cute Kitty bows. šŸ˜€


If you’re looking for Kitty items to fill your house or to satisfy that Kitty obsession, and don’t want to break the bank while doing so, make Tokutokuya your first stop:

tokutokuya singapore

#B1-150 Suntec City

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