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Kinder Joy: Toys For Girls vs Toys For Boys

kinder joy chocolate

You must have tried one of these Kinder Joy eggs before, or at least the Kinder Surprise ones before them. The difference between the two? The Kinder Joy ones can be pulled apart: chocolate on one side, toy on the other. The Kinder Surprise ones come with a whole chocolate egg and a plastic capsule within that contains the toy. And you might not know this: the chocolate eggs are banned in the U.S. as the toy is hidden within the ‘candy confection’ and might be a choking hazard. Don’t ask me why. I’ve never tried eating the chocolate egg whole before. ๐Ÿ˜›

This time round, I’m more concerned about what’s within the Kinder Joy egg since they’ve clearly been labelled as being “For Girls” or “For Boys”. Would I like the toys that are supposedly for girls, or would I prefer those deemed to be for boys? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve only got 6 Kinder Joy eggs so I’m fully aware that these toys represent just a small fraction of their toy offerings but here goes…

Out of 3 “For Girls” eggs, I got 2 toys from the same range, just in different colors. And they don’t really work very wellย as they aren’t very springy. But I guess if you just want to throw something at someone, these could still do the trick. ๐Ÿ˜› I really do like that jigsaw-like ‘ball’? Simply fit the 6 pieces together and you get a ball. I think all kids (whether boy or girl) would have fun piecing them together.

kinder joy singapore

Now for the “boys” toys…

There’s a sheep that’s supposed to bounce as well but it’s not not very entertaining. There’s the red bike (is it a Harley?) that’s decent – just give it a little push and it can travel quite a distance. Better than expected since it came out of a chocolate egg. And finally there’s that yellow lion with a purple-and-blue chat box. It’s TOO COOL.

kinder joy toys

Use the lion’s tail as you would a pen and you can scribble out messages or draw on the little screen. It’s obviously more suited to little fingers. ๐Ÿ˜€ Flip the switch at the back of the ‘screen’ and your message gets magically erased.

kinder joy

I guess you can tell which toys I prefer more. I’d say the ones for boys are more interesting at this point. ๐Ÿ˜€

That said, I wonder why there is a need to demarcate which toys are for boys and which are for girls. After all, if you have a daughter and a son at home, it’s not as if they won’t be snatching (and playing with) each other’s toys. ๐Ÿ˜›

What’s New At Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting Tower 3

Before our recent trip to Resorts World Genting, our very last visit was a number of years ago. And when we went back this time, there was a new hotel tower at First World Hotel (bringing its total number of rooms to 7,351) and a new cable car system, among other updates! Though I detest long bus rides, I can easily be tempted to make another trip to Genting again as it’s now an even cooler place to be at… even if you do not gamble.

We stayed in room 28868 (how auspicious?) on the highest floor and found the room in Tower 3 to be very new and clean. That said, the pillows leave more to be desired but I guess it won’t matter to most folk, anyway. I was the only one sleeping in the room at night; my darling was busy earning some moolah in the casinos. ๐Ÿ˜€ I also love that you can order Motorino pizzas, meatballs, chicken wings, etc, with room service!

I’ve previously blogged about some new restaurants & cafes you need to visit. If you haven’t read the posts yet, click on the links below:

#1: Burger & Lobster

#2:ย Cafรฉs Richard

#3: Motorino

This isn’t the best photo of their new cable car system, but I actually enjoyed the ride in the Glass Floor Gondola. A ride in one of the special gondolas with glass flooring will cost RM 50. The regular ones cost just RM 8. End to end, the 2.8km journey takes just 10 minutes, half of what the older cable car system took.

