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Hi-Fruit at Royal Square (Novena) And Why I Think Bubble Tea Trumps Fruit Tea

Hi-Fruit royal square novena review

I got tricked into going to Hi-Fruit. He told me we were going to get bubble tea (*YAY* as always) then it turned out the Fave voucher was for fruit tea. Bummer. I’ve only ever bought fruit tea once (from Tea Folia at Bedok Mall when there was a promotion going on, that seemed too good to miss). Allow me to explain why I don’t like drinking fruit tea. By ‘fruit tea’, I mean those fancy-schmancy kinds with actual slices or pieces of fruit suspended in a beverage served in cups like those usually used for bubble tea. Apparently, it’s being sold as being more refreshing and healthier than your regular bubble milk tea. HOWEVER, pay close attention to the fruit that’s going into your drink. Better yet, WATCH the staff at any shop prepare your drink. Do they WASH the fruit and get rid of the pesticide residue?

Do you know which fruits have the most pesticide residue? Well, there’s strawberries at the top of the list, with apples and grapes close behind, for example.

And guess which are the fruits commonly sliced up and put into those fruit teas? 😉

There was this one time we went past a newly-opened fruit tea shop in central Singapore, and we were almost tempted to get some. Till I noticed the staff taking strawberries right out of the box, slicing them and dumping them into the cups without first washing them. Horrified, I ordered bubble milk tea only.

I’m ok with fruit that have inedible peel so go ahead and add watermelon, mango, kiwi, and orange into my fruit tea. But strawberries and the like are an absolute no-no. What would I have to do to get all that pesticide out of my body once it’s ingested?!

At Hi-Fruit, we ordered their Taiwan HongYu Fruit Tea and Taiwan Four Seasons Fruit Tea. They tasted rather similar so I cannot tell you which I prefer. Besides, there was quite a lot of fruit added into the cup. Mainly watermelon, though.

My only grouse is that a short plastic spoon (though it’s a pretty pink) was provided for a tall cup of fruit tea, rendering the spoon useless at retrieving the fruit under all the ice cubes until you’ve finished the entire drink.

Hi-fruit singapore review

And we brought the cups home. After re-using the Tea Folia ones as ‘pencil cases’, I’ve realized these plastic cups are very useful. Because they’re transparent, you’ll always be able to see what’s inside. And the lids keep the dust out. So please don’t throw those cups away! Find a way to give them a new lease of life! 😀

Here’s the menu if you’d like to see what else is on offer at Hi-Fruit:

Hi fruit royal square novena

Hi-Fruit royal square menu


I’m surprised they aren’t more active on social media. It looks like they set up shop in January. Hi-Fruit has 15 followers on their FB page (with the latest post being a 23rd Jan one) and they have 926 followers on Instagram but only 8 posts.

*Another reason I think bubble tea sales will always outstrip that of fruit tea is because it’s less messy to drink bubble tea. Also *ahem ahem* (don’t quote me on this) but you can ‘smuggle’ bubble tea into the cinema and drink it in the “dark”. But with fruit tea, it’s a bit more complicated as you have to remove the lid, and stab the pieces of fruit with that fork. Put simply… too leceh lah. As for the supposedly “healthier” beverage, well, don’t forget about the pesticide.


Book Review: ‘Two Sisters’ (Into The Syrian Jihad) by Åsne Seierstad

Two Sisters by Åsne Seierstad

This book, ‘Two Sisters’, has been described as “riveting”, “gripping”, “intense and compelling”. And it’s true. It’s almost like one of those Harry Potter books which I’d get from a bookstore at the launch and then proceed to read all day and even through the night till I’m done. However, and this is one big ‘HOWEVER’, I feel strangely disappointed. Like ‘I should go ask for a refund’ kind of disappointed. Reading all 411 pages of this book, I wanted to know not just why the two sisters went to Syria but also what happened to them in the end (did they get killed or get back home safely?). The book focuses mainly on the ‘WHY’. And I’m left feeling there’s no closure. Like an itch which cannot be reached yet demands to be scratched, I want to know what happens to the two girls! Urgh! Perhaps there’ll be a sequel to this ‘true story’? 😛

Also, I only realised at the end of the book that “Ayan” and “Leila” are not the real names of the two sisters. It’s like only finding out that Harry Potter’s real name is “(name withheld) Potter” at the end, and I’ve been ‘deceived’ all along. *sigh*

In a nutshell, teenage sisters Ayan and Leila (not their real names) leave their home in Oslo, Norway, in 2013 to travel to Syria. Their father, Sadiq, decides to go after them and try to get them home. Unfortunately, he gets captured and tortured, but eventually escapes. Subsequent attempts to get his daughters home fail, but Sadiq manages to burn through lots of cash in the process. In the end, he’s broke (both financially and in spirit), his daughters are supposedly wives and mothers now, and the family is torn apart as the girls refuse to return and Sadiq can only dream of turning back time and having his life return to what it once was.

So, if you’re wondering why teenage girls would want to head to a warzone and leave their cushy lives with family behind, this book offers some clues. They *may* have naively thought that they would be “fetching water for the sick to working in refugee camps”. 😉 More importantly, you’ll put together the pieces and find out how they got radicalized. It could have started from something as simple as spending “hours on YouTube listening to clerics and preachers”. Eventually, they’d think they are saving their family members from Hell (“If you died as a martyr, you could choose seventy family members to join you in paradise.”) And as the two girls reveal to their family, once they were in Syria and married, there was no need to pay rent or water and electricity bills (the State took care of all that), houses are free, and they received monthly groceries plus money without working at all.

