Omakase Dinner At Birders 鳥人: A Gastronomic Adventure Awaits

Birders Degustation Dinner Menu

If you don’t already know, Keong Saik Road was ranked 4th in Lonely Planet’s top 10 Asian travel destinations for 2017. But what do you eat there for dinner, apart from the pricey hor fun that I’ve reviewed previously? At the very instagrammable Hotel 1929, you can have an omakase dinner at Birders (鳥人), which I enjoyed together with my pal recently. We were not too surprised to find that it was a full house on a weekday because Birders has received extensive media coverage thanks to its creative menu and that undisputed celebrity factor: it’s co-owned by actor Adam Chen.

*Their new Degustation Dinner Menu requires advance booking of a minimum of 2 days.

Birders Keong Saik

The 8-course omakase Degustation Dinner provided a rollercoaster ride of flavors that showed just how much thought had gone into crafting this entire dining experience. Besides wowing with attentive service, I think it’ll be difficult to leave this place and not tell a friend about what was served up during dinner. You’ll see why in just a minute…

Birders Sashimi Moriawase

First up was the Sashimi Moriawase. It’s a delightful and aesthetically pleasing platter of salmon, swordfish and yellowtail sashimi, together with amaebi (sweet shrimp) and ikura. The beautiful plating and fresh seafood certainly heightened our anticipation (and expectation) regarding the next 7 courses.

After sashimi, which most people are familiar with, the next course is for the adventurous foodie. It’s called “Liver Mousse 2 Ways“. There’s chicken liver mousse and even liver chawanmushi.

Birders Liver Mousse 2 Ways

Paired with the yuzu marmalade, the chicken liver mousse actually becomes quite enjoyable. It’s also served up in what looks like a cute little sardine can. Spread the mousse generously onto the brioche sticks and savor the surprise it brings. The liver chawanmushi will make you wonder what sort of creative genius would come up with an item like that. And the person who came up with this menu is *drum roll* none other than actor Adam Chen!

We certainly seized the ‘photo op’ with a celebrity – this is just one of many pictures 😀

Adam Chen Birders

From left: Adam Chen, our new friend Felix, yours truly, and Bosco Lim who took all the pictures for this blogpost 🙂

Birders French Onion Soup

Next, we had the savory French Onion Soup, which we found a tad too salty. But I’ve been told this item is not a permanent feature in the menu so you may get some other dish or soup when you dine here. It’s omakase after all.

If you haven’t already guessed, the next dish will be one that’s out of the ordinary. And it’s the “Birders Beef Katsu Sando“. According to Adam, beef katsu is quite the rage in Japan now and one of Adam’s friends has a business selling $120 Beef Katsu sandwiches. *gulp* Thankfully, prices at Birders are much more affordable, and this Beef Katsu Sando is truly delicious.

Birders Beef Katsu Sando

Although the beef looks almost raw, this sandwich is undeniably one of the best I’ve ever eaten. It’s also paired with lotus root chips which are very addictive even though they don’t come with copious amounts of salt. Birders should start selling these chips as the healthy alternative to salted egg chips. I’d certainly purchase a few packs.

After the high from eating a mouth-watering sandwich, it’s back to the familiar with Ribeye Steak (about 70grams worth). And it comes with brussel sprouts (one of my favorite veggies), nagaimo (mountain yam) and mushrooms.

Birders Ribeye Steak

I found the brussel sprouts a little dry. And the ribeye could do with a bit more seasoning though I have to say that this cooking method retains the juices well. The slightly taller chunks of Nagaimo (mountain yam or chinese yam) prevent the dish from looking too flat in pictures, but it doesn’t taste like much despite being packed with vitamins and minerals.

Then there’s what we’ve been waiting for: the Yakitori Platter. I’d initially thought Birders was famous just for yakitori and sake. So the other dishes really came as a surprise.

Birders Yakitori Platter

On this platter, we had thigh, tail, tsukune (chicken meatball), heart, ginnan (ginkgo nuts), and tomatoes. I’m not a fan of the ginkgo though the chicken skewers are really good. After all, this place is called ‘Birders’. I like how just about every part of the chicken is used in the food. And, of course, with the onsen egg, which coats everything with that golden goodness, it’s certainly a treat.

I think the skewers are best enjoyed with some sake. And it’s a bonus that the sake comes in really cute 180ml glass bottles. I even took the bottles home! 😀 Of course, you can enjoy some wine, whiskey or any of the other alcoholic beverages at Birders.

Birders Restaurant sake

In all honesty, I was surprised by this next dish: Mentaiko Chazuke. It’s a very comforting dish, no doubt, yet I was already bursting at the seams from the 6 courses preceding this dish and you serve me RICE?! 😀

Birders Mentaiko Chazuke

As usual, there’s dashi broth and tea, with mentaiko and other toppings. Diners with bigger appetites will certainly appreciate this dish (you won’t walk out of Birders still feeling peckish after the 8-course dinner, for sure). Ladies who are feeling full already, just surrender the dish and let the gentlemen have it. 😀

However, for some strange reason, I always have space in my tummy for dessert. And how important that is! Dessert makes or breaks a meal. And Birders serves delicious Matcha Crème brûlée. It’s made in-house so you definitely have to give it a try. Also, it’s so pretty – a riot of color – and reminds me of the first dish featuring sashimi. And we’ve now come full circle and can head home with happy bellies.

Birders Matcha Creme Brulee


Birders is located at 50 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089154. Tel:
8748 4585.

*To book the S$68++ Degustation Dinner, send a message to the number listed above.


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