Resorts World Genting cable car


At Sky Avenue, there’s so much food to indulge in. If I had to start (small) somewhere, I’m going back for more of Tokyo Secret’s cheese tarts. Freshly baked (and HOT), these yummy tarts will leave you craving for more…

Resorts World Genting Tokyo Secret

And oh… cheap(er) GongCha bubble tea too! ๐Ÿ˜€

Aside from eating and visiting the casino, there are more family-friendly games for those who are young and young-at-heart. We went to the arcade to play basketball and I also wanted to try my hand at fishing for a prize at the ‘duck pond’

I won’t play this game again… ever:

Resorts World Genting arcade

You pay RM 23.20 to get an arcade card with 20 credits. For this duck ‘fishing’ game, you’ll spend 4 credits, and get to fish out 2 ducks. I thought I’ll be sure to get at least one tiny, consolation prize with 2 tries. I got nothing. I’d rather have spent the credits on the basketball machines – each game there costs just 3 credits. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Don’t want to spend any money? There’s always the lovely view to admire at the hotel. You’ll have to do that at the lobby though. The opaque hotel room windows cannot be opened more than, say, 4 inches.

Resorts World Genting review

For breakfast, there’s A LOT to choose from at Resorts World Genting. There are so many restaurants, eateries, cafes, etc. And of course, there’s The Food Factory for a buffet spread.

The Food Factory:

Resorts World Genting Food Factory

(above) The chef is cooking some carrot cake for our breakfast. Yum! The food factory can seat some 1,600 guests. Don’t expect gourmet meals, of course. Just eat for the purpose of satiety. When we were having our breakfast, we enjoyed items like scrambled egg, niang doufu (to pair with porridge), mini pancakes (plus a chocolate fountain), bread, pastries, etc. I love fruit so I was surprised to find that there was just one kind of fruit: yellow watermelon.

On the way home to Singapore, our coach stopped at the Awana rest stop. It’s not as busy as the one at Yong Peng, so the food at the canteen has been sitting around for a while, if you know what I mean. We happily stocked up on snacks at the store though.

Resorts World Genting bus rest stop

If you aren’t heading back to Singapore, but prefer to visit KL instead, you can take a bus to KL Sentral then a train to Pasar Seni to go to Chinatown. ๐Ÿ™‚


From Singapore to Genting, we took a coach from Golden Mile Complex. For reasons unknown to us, the coach from ‘The One’ was an hour late and the seats weren’t too comfortable either; you cannot have it recline much without ending up lying on someone’s lap. ๐Ÿ˜›

*Watch out for the Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park that is slated to open later this year.

Review + Giveaway + Discount Code: Sudio Vasa BLร… Earphones

sudio vasa bla review

When I first saw these pink earphones from Sudio, I was drawn to them simply because they look really pretty. That baby pink shade with rose gold accents is gorgeous. And it’s only after testing them out that I’ve realized I cannot go back to using regular earphones because these Sudio ones appear to have been designed to reveal how much your regular earphones have been causing you frustration, but you have not had an alternative to them… till now.

Here’s why other people love the Sudio earphones *versus* why I love the Sudio earphones:

Many people would love how there are no more tangles…

Sudio earphones pink

[ Pic: from Sudio’s website ]

… and obviously, how visually pleasing they are.

Coupled with how the sound quality is more-than-decent.

Sudio Vasa Bla colors

[ Pic: from Sudio’s website ]


I love the Sudio earphones because:

#1: I can lean back fully in my recliner armchair now. Previously, when my earphones were plugged into my laptop, I had to sit up straight and avoid sudden movements e.g. picking up something which I’d dropped onto the floor, or else the earphones will be ‘pulled’ right out of my ears.

#2: I can even walk over to the kitchen to get a glass of water without having to hit ‘pause’. The dialogue or music from whatever I’m watching on my laptop continues playing in my ears. The distance over which this works is about 7 or 8 meters (according to my own rough estimation). Walk too far and there’ll be some interference – like when someone you’re speaking with over the phone has entered a lift.

#3: No wire getting in the way when you’re out exercising. A good plus is that the earphones don’t fall out easily too, even when you get sweaty.

sudio sweden vasa bla review

At the Botanic Gardens last week (Now you know what’s my fav color ๐Ÿ˜€ )


Purchase the earphones and you’ll also get a phone case in a white marble design with gold detailing (worth US$29.90). The package will be shipped to your doorstep in about 3 to 4 business days.

Sudio earphones review

What’s more, simply quote ‘workingwithgrace‘ and you get 15% discount off your order!