You might wonder why the girls’ parents were so ‘blind’ toward the obvious radicalization happening right under their noses. The girls had started wearing niqabs (causing a headache in school for their teachers and Principal), and even cut out their pictures from family albums (to prevent outsiders from seeing them uncovered)! Based on the things they were sharing on social media, their parents, teachers and friends should have been alarmed and promptly put a stop to things. But they didn’t. The mothers in the community even paid for an extremist (though they didn’t know it at that time) Koran teacher called Mustafa to come teach their kids.

In the end, before leaving, Ayan bought lots of things but didn’t pay the bills, signed up for multiple mobile subscriptions (sold the phones and SIM cards) and raised money for the trip to Syria. This refusal to pay the bills was even viewed as “economic jihad”.

Interestingly enough, when her father needed money, he had questionable ways of raising it too, such as by selling ‘fake news’ to journalists, who ended up printing what he had supplied. In return, Sadiq received thousands of Norwegian kroner.



I can’t say I didn’t raise an eyebrow or two at a certain part of the book, where a text ‘Defense of the Muslim Lands’ was referenced’…

“The unclean have duped the dull masses of Muslims by installing their wooden-headed puppets as false figureheads of states that remain under their control.”

*cough cough*

And this next portion made me think that ISIS may have done lots of questionable, if not horrific, things but they’ve at least got something right:

“Although cigarettes were not forbidden in the Koran, they were deemed haram by ISIS and looked on as a form of “slow suicide” and pure pleasure. ISIS came down hard on people smoking on the sly, even in their own homes, and flogging was the usual punishment. Selling or smuggling was worse.” (p215)

*clap clap*

By the end of the book, you’ll probably come to the realization that the initial question of “Why would someone go to Syria and join ISIS?!” has become a simpler one – “Why not?”

Dim Sum Haus: Unpretentious, Good Dim Sum Worthy Of A Second Visit

Dim Sum Haus Singapore

Being more financially savvy and with a good nose for sniffing out bargains, he’d found a Fave (a.k.a. Groupon) deal for Dim Sum Haus. And when he told me we’re going to Dim Sum Haus, I’d heard ‘Dim Sum House’. When I finally saw the signboard above the shop, I have to admit I thought it was trying too hard to be ‘atas’ and reeked of pretentiousness. Why the ‘Haus’? German dim sum, is it? 😛 Thankfully, the dim sum was good and not too pricey either, so I’m guessing we’ll be back again soon. Though he did leave me with this warning of sorts – “It’s usually not as good the second time round” – to which I nodded because that has generally been our experience with lots of F&B establishments here that we only got to know of because of Fave. *So here’s a big caveat: I’ve only been to Dim Sum Haus just this once, so I cannot vouch for the consistency. If I do visit them again, you’ll read about it on this blog. 😀

Dim Sum Haus Jalan Besar

(*According to urbandictionary.com, ‘haus’ can also mean you’re “really really ridiculously good at something”. Ok fine, I’d give them that)

Though the place wasn’t crowded when we visited at lunchtime yesterday, the food took a while to be served. We had time to take turns visiting the washroom (*which was clean*), plus help ourselves to the free iced water and chili sauce + ginger slices.

dim sum haus review

Served first was the century egg and lean meat congee. I don’t know if it’s a sign of old age. I never really liked congee as a *ahem* young person but now I find it so comforting. And when it’s really tasty, it’s such a treat! Some places have awful congee. But Dim Sum Haus’ version is pretty good. I love how the dough fritter slices have been fried to a crisp. Even after ‘soaking’ in the congee, they don’t lose that crisp which adds such lovely texture to a spoonful of (well) mushy congee. It’s delicious too, with just the right amount of chopped up century egg and shredded lean meat.

We each had a bowl of congee, and then we shared the dim sum among us, starting with the ‘steamed Malay sponge cake’. Light, fluffy, sweet and warm, it’s like ‘D*mn, I could get used to eating dim sum for lunch everyday!’ 😀

dim sum haus jln besar

best dim sum in singapore

The har gau, siew mai, ‘steamed crystal skin prawn dumpling with spinach’ were firm and delicious. The honey BBQ pork bun was decent. The tarts were ok (I do still prefer the famous ones from Chinatown).

But what was both surprising and delightful was the dessert. I’ve probably mentioned this a thousand times but dessert, to me, has the power to ‘make or break’ a meal. And dessert at Dim Sum Haus is köstlich.

dim sum haus dessert review

The watercress honey ice jelly was amazing. I did like it a little more than I did their ‘sweetened mango sago with pomelo’. I’d totally order the watercress honey ice jelly again next time! 😀


Address: 57 Jalan Besar. Opening hours: (Tues to Fri) 11.30am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 10.30pm. (Sat / Sun) 10.30am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 10.30pm. Closed every Monday!

Tel: 69090777

*Right now (23rd March 2018), I see 3 Fave deals for Dim Sum Haus: there’s a $60 voucher you can get for either $36 (weekday dining) or $42 (weekend). Also, there’s the $10.90 per person set which we went for during this visit.

If you’re not into purchasing vouchers and prefer paying full price for your meal, haha, there’s also a $1 siew mai promotion (only in March) that you’ll be eligible for:

dim sum haus promotion

[Image from Dim Sum Haus’ FB page]

*Sