Worth Buying: KitKat Chocolatory Gift Boxes from Redmart

kitkat chocolatory redmart singapore

I’d previously thought KitKat Chocolatory items can only be purchased in Malaysia. Blogged about them before if you recall. 😉 Thanks to Redmart, I get to try 3 other flavors this time. Apparently the Nasi Lemak KitKat is a staple. In this particular Christmas gift box, there’s also Durian Delight, Gingerbread Man and Minty Candy Cane Kit Kat. The gift boxes cost S$29.90 on Redmart and cost roughly double what you’d probably pay in Malaysia but who dares to head over the Causeway now what with the escalating tensions? 😛

And if you want to give a Christmas gift that lots of people are going to appreciate, this is probably it!

kitkat chocolatory durian delight

I’ve tried all three new flavors and surprisingly, I have to pick the Durian (yellow one above) as my favorite. It’s a very subtle flavor, but the scent is immediately evident when you tear the pack open. The Mint Candy Cane tastes as if it’s all mint and no candy cane, if you know what I mean. The mint is overpowering. And I’m not a big fan of mint to begin with, so nope, I won’t buy this on my own. And as for the Gingerbread, well, there’s just too many things going on with these 4 fingers of KitKat. Too many crushed nuts on PLUS that cinnamon and ginger powder. It’s a riot of taste and texture.

kitkat chocolatory minty candy cane

The mint one

kitkat chocolatory gingerbread man

The gingerbread one

What’s intriguing thus far is that for the durian one, only “durian flakes” are used. And the shelf life is incredibly short too ‘cos this was manufactured on 25th November 2018 and expires on 24 January 2019. I guess it means there isn’t much preservative in these chocolates so it should be viewed as a good thing. 😉

You can purchase this gift box HERE.

There are also other gift sets which include specialty KitKats of other flavors: Tiramisu and Earl Grey Tea with Orange, for instance. I do love Earl Grey so I can’t wait to try Earl Grey KitKat!

redmart kit kat chocolatory christmas gift box

Buy it HERE.

If you want your KitKat in a tin instead, there’s a gift set with Chocolate Peanut Butter and Caramelized Almond KitKat. Get it over HERE.


I’m so glad I have a 14-day gym pass lying somewhere at home. ‘Cos I’m sure I’m going to need the extra workouts post-Christmas. As it is, I already do HIIT workouts three times a week and I still feel I’m putting on weight. OMG. 😀 Eat all the yummy KitKats in moderation, ok?