( The bouquet’s from the floral jamming class I attended. It’s *not* included in your Sudio package. ๐Ÿ˜€ )

If you want to WIN a pair of these earphones, head over to my Facebook page now – the giveaway ends on 30th April!~

Free Ice Cream, Ecobags And VR Rides At Samsung’s Galaxy Studio

Samsung S8

The Galaxy Studio is located outside Ngee Ann City, and it’s HUGE… This pic shows just half of the whole studio.

I popped by the Samsung Galaxy Studio yesterday with my pal who’s also a Samsung phone user. We were lured by the prospect of winning a new phone in the lucky draw – just visit any 3 of the user experience stations within the studio, get the issued card stamped, and submit your entry for the lucky draw. While you’re at it, you can also enjoy a free popsicle (I love the chocolate one), collect a free ecobag, and also indulge in some VR rides.

Here’s the mildest one…

Samsung Gear VR 4D

My pal looks like he’s lying face down for a massage, doesn’t he? ๐Ÿ˜€

Then we went for a 4D ‘spaceship’ ride, using a VR controller to shoot at flying robots. At that point, I felt my lunch was going to reappear before my eyes. It was quite nauseating.

Finally, my pal went for this topsy-turvy 360 degrees spill-out-your-guts ride. Just watching him on the ride was scary for me. ๐Ÿ˜€ I was not amused when he got off the ride and didn’t seem shaken at all. I would have gotten jelly knees.Samsung VR

And all the rides are FREE!

There are lots of ‘stations’ for you to try out the Gear VR, Gear 360, Galaxy Tab S3, etc.

Samsung VR experience

And you’ll probably fall in love with the S8. I already have. There are lots of cool new functions such as this one – see an unfamiliar building? Snap a picture of it, and your ‘phone’ will tell you the name of the building, when it was built, which businesses can be found within, etc.

Samsung S8 feature

Don’t forget about the Gear 360:

Samsung Gear 360

And at this station, you might want to be a little wary. I ALMOST put my non-water-resistant Samsung S5 phone into the water-filled station because there was a sign saying something like ‘Place Your Phone Here’. That would have killed my phone. I’m sure of it.

Apparently… you can take a picture of yourself using the Samsung S8:

Samsung S8 phone

The phone is dunked into the water… and your selfie magically appears on the screen. ๐Ÿ˜€

Photo Wallpaper

To get over the scare of having nearly ‘killed’ my own phone (my S5 has lasted a really long time. Now the S8 has already been launched)… there are free popsicles… Just listen to the young ladies explaining how Samsung Pay works, and you get to pick your popsicle flavor.

Samsung Pay

A sweet treat to end a fantastic experience at Samsung’s Galaxy Studio. My pal’s verdict: Samsung has a lot of budget, ah. I agree.

The Galaxy Studio is located at the Civic Plaza, Ngee Ann City. Pop by between 11am and 9pm, from now till 29th June! ๐Ÿ™‚

Waterway Point’s 1000 Goodie Bag Giveaway

Waterway Point

Waterway Point is, hands down, my favorite mall in the whole of Singapore. It’s celebrating its first anniversary currently and we get more freebies! ๐Ÿ˜€ Starting from today, all the way till 25 April, Waterway Point has a total of 1,000 goodie bags to give away. I collected mine today, as you can see in the picture above, and it’s pretty cool considering how you don’t need to spend a cent before you can redeem one (just like them on Facebook, post a selfie tagging them, then sign up for free Frasers Rewards membership).

Do note that the goodie bag items may vary. Here are the items I love:

  1. The cutlery set that comes in a cool blue Waterway Point holder. There are 4 sets of cutlery – each has a fork, knife, spoon and dessert spoon.
  2. Voucher for $6 off a pair of IMAX movie tickets (My pal, Steven, has been wanting to catch a movie in IMAX so this will certainly come in useful)
  3. $10 Nature’s Farm Cash Voucher
  4. 2 sets of memo pads
  5. A Health Promotion Board exercise belt (?) which can hold a few keys, coins and other stuff.

