Meeting Straits Times’ Cartoonist, Lee Chee Chew

Lee Chee Chew I'd Say Book

A modest crowd turned up for the (note)book autograph session 😀

The Straits Times Press has recently launched two notebooks featuring illustrations from Straits Times’ artists Lee Chee Chew and Miel. You might have seen their comic strips in ST at some point. I bought two of the “I’d Say” (is it a play on ‘Aiseh’?) notebooks by Chee Chew, who’s donating all the royalties to help a Vietnamese boy.

I was hoping he could draw a short comic strip with the idea I had in mind, but he said he usually just draws one of his characters and add the words “This belongs to …” (>_<) Maybe I should have offered to buy 10 more. 😀

I'd Say notebook by Lee Chee Chew

I’m so inspired to learn how to draw cartoons now!



I felt the session was a little awkward as there are two artists and so it’d be pretty obvious who has more fans. I don’t think I saw anyone buy both notebooks except for a Straits Times journalist who came to cover the event and show his support by getting 1 of each notebook. 😀

I’d think that if there was a short demo session on how to draw cartoons, there’d actually be more people keen on popping by. Even if it costs S$30, I’d sign up!

*Final note: The notebooks cost $13.91 each. If you’re a Times member, you can get a discount. 🙂 I used my 20% discount voucher when getting the 2 notebooks.