* 50 For SG *

50 For SG

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”

– John F. Kennedy

For about a week in July 2015, I had a special offer for business owners who donated a minimum of S$50 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. They each received a free blog feature right here, on Working With Grace. 🙂 [This blog gets about 80K pageviews monthly, and I have 15K followers on Facebook]

Why I Started This Initiative:

I’ve been thinking about how else I can contribute to society. I’ve volunteered with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), I’m an NKF donor, I volunteer with the Health Promotion Board (HPB), and I make regular donations to charity. But is there anything else that I can do as a blogger? 🙂

Well, I can help promote those companies which have a heart for giving back to society. 🙂 So for the period before National Day, business owners who made a personal donation of at least S$50 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation received a feature on my blog, on top of the S$150 tax deduction they will get for their donation (300%)! There is really no better time to contribute!

Update: I’ve received testimonials from the business owners who participated in this initiative. Here’s one of them…

Blogger Grace Tan

To Participate As A Business Owner:

Make a S$50 donation online and get 300% tax deduction: head to the Children’s Cancer Foundation website and click on ‘Make an Online Donation’: http://www.ccf.org.sg/donate.htm

Children's Cancer Foundation

Hurry And Make Your Donation Today! 🙂

50 For SG50 For SG50 For SGChildren's Cancer Foundation50 for SG50 For SGDesire AestheticsChildren's Cancer FoundationChildren's Cancer FoundationChildren's Cancer Foundation

Donation tally: S$750


Jimmy, Engel, Derek, Jerald, Irene, Ying Yih, Su, Linda, Max, Colin, Gordon/Esther, Ronald 😀

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