As in all goodie bags, there are some vouchers which I won’t use so those will go into the recycling bin. ๐Ÿ˜€

If you haven’t already collected your goodie bag, you might want to pop by Waterway Point today or tomorrow. I expect they’ll all be snapped up by tomorrow evening. ๐Ÿ˜€

Motorino: Wood Fired Pizzas at Resorts World Genting

Motorino Resorts World Genting

[ This post is the final one in the 3-part series on my makan adventures in Resorts World Genting. Read part one here, and part two here. ]

Motorino Pizza genting

If you’re craving for some pizza when you’re at Resorts World Genting, you might find yourself strolling right into Motorino. After all, the fact that the chefs make the pizzas from scratch in front of the restaurant’s Italian windows means people are often drawn to aforementioned windows simply to gawk. And… how’s the food?

motorino malaysia

In a restaurant famous for its pizzas, I’d say skip the meatballs. I tried them and didn’t like them. They tasted like boiled meatballs (which desperately needed some seasoning) served with an uninspiring sauce.

motorino genting menu

The chicken wings could do with a little spice, but overall, the texture’s pretty good.

As for the pizzas, we tried 4 different flavors while we were at Resorts World Genting, and I only have 1 favorite.

Motorino Malaysia menu

Their Pepperoni pizza is tasty enough; there just weren’t any surprises. The Margherita seemed like it lacked something, maybe more toppings? The Cherry Stone Clam pizza was so-so; not something I’d order a second time. BUT… the Amatriciana pizza was something truly special.

The Amatriciana pizza has minced chicken, scallions, pecorino (a type of hard Italian cheese) and fresh chili on top, among other things. It’s slightly spicy and SO delicious.

Of course, you can go crazy with the additional toppings for your pizza. If I were dining alone, and unlikely to embarrass anyone except myself, I’d probably get 10 toppings with one pizza. ๐Ÿ˜€ (Motorino offers over 20 toppings such as brussel sprouts, anchovies, buffalo mozzarella, turkey, etc)

Things to note when dining at Motorino:

#1: The pizzas can get pretty stiff when they turn cold. So FORGET about getting the perfect picture of your pizza. Eat it and then go get an X-ray taken. ๐Ÿ˜› As you have already noticed, I didn’t bother with lighting or 1,000 shots for this blogpost. Haha!

#2: Even if you’re not a fan of cheese, no worries, the cheese on the pizzas here aren’t the stringy kind. It’s not heavy on the palate either.

#3: Grab some wine or beer to go along with your pizza. We didn’t order any. Had to keep sober for nighttime adventures… i.e. the kind with music, flashing lights, something spinning, and ka-ching!


Motorino is located at Lvl 1, Sky Avenue. The restaurant is open from 10 am to 10pm (Sun to Thurs) and from 10am to 12 midnight (Fri, Sat, PH and eve of PH). Call 03-6101-1118 or visit rwgenting.com for more information.

April’s Bakery: Famous Thai Pastries, Now In Singapore :D

April's Bakery Singapore

This is one example of Facebook ads paying off for the advertiser: I spotted the ad by April’s Bakery on Sunday morning, and popped by their store at Tampines MRT in the afternoon. Only because it was the final day of their Buy-1-Get-1-Free promotion. (They really should bring it back soon) From checking out their Facebook page, I realized they had an earlier promotion during an event and it was ‘Buy-6-Free-1’, which is considerably less attractive! I like to try multiple flavors during these promotions because it’s less painful if a certain flavor turns out to be one I immediately dislike. ๐Ÿ˜€

If you don’t already know, April’s Bakery has some 60 outlets in Thailand, and their Hong Kong-inspired pastries come in flavors like taro, soybean, black sesame, pumpkin and purple sweet potato. Their pies are free from butter, lard and preservatives (which means you have to consume them within 3 days *keep them refrigerated too*) The company (in Thailand) was started by former flight attendant,ย Nathanaporn Euawanthanakhun (her English name for her flying days was ‘April’ as she’s born in April). Apparently, her business got off to a rough start and it was a struggle getting it to take off, whether it be selling her luxury bags or turning to family members for loans. (Pardon the puns; I just couldn’t resist)

I like how April’s Bakery is generous with the filling in their pies. I do believe these are handmade as pies of the same flavor can be noticeably different in size (just like how no two Famous Amos cookies look exactly the same)… and the crust is not quite even. Take this Thai Tea Pie, for instance:

April's Bakery Thai Tea Pie

The flaky crust on top of the Thai Tea Pie is delightful, but the bottom is slightly thicker in certain areas. If the base is more even, it’d be better. That said, I had expected the filling to be sweet (or even, REALLY sweet) but it wasn’t. It’s just mildly sweet so it makes a great gift for older folks.

