Epigram Books Sale: 10 Books For $20 (Selected Titles Only)

Epigram Books sale

I went all the way to Epigram Books’ office this morning, as I’d found out about their book sale which started last week. Apparently, selected books (and notebooks) are going at $20 for 10. I found the selection really small. In the picture above, you see a guy standing next to the main area with all the books, and then there’s the smaller bookshelf next to the windows with the NotBooks (a.k.a notebooks). And that’s all there is.

The NotBooks are all going at 10 for S$20, regardless of size. Needless to say, I picked the bigger ones. 😀

Epigram Notbooks

The NotBooks all have punny quotes on the covers. My favorites are: “I am not perfect. But parts of me are pretty amazing.”, “I am not messy. I know where everything is” and “I am not kiasu. I am Singaporean.” 😀 The usual retail price is something like $12. So at $2 each, they are good buys!

And here are those which are actually books:

Epigram books

Epigram books singapore

Epigram Books office

Epigram book sale

I managed to buy 20 items, though most of them will end up as gifts! 😀

Also, I’m really looking forward to the annual Books Box Sale (that’s not by Epigram Books). There’s always this internal struggle: As an author, I’d really love for people to buy books at full price and support local authors. But as a consumer and book lover, book sales help me stretch my dollar and make me very happy. So… buy 10 books at a discount and buy 1 at full price? 😀 I really do think Epigram Books has some really outstanding authors. I’m currently reading Annabelle Thong by Imran Hashim. Before this, it was The Good, The Bad and the PSLE by Monica Lim. Both are amazing.