Tsum Tsum Fondant Cupcake Baking Workshop @ BakinCalf

When I saw the BakinCalf workshop listed on Fave, I wanted to sign up even though it’s a kids workshop for those who are between 4 and 12 years old. What can I say? I’m a kid at heart. And tsum tsum is the only game app I have in my handphone. I’ve never worked with fondant before so I jumped at the opportunity to make some tsum tsum fondant cupcakes! 😀 These workshops are usually held during the June and December school holidays so if I miss this round, I’d have to wait for many more months before the next one happens.

bakincalf workshop

I thought we’ll be making a set of 4 tsum tsum character cupcakes, as per this picture in the Fave listing.

Silly me. I thought we were making all 4 tsum tsum character cupcakes. As it turned out, we did only 2 designs: Daisy and Tigger. I suppose that since we’re paying only $35 via Fave (instead of the usual $55) for the workshop, the number of characters would be ‘discounted’ as well. I can’t say I like this arrangement very much, but it’s my own fault for not checking first.

baking classes in Singapore

It’s good that the instructor, Shinni, pre-cut all these fondant shapes for us.


#1: Location of venue: The class was conducted in her HDB flat in Yishun, conveniently located just 3 bus stops away from the interchange.

#2: Conduciveness: There was sufficient space. I think the venue can indeed be used for a workshop for up to 12 pax though there were just 4 adults + 4 kids for this session. As it’s a kids workshop, there was no washing up required. 😀 I brought my own hand towels, which came in handy when wiping up spills and splashes. No one else brought their own stuff. They even had to borrow pens from the instructor.

#3: Instructor: Though I’ve read some of the Facebook reviews stating that the instructor can be rather brusque and impatient, I didn’t see that happening in class. In fact, she was even rather nice to the mother-and-daughter pair who arrived shockingly late (as shocking as the mother’s bright purple hair). We’d already put the muffins into the oven to bake when they arrived so all they could do was to work on the fondant tsum tsum characters. *I absolutely cannot tolerate people who are late (read this post) so I think Shinni fared really well in this aspect.

That said, Shinni is rather fastidious about cleanliness. We were still working on our fondant when she decided to move the small shot glass that held water and paintbrushes. Why? I have no idea. But maybe she still had butter on her fingers and managed to overturn that entire shotglass onto my Tigger! Gosh, was I upset! I felt my creation was ruined and I would have loved to redo the entire thing but she felt dabbing at it with a paper towel would do. (Minus 1000 points!)

Also, before everyone was really done with their work, she would be clearing bowls, spatulas, placemats, etc. It’s like when cafe staff clear your cups and wipe down the tables to indicate to you that you should get out of the cafe as they’re nearing closing time. It’s terribly annoying. And because she’d ruined Tigger, I needed extra time to work on putting him back together and naturally, I was the last to leave.

When Shinni asked if anyone had brought their own boxes for transporting the cupcakes home, no one had. I’m not surprised since the Fave listing said all materials, including cake box, would be provided. So, really, she should have known.

#4: Overall taste: Strangely enough, the cupcakes are delicious! The fondant, which I’d thought would be super sweet, was just ‘pleasantly sweet’. The muffin’s moist and the buttercream, that little of it, was ok as well. It’s actually a decent cupcake! Can’t say the same for character cupcakes you’d purchase in stores which just look good but taste nasty.

So I think I’d order cakes and cupcakes from this baker. But would I attend another class? Quite unlikely, I think.

#5: Overall value: It’s a really good workshop for kids. I just wish that parents and grandparents would just chillax in a corner and let their kids do what they have to do. Even if Tigger ends up looking like a cat that got soaked in the rain, let it be. It seemed to me that the workshop was for adults, and the kids were just there to observe ‘how it should be done’. Sigh. Parents, if you want to make your own cupcakes, purchase a ticket for yourself. If the workshop is for your kid, let him/her take charge. If your child has lots of hands-on fun and enjoys the process, I think it’ll be well worth the money.

Here’s my final creation:

tsum tsum fondant cupcake

*The cupcakes aren’t held in place (such as when you get a box of cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes), so make sure you take a picture of your cupcakes before you leave the class. By the time you get home, the ears, feet, hands and who-knows-what-else might have all fallen out already. #ProTip.