Sudio NIVÅ True Wireless Earphones – Their Most Stylish Yet

Sudio NIVÅ True Wireless Earphones

I like companies which keep on working at improving on their product range, pushing the envelope when it comes to quality and especially, aesthetics. Sudio impresses with its new NIVÅ earphones because it’s already love at first sight when you spot the package. Remember when I reviewed the Sudio Vasa BLÅ earphones about a year ago? Back then, it’s just a small nondescript inner case for the earphones. Now… it’s pretty awesome. *Also, I have a discount code you can use to get 15% off your purchase at Sudio’s website!

Available in two colors: black and white.

Sudio earphones singapore

First up, it’s a clean all-white packaging which inevitably reminds you of Apple products. Inside, there’s a small lightweight charging case which houses the earphones. The clamshell case is reminiscent of beauty brands’ compact cushions, and you open it to find the gorgeous earphones which, with the help of magnets, sit snugly within the case. You can go ahead and attach the case to your bags – let it dangle outside a backpack or within your handbag so you can reach for it easily.

sudio niva earphones review

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Sudio Niva Earphones

When I’ve connected these new NIVÅ earphones to my laptop, I can walk about 10 steps away and the connection’s still perfect. Further than that, and there’ll be some interference. So this means that I can walk from the living room to the kitchen and there’s no issue. But if I enter the washroom, I’ll lose sound in one or both of the earphones.

I have not tried using these earphones when I’m out running because I’m afraid I’ll lose them and if they land in mud, it’s reason enough to freak out. Will people use these in examination halls? *cough cough* I hope not, though I’m sure the temptation is there – with hair covering your ears, no one will be able to spot the earphones, really. I’m not sure why I’m thinking about clandestine operations! You guys will use technology for the right purposes, yeah? 😀

So, why should you get a pair of these new earphones from Sudio? Why not, really? 😉

Sudio Singapore

With the current promotion, you can get Sudio’s special edition canvas tote bag with every purchase from their website (until 30 Jun)! PLUS, you get 15% discount when you use this code:


Shop now at:

*Winner Announcement: Congrats, Lu Siu Ching! 🙂 Kindly email me by 7th July 2018, 23:59hrs to claim your prize. 🙂

83 thoughts on “Sudio NIVÅ True Wireless Earphones – Their Most Stylish Yet

  1. FB name: Goh Mei Xing (Wind)
    Hope to win black NIVA True Wireless earphones as I never own one before and it looks cool! 😍

  2. Hello, Grace. Thank you for the giveaways.
    Frankly speaking both black and white are stylish yet elegant, hence I don’t mind winning either of them(if I am lucky enough). But if I have to make a choice among the two, I would go for the Black one. Cause Black will never go wrong hahahah!!!

  3. Aiyo~ I didn’t know writing a reason will increase my chance. Hmmmm~ my reason on why I should win this is~~ I posted a gif that you have never come across before. Hahahahaha~ and I guess you like it. 😉 I like to win the black pair that goes with my new black note 8 as my bday present. Like that can or not ah? (FB: Ai Peng Loh)

    • ‘Cos I read the comments mah. And if it impresses / amuses me, I can easily pick out a winner. If everyone just states their preferred color, then it’s really very random. Where’s the fun in that? 😀 😀

  4. BLACK color ❤ Pls choose me because i want to give it to my dad as he loves to listen music every night after work.

  5. Liked & Shared FB Post & Blog post.. FB: Petrina Pang
    Hope to win this fantastic wireless earphones!
    I love to win the white pair that matches perfectly with my white/rose gold iphone..

    Being a personal assistant, having a wireless earphone is essentially important as I need handsfree while my boss calls me to amend schedules, I’ll need to press my hp on my shoulder in order to type with both hands.
    I’ve tried wireless headphones, but it’s obscenely ugly in the office and it totally blocks out all sounds, my colleagues cannot communicate with me. With wireless earphones, I can choose to only wear 1 side and leave the other ear available to external environment information.

  6. Beauty like a Diamond with lovely music playing in my ears with no wires attached .
    Love the White that looks so pure and captivating . Fb: Tan Bee Chin Joyce

  7. I love the color White indeed! I would love to win this earphone for me to give this to my hubby which he really needs because his work is always on field so he needs to use an earphone that is easy to use wherever he goes. This will be a great gift for him this fathers day :). Thanks you for this awesome giveaway. GOD bless u more! Hoping that I’ll be one of the chosen lucky ones to have this for my loves. Fb name: Arleen Oboguin

  8. Would love to win Sudio Vasa BLA earphones in Black please! Fb: joannefaithhh

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway ^_^

  9. I would like to win white for my daughter she is in poly and she is asking me a few time about wireless earpiece hope I can have it for heras a birthday give.

  10. The Sudio NIVÅ True Wireless Earphones will be a great addition to my work out at the gym as I can move from different work station and the connection is still perfect.
    Like and share this post
    Commented on blog post

  11. Liked & Shared done!
    I hope to have this Sudio’s newest true wireless earphone because now i am still using earphone that with cable, sometimes its just so irritating! My hand always accidentally pull over the cable and drop the earphone! This is so upset! Hope to have this wireless earphone in ROSE GOLD colour! Thanks!
    FB: Helen Yip

  12. Liked & Shared done!
    I hope to have this Sudio’s newest true wireless earphone because now i am still using earphone that with cable, sometimes its just so irritating! My hand always accidentally pull over the cable and drop the earphone! This is so upset! Hope to have this wireless earphone in WHITE colour! Thanks!

