The Wallet Shop: Best Place To Buy Wallets in Singapore

the wallet shop review

When my darling asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I replied “A good night’s sleep”. Basically it meant ‘don’t chat with me at night and don’t wake me up in the morning either’ – no Christmas buffet is getting between me and my beauty sleep. 😀 As for him, he wanted a Bellroy wallet because it’s apparently famous for super slim wallets, and I’ve never even heard of the brand before. Anyway, I got him a Bellroy wallet from The Wallet Shop and I also got myself a Billabong wallet in pink – it’s so pretty! 🙂 The Wallet Shop seems to have been around for the longest time, no? When I was a student, I’d already been their customer. And at that time, another store us students used to patronize was 77th Street, which has shut down already. So what’s the reason for The Wallet Shop’s ‘longevity’? 😉 I’ll ask them next time.

As for my personal shopping experience, I have to say that I find it tough to buy wallets online because I don’t get to feel the quality of the material, hold it in my hand and see if it’s just the right size. And unlike clothes which you can get for less than $5 online, wallets usually tend to cost a bit more so I really do prefer buying them in stores. Especially when there’s a promotion.

Our Christmas gifts from The Wallet Shop:

the wallet shop

First up, my pretty pink Billabong wallet. Actually it looks more of a peachy pink color under sunlight. I like that it has A LOT of card slots. A total of 20! Can you believe it?!

billabong wallet singapore

As for the Bellroy wallet, let’s just say it’s so skinny I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t slip through his fingers at some point. But who cares? As long as the recipient likes the gift. 😀

bellroy wallet singapore


I decided to prank him on Christmas Eve so I’d prepared two wrapped ‘presents’. I presented him with the smaller, squarish one first as I figured it looks like a box containing a wallet, which he’ll be expecting. Inside, it’s actually a box of KitKat that was lying around at home that I just grabbed and wrapped up! 😀 His expression was *tears* priceless when he discovered it’s chocolate; tried to mask his disappointment and tell me he loves KitKat. Then I handed him the other wrapped present and said it’s a Christmas card within – believable ‘cos it’s so slim. And then he’s like “Oh you managed to find the wallet? How? Where?” (@_@)

bedok mall christmas wrapping paper

I think I enjoy pranking people a little more than I enjoy receiving presents. Haha!

In any case, if you like the wrapping paper, it’s from Bedok Mall / The Art Faculty. The artist is Jovan Neo, an individual with autism who loves city scenes. I really like Jovan’s artwork. I think having it printed on wrapping paper is simply brilliant.