OBAR Punggol: Restaurant Quality Food, Not “Pub Food” :D

obar punggol

We had an early dinner at OBAR Punggol this evening, and were pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was. In the picture you see above, the mentaiko sauce is drizzled so prettily over the salmon and all the elements work together beautifully – from the onsen egg to the caramelized onions. I LOVE IT! Definitely order this Torched Salmon Mentai Don ($16.80) especially when you can get 50% discount via Eatigo (<- click here). *The accompanying salad’s really good too. Also, if you don’t already know, OBAR is located within Marina Country Club and there’s a free shuttle bus to get here from Punggol MRT Station. Details below.

We also tried the Charred Squid Thai Style ($11.80) which comes with a green papaya salad…

obar menu

Initially I was a bit peeved that the squid was not cut all the way through so you have to pick the entire thing up and bite into it. BUT OMG… when you do, you’ll find that it’s cooked to perfection. At other places, the squid might be rubbery as it’s super easy to get this overcooked. But here, it’s just right. I’m not a fan of the papaya salad though; thought it smelled a little funky.

We also had the Seafood Paella ($18.80) which comes with grilled prawns, squid (yay!), soft shell crab and mussels. I have no complaints whatsoever. The amount of rice is just right – a very thin layer of rice on the hot plate; ladies should be able to finish all the rice. It’ll be a little bit charred, which adds more flavor, I feel. šŸ˜€

obar punggol review

I do wish they gave us more of that soft shell crab as it’s delicious! šŸ™‚

Love the edamame and corn which, when eaten together with the rice, provide such a lovely contrast of textures.

OBAR nailed it! Or perhaps I should say that I nailed it, ‘cos I picked all 3 dishes and they all turned out to be awesome!

I have to say that the service is good here too. There was a gentlemen who brought out the salmon don to our table and he told us to let him or the waitress know if there’s anything else we need. And he looked like he meant it. (Actually, yes, there was something I needed but I didn’t tell him. And it was that when the song ‘告ē™½ę°£ēƒ’ was about to play, whomever had pressed the Skip button should not have done so ‘cos I wanted to listen to it!) šŸ˜› *Yes, there’s music all the time, whether the live band is here or not.


obar marina country club

It’s funny how the tables* and plastic chairs would not look out of place in a coffeeshop and yet they are in this “bar” that serves restaurant quality food.

Also, there’s GST but no service charge. Oh right… now I recall that there’s something they can do better, which is to provide water for guests. They charge 50 cents for hot / cold water. And even the non-alcoholic drinks can be a bit pricey: Coke at $6 and green tea at $5, for example.

*Table 7 is on an uneven surface, I think, so avoid it.

I spotted some of these promotions on the LCD screen in OBAR so perhaps you can ask the staff about them if you’re keen:

Tuesdays: Men’s Night $88 for Tiger and Guinness Towers

Wednesday: Ladies Night – 38% Off

Weekend Brunch: Free Kids Meal with 2 brunch sets ordered

Everyday 2pm to 6pm: $5 Bar Bites


Here’s the shuttle bus schedule for those who aren’t driving to OBAR / Marina Country Club. I’ve never taken the shuttle service before so I can’t tell you whether it’s good or not, but it’s free so why not ya?

marina country club shuttle bus