My 70-Cent Meal At Starker Concept, Punggol Town Square

Starker Concept Punggol Town Square

If you don’t already know, Starker Concept at Punggol Town Square (next to Waterway Point) is offering $20 off your bill when you dine there, no strings attached save for the fact that they’d like you to ‘like’ their Facebook page. I’ve actually walked past this place many times, on my way to workout sessions and I’d describe it as “quiet” – most people don’t know where it is located. Occasionally there are singers dropping by to serenade the diners in the evenings. But like I said, the place is usually pretty quiet; you can easily get a table in the evenings, indoor or out. I was waiting for them to get listed on Eatigo (or maybe even Fave) but now there’s this even more awesome promotion: $20 off your bill. I went there alone today and paid just 70 cents for my chicken wings and a drink!

I’d wanted to try their Crispy Roasted Pork Belly ($18.80) but was told there was some issue with the supply of pork, presumably from Australia. So I went with the staff recommendation of their Starker Classic Wings ($11.80) – supposedly marinated with their “award-winning Starker Fresh Beer”. I also ordered the Iced Lychee Tea ($5.80) as that’s one beverage I love – I do especially like the one from Arteastiq (which you can find at Mandarin Gallery or Plaza Singapura).

As I’d arrived after the lunch hour (just after 3pm), there were only 5 other tables which were occupied. The chicken wings took about 11 minutes to be served, while the lychee tea was forgotten. 😀 That said, the staff are friendly and patient, so as customers, we’d better behave the same way.

starker concept punggol

I’m not sure I like the chicken wings very much, though it’s the mid-joint section that is my fave. 😀 It’s basically crispy skin chicken needing a bit of seasoning (hence the chili sauce by the side) but it’s well cooked through within (no blood, thank goodness), juicy and I really had to resist using my fingers to pick up the chicken. Haha! I need to try their pork belly when their supply issue has been rectified. Or perhaps those truffle fries!

The lychee tea was prepared on the spot, upon a reminder, while the guy (possibly a manager) was on the phone giving directions to (I’m guessing) a customer clueless about how to get to Starker Concept. Thus the drink was served frothing. 😀 It’s not too bad. At just 70 cents for this very light meal, I really cannot complain.

starker concept promotion


And here’s how you can get to Starker Concept Punggol:

Take the MRT to Punggol MRT Station and head out EXIT A. At the entrance to the mall, pick the East Wing, which is on your right and walk all the way to the end. You’ll pass the jewelry store, BATA, Customer Service, Anderson’s ice cream, nail salon, hair salons, etc, till you reach the doors at the end. Head out those doors and turn right… continue walking till you see Starker (it’s about 20 steps ahead). Like I’ve said, most people won’t know where it is. 😀 Expect to get lost (a little).