I should have known even before ordering anything that their red bean pie would be my favorite, as I really do love red bean. ๐Ÿ˜€ Their Purple Sweet Potato Pie (pictured below) was hard and dry though. Even my very chin chye partner felt it’s not yummy.

April's Bakery Purple Sweet Potato Pie

You just might have to buy 1 of every flavor in order to discover your favorite. While we were in the store, we noted that their samples (pies cut into really tiny pieces) were not accompanied by toothpicks. <- Picking up food using uncleaned fingers is so unsanitary that I really didn’t want to try any.

And so, we bought quite a few:

April's Bakery Tampines

April's Bakery Singapore

The outlet in Singapore is currently using the boxes from Thailand (with Thai contact details, etc). There’s no doubt that the boxes are pretty (like the Laduree ones for macarons) but they just might want to get the Singapore version ones soon, eh?

April’s Bakery is located at #01-31 Tampines MRT Station

Contact number: 8122 7604

*The brand also sells pineapple cakes, which I didn’t buy as they weren’t included in the promotion that day ๐Ÿ˜€

5 Reasons Retirees Will LOVE The Luxury Cruise Ship ‘Insignia’

Oceania Cruises

It’s not often one gets to board a cruise ship docked at Harbourfront just for a look-see, especially when it’s a LUXURY cruise ship. My pal Bosco and I got to do a tour of the ship, and enjoy a quick lunch on board, thanks to Sky Premium. Apparently, it’s an around-the-world cruise which starts and ends in Miami. See the world in 6 months on this cruise? Yes, sign me up… when I’m rich and retired! ๐Ÿ˜€ I certainly won’t mind being on this ship with lots of friendly, smiling crew. In fact, the ship can accommodate up toย 669 passengers, and it comes with 400 crew members; so any time the retired ol’ me needs help, I’ll be sure to get it. ๐Ÿ˜€

Insignia Cruise Review

Here are 5 reasons why I think retirees will enjoy being on Insignia:

#1: The Chillaxing

Insignia Cruise

At the Sundeck on deck 11, you get to enjoy the blue skies, a good tan, and simply laze by the pool. If you don’t fancy swimming, there are twoย hottubs filled with saltwater (which might be better for your skin) ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, there’s a new specialty cocktail every day at the pool bar. Hang on… I might not want to wait till I’m retired. ๐Ÿ˜€

Insignia Cruise Hot Tub

#2: The FOOD

Oceania Insignia restaurant

A little bird told me that Versace plates are used in one of the restaurants on-board. But you’ll have to make a reservation with your cruise booking (or immediately after boarding the ship) in order to get a table. *wink*

Insignia restaurant

Here’s the lunch we were treated to:

Oceania Insignia Reviews

What we had for lunch: (1) Maine Lobster and Daikon with Caviar, (2) Stuffed Provolone Cheese Pasta Purses with Butternut Squash Cream, (3) Pink Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Black Truffle and Foie Gras Demi-Glace, (4 *Alternative main) Den Miso Glazed Sea Bass, (5) Papuan Chocolate Volcano, (6) Petits Fours and Macaroons

I’d say it’s either hit-or-miss with our lunch menu that day. The lobster + caviar starter was, obviously, aย delicious treat. The stuffed provolone cheese pasta purses which followed were slightly cloying and ‘jelat‘ after the first mouthful. The beef and fish mains were good. The Papuan Chocolate Volcano was a huge HIT, but the petit fours and macaroons left much to be desired. If this accurately reflects food standards on-board the Insignia, well, I guess passengers will quickly figure out what they should or shouldn’t order – after all, they’ll be on-board for a while.

