Sushi Tei @ Serangoon NEX: Try The ‘Specials’

Sushi Tei review

I’ve not been to Sushi Tei in a long, long while, so it was a rather pleasant surprise to find that dining at a Sushi Tei outlet I’ve not been to before (at Serangoon NEX) was just as satisfactory. I wanted to feast on sashimi while he opted for the more filling option of a chirashi don, and it was also the NEX-exclusive special. πŸ˜‰

I picked the ‘Asama’ which had 3 kinds of fish – bluefin tuna, yellow-tail, and salmon ($34++ for 5 slices each). SO worth the pricetag.

He had the NEX special of a spicy bara chirashi don, that cost $13.80++. It had very satisfying chunks of fresh fish. Who knew that that added spice would lend such a kick to an already-awesome dish? I’ve never had spicy chirashi don before, but from now on, I will! πŸ˜€

I think it’s a reasonable price to pay for a dish brimming with generous chunks of fish!

*There’s another NEX special, but I’ve now forgotten what it is. So if you pop by, just check the menu for it.


Just these two items alone (together with the wet towels) resulted in a bill of S$56.70. I think it’s a worthwhile treat, though I don’t think we’ll be eating out at Sushi Tei very often! πŸ˜€

Recently, I’ve been wondering about the importance of customer service in the F&B industry. In Hong Kong, for instance, it is not uncommon for cutlery to be (almost) thrown onto the table by unfriendly wait staff at popular cha chan tengs, who would also yell if you take too long to decide what you’re having. By “too long”, I mean something like 5 seconds.

At Sushi Tei NEX, I don’t think service is outstanding either. But the quality of the food served up will make me return once again.

Also, there’s this fish soup stall at Amoy Street Hawker Centre that is EXTREMELY popular, and I had the misfortune of popping by during lunchtime this week. When I joined the queue, there were probably about 30 people ahead of me. And by the time it got to about 10 or 12 people ahead of me in the line, the auntie came by to collect payment. And this happened:

*The entire conversation was in Mandarin*

Her: “ζ”Άι’±” (which loosely translates to “collect money”, i.e. pay up!)

Me: (in Mandarin) But I haven’t even placed my order. What am I paying for? (@_@)

Her: (apparently pissed) So… tell me what you want!

Me: Fish porridge –

Her: $5 (with her hand gesturing for the money)

Me: I’m not done yet. Fish porridge, fish soup and could I add on another item later? Still waiting for a reply via Whatsapp.

Her: No.

While I certainly admire her formidable memory (memorizing what each customer wants and relaying the orders to the cooks without any mistake is no mean feat), the customer service is pretty horrible here.

But for the thick slices of fish in a decent broth, I’d take her nastiness again, I guess:

amoy hawker centre fish soup

$5 for this ‘Small’ version. There’s $7 for ‘Medium’ and $9 for ‘Large’.


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  1. Sashimi and Fish Soup all look Yum!! Haha.. I can also understand when its peak time, the service crew cannot even go to the loo. Enjoy good food!

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