  13. White colour is my favourite as it is gorgeous and outstanding.
    It is awesome to listen to my favourite music with a good quality, wireless and stylish Sudio Niva True wireless earphones anywhere and anytime. I will be memerised with the  fantastic quality music, the perfect tempo,rhymms, melody produced by Sudio earphones and attain a highest level of enjoyment. Listening music in style and life with music rocks.
    Fb:Adeline Tan huixiu

  14. I wish to win the white one, so pretty elegant. Wish I get to win it so that I can “shut” out all unnecessary voices at work, esp the negative ones. I can go unnoticed due to the wireless feature.
    FB Name: Sharon Ngo Hea Ming

    Thanks Grace. And for now, fingers-crossed!

  15. Black

    Fb id: Carol Neo

    Hope to win it to motivate me to get to my goal.


  16. FB ID: Lu Siu Ching
    Hope to win the white one.
    with this I can share the earphone with my girl daily during the journey from home to school to listen to songs. need not adjust the earphone according to which side she sits next to me.

  17. Like Grace Tan
    Like and share this post
    Commented on blog post
    Facebook: Levi Yaotian
    Hope to win the black stylish Sudio Niva True wireless earphones!! It surely will be music to my ears ~

  18. FB Id: Lim Eng keat, Black color please 🙂 Have been following your blog but did not win any from your giveaway yet 🙂 Hope to win 🙂

  19. White as it is very elegant and nice, i always want to try wireless earphone!
    Fb name: evelyn tan

  20. White
    Fb: Imelda ong
    Hope to win this so I can listen to my favourite songs at work

  21. I want the black one, please? I want to win this because i want to experience how to use it especially that I’m always experiencing the worst case scenario 😂, i mean i always got tangled wires since i use earphones and they end up damaged and you know, I’m always disappointed about that. I’m always wanted to have these wireless earphones.

    Fb: rojean mae lamsin

  22. White.
    Haiz, I lost my wireless earbuds because the box dropped from my workdesk and the earbuds just popped out and rolled into oblivion. Why oblivion? My vacuum cleaner has yet to find either earbud in whichever black hole they disappeared to, and I have even flipped everything upside down in the office to find it! Still no idea where the earbuds went…Hopefully if the new pair is white though, I can at least spot it from within the black hole…?

  23. Black,
    as i have been doing food deliveries on bicycle, Sudio NIVA is gonna help me a lot from guiding me to find the restaurants/customers to passing time accompanied by great music. no more stopping just to check where to turn to and answering phone call from customer. All those can be done on the go. so cool

    FB name Frandy Goh

  24. My dad’s & my birthday are coming in June, hoping alot to win the black earphone for his new phone.
    FB Jin Jin

  25. I want the white earphones i simply love it and it will be very useful to me since my workplace is kinda far at home, i need a wireless earphones to kill the boredom at the bus. ☺
    Fb: babeth arcede

  26. Hope to win 💗black NIVA True Wireless earphones 😍😍😍 Done Liked and Shared 💗

  27. Wow this is awesome! Perfect for me since i love listening to music at work. It really makes me motivated to do my best everyday.
    I chose bkack

  28. Black please? FB: Shawn Quek
    A nice advanced birthday pressure for myself in July! can?

  29. Commenting to win the white! It would match the white work dress I just bought last week!

    Fb: elicia ng

  30. White please! Im planning to get a white jacket for my girl and it would match well when we go for holiday this year end! Fb: Jin Neng Ooi

  31. i love the white color earphones.. fb teresa cahigas tabayan
    i am wishing to win this earphone not for myself but for my husband.. we celebrated our four years.anniversary last may 8.. and i have no gift for him since i have a tight budget.. im hoping to win this for him as a sign of my love and appreciation to his undying love and care…

  32. What’s better than to have wireless earphone in White, free of entangled cables for my daily exercising and brisk walking in the park

    FB Honey Sg

  33. Can’t wait to win the black earphones for my mom who has been really tired lately taking care of our sick grandpa, like to cheer her up with a good quality set to listen to songs when she’s out exercising in the garden
    FB Bebe Lee

  34. Done Liked and shared post💗
    Commented on blog😊 Perfect gift ko sana tu sa Husband ko this father’s Day😊 wala kasi ako work wala ako pambili 😁 nag aalaga lng ako ng anak ko happy naman kami pero mabigyan ng chance mapili ninyu😊 tatalon talaga ako sa tuwa 😊😁😍👏👏

  35. Hope to win the black stylish Sudio Niva True wireless earphones Done Liked and shared 😊 Perfect gift ko sana tu sa Husband ko this father’s Day😊 wala kasi ako work wala ako pambili 😁 nag aalaga lng ako ng anak ko happy naman kami pero mabigyan ng chance mapili ninyu😊 tatalon talaga ako sa tuwa 😊😁😍👏👏

  36. Thanks for the awesome giveaway by Grace Tan! White is so classy & elegant! I am so impressed by the outlook and it wow my mind! Instantly i just fall in love with it! 🙂

  37. Liked and shared. Hope to win the white stylish Sudio Niva True wireless earphones! It will be the perfect gift to pamper myself after a stressful day at work. FB: Ng Lily. IG prettybabyng

  38. White with the Rose Gold accents please! Would match so well with my pink gold S7 🙂
    FB: Amarilynn Ngoh Syn Wei

  39. Hope so much to be the lucky winner to win the earphones as I am always out exercising alone in the park and its can be boring and lonely, love to have a black earphones to listen to my favorite songs on my daily workouts
    FB Grace Lee

  40. Liked and shared.
    Commented on blogpost.
    Hope to win because I will put on earphone where I go and to relax after a hard day at work.
    Fb: susan tan
    Hope to win white.

  41. I want white please! White is so cool and simple color.
    FB: Grace Yap

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