Insignia hasย 2 specialty restaurants which require reservations. For Italian fare, head to Toscano, unless you’re craving for some good ol’ steak, in which case you should head to their steak house ‘Polo Grill’. At Toscano, staff will bring out aย giant wheel of parmesan every night. The food is made fresh every night and it’s very fine dining with Versace plates, no less. There’s also vinaigrette and olive oil pairing, somewhat like wine pairing. ๐Ÿ˜€ The restaurant has some 8 selections of olive oil and 4 for balsamic vinegar.

At the Steakhouse (Polo Grill), you can indulge in some steak, lobster, crab, primerib, chicken, etc. There’s also a themed night depending on which port the ship is at. The chefs will procure the ingredients from that particular city for your meal.

*Ice cream is made on the ship every day too. There’s a range of sugar-free desserts at every restaurant, and they’re made to be suitable for diabetics. And the Insignia has begun serving vegan food too!

At ‘Waves’ located near the pool, you can grab some hamburgers, hotdogs, etc. In short, you’ll never go hungry on the Insignia. And on the rare occasion that you’ve missed a meal, fret not, as there’s 24-hour room service.

Special mention: theย Papuan Chocolate Volcano is a must-try…

Oceania Insignia around the world cruise

#3: The Staff

The staff on-board the Insignia are very friendly, and always ready to greet you with a smile. They might also be able to call you by name by the end of the cruise.

Oceania Cruises

#4: The Pampering

Insignia Cruise Spa

Head to the Spa for everything from manicures to waxing, massages to haircuts. You can even get a new hair color here.

Oceania Insignia Cruise Spa


#5: The Entertainment

Oceania Insignia

What’s the point of getting on a cruise if there’s no entertainment to look forward to? On board the Insignia, there’s the gym, of course. For those who prefer more sedentary activities, there’s mahjong, card games, jigsaw puzzles, stage shows, art classes, and last but not least, THE CASINO! The casino is openย only on seadays and remains shut when the ship is in port (it’s illegal to operate the casino when in port!)

From 7am to 10pm, head to the fitness center for spinning sessions, yoga, pilates, etc.

Insignia library

We did not get to visit the suites, but we did get a look around the library. There’s a beautiful hand-painted ceiling which you must see. The library looks very homey as it’s designed to look like someone’s living room – to be the passengers’ home away from home. There’s comfy furniture and a good selection of books. I’m told that because the seats are so comfortable, people come here to read, but they do also find themselves falling asleep here. ๐Ÿ˜€

Elsewhere on the ship, from 4pm to 5pm, passengers get to enjoy tea with a string quartet playing. There’s also a baby grand piano on-board (I hear they have a talented pianist too) and if it’s your thing, you can also indulge in some cognac and wine tasting. The Insignia is very atas indeed.

But the most important piece of information I noted during the tour of the ship is that the Insignia has very good Wifi, what with the new satellites they’ve invested in. And even if you’re not too IT-savvy, there are ‘Internet Managers’ on board to help you out every morning and afternoon.

If you’re a retiree with some extra cash to spend, I’d highly recommend you give this cruise a go. I think it’ll be fun, meeting other retirees from around the world and trading (life) stories. If you’ve not reached that (life) stage yet, then a cruise might get boring for you. True story: LOML and I were at Maldives some time back, and at the resort’s pool bar, he had one of every drink on the menu then went off snorkeling, following a baby shark back to where it came from. I sat on the beach, read a book, and occasionally wondered what would happen if he met the baby shark’s, well, parents. So if you and your partner aren’t ready for a chillaxing sort of getaway then the usual free-and-easy holidays which involve flying would be more suitable. (Less likely to see sharks too)


Lots of thanks to Bosco from Hearted Moments Photographyย for these pictures ๐Ÿ˜€

Bee’s Knees at Singapore Botanic Gardens: Good Food, Even Better Dessert

Bee's Knees Singapore Botanic Gardens

Brought my pals to the Botanic Gardens on Good Friday to visit the Orchid Garden and we dined at this bistro called ‘Bee’s Knees’ which we haven’t visited before. I hesitate to call it a restaurant because it’s all free seating here and there wasn’t much in terms of customer service from the very young staff. (There’s no ‘service charge’ either, so I’m really not complaining :P) It’s a little strange that there’s a greeter at the entrance, but you have to locate a table yourself, just as if you’re dining at McDonald’s. In any case, I really enjoyed the dessert and I do believe that if the dessert is good, diners can easily ‘forget’ any imperfections earlier on in the meal.

*Bee’s Knees is located pretty close to the Botanic Gardens’ Circle Line exit so it’s convenient to get there by train.

Brown Wagyu (salad) $18

the garage botanic garden

Prawn Pasta $18

bee's knees botanic gardens singapore

I ordered the prawn pasta ‘cos it’s called Tiger Prawn Pasta, or something like that on the menu, and for some reason it sounds impressive. Turned out to be so-so though.

And since the LOML asked me to pick something for him too, I chose the Beef Cheek Pasta (YUM). Actually, beef cheek anything would taste good, no?

Beef Cheek Pasta $16

bee's knees singapore

My pal, Steven, ordered the waffles for lunch, instead of a main course. I’ve known all along that he likes waffles. I just didn’t realize he liked them this much. ๐Ÿ˜€

Apples Waffle $14

bee's knees menu

LOML ordered this after I said I wanted dessert and OMG that’s possibly the best chocolate-y creation I’ve eaten this year… and I don’t even know what it’s called!

bees knees singapore menu

If you’re at Bee’s Knees and you see this item (in the picture above), you HAVE TO order it. You can thank me after.

We spent about 80-odd dollars for 4 pax, which is reasonable. I love that there’s self-serve free iced water too.

My only grouse, if there be one, is that people who are waiting for a table will happily stand next to yours and stare at you, hoping to get you to finish up and leave fast. I don’t really like this arrangement. It makes me feel as if I’m eating at a food court during the busy lunch hour.

Final note: Bee’s Knees doesn’t take reservations.

Artbox Singapore: Expect Lots Of Rain And ‘Ponding’

Artbox Singapore 2017

I was at Artbox Singapore on Opening Day on Friday, but wished I had stayed home instead. There was lots of rain, *ahem* ponding, and more umbrellas than open stalls at Artbox Singapore on opening day, at 3pm. Though armed with an umbrella, we left the venue within half an hour. No point getting drenched at an event where not all stalls were open yet (some were forced to close as the rain was getting onto the food and other products).

Artbox Singapore

(bottom right) Yes, there’s absolutely no need for ice-cold Chang beer on a cold, rainy day, but it’s good if you’re seeking shelter. Roasted Marshmallows ARE tempting, though. Most of the stallholders seemed rather upset when the rain came. Only one bunch of guys had smiles on their faces – their ‘tattoo’ booth was located within an air-conditioned(?) container facility. The rest of the stallholders had to brave the rain in their makeshift stalls comprising of metal poles and canvas sheets. Once it rains, you’ll be reminded of the Chinese New Year bazaar at Chinatown – lots of people, lots of puddles, lots of stallholders scrambling to keep their wares dry. The usual MEGA pasar malam sort of set-up would be more helpful (such as the one I visited at Tampines over the weekend) – There’s a roof overhead for shelter for everyone and everything, and the rain cannot dampen the spirits of shoppers.

There are cool Kombi Rocks vehicles you can get a picture with… in the rain:


I felt that there were too many stalls cramped into too small a space. And I’m sure more than a handful of stallholders would have their grouses – perhaps too few people stopping to browse or to buy stuff. The food stalls on the periphery should do well, but those selling knick-knacks I’m not so sure about.

Anyway here’s the map if you intend to head there…

Artbox Directory Map

Artbox Bangkok

Yup, this weekend is the final weekend for Artbox Singapore 2017. Would you be making a trip there? I won’t. Even if it isn’t raining, braving the crowded, claustrophobic space is not what I envision for a relaxing weekend. If you are so brave as to head there, please remember to bring your umbrella… Actually, bring a drone too and take a picture from above – that sea of colorful brollies should look pretty lovely from overhead! ๐Ÿ˜€


Somehow, I suspect there’ll be thunderstorms this whole week…

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