Guschlbauer: All Items @ Half Price In The Evening

guschlbauer waterway point

I’ve just gotten home not too long ago after a really good lunch with pals at Waterway Point. And since one of us has lost a crazyyyy amount of weight recently (not me, lah) I had to find out his secret for this amazing weight loss. Apparently, it has to do with being “terrified of gaining weight”. Gosh. Makes so much sense! 😀 Fear’s such a big motivating factor. But for me, most of the time, good food comes first. If those jeans don’t fit, well, just don’t wear them for now. Anyway, this post is about Guschlbauer (‘cos we bought some items at 50% off yesterday evening) and an awesome muah chee stall at the pasar malam just outside Exit B of Punggol MRT Station. *I figured that it makes me feel less guilty after indulging in a lot of yumminess I shouldn’t if I just blog about it. 😀

So, first up, if you pop by the Guschlbauer store (or rather, kiosk?) right outside Din Tai Fung (Level 1, West Wing, Waterway Point) after 8.30pm in the evenings, everything’s going at half price. So there’s always a long queue. I guess this evening promo is a reason why they’ve survived for so long? I’ve actually never returned to buy anything after their opening day when they gave out free buns. 😀

Also, this stall just outside exit B of Punggol MRT Station has delicious muah chee. It’s soft like marshmallows and there’s a generous helping of crushed peanuts and *ahem* sugar.

best muah chee in singapore

Had this for supper last night, and also as an afternoon snack today.

$2 only…

best pasar malam muah chee

I should just skip dinner altogether. Ingested way too many calories already. (@_@)


Sometimes I do wonder if people pay so much attention to their weight that they forget to live a little. And truly, being slim / thin / whatever doesn’t mean you’ll live a long, healthy life. A few years ago, a middle-aged lady I interviewed told me that she weighs herself every day and if she’s a little heavier today, she eats less. She truly had a stunning figure. But now she’s also already dead because of cancer.

Another person I interviewed shared about alternating between carbo-only and protein-only diets. He’s still alive but he had a stroke not too long ago.

And what really takes the cake (sorry), was this lady (or perhaps I should call her an old woman) who met me again after not seeing me for a year (or so?) and the first and only thing she said to me was “You’ve put on weight, ah.” It was a statement, not a question. Bl**dy hell. Well that woman had some leg-related problems recently – didn’t have to amputate the limb, but I’ve heard there’s swelling and discoloration and the doctors don’t know what to do? 😛

Perhaps we need to rethink how we feel about our weight. Right now, if I can give chase if someone snatches my purse, I think I’m ok. And if you can fit into a regular-sized coffin when you kick the bucket, I think you’re good to go too. Just remember you’ll never be the right size for everyone – always either too fat or too skinny.

So just live a little.

And don’t bother telling people they’ve put on weight. You mean they can’t tell, is it? They don’t have mirrors at home? Just mind your own waistline and go kick the bucket, *ahem* I mean a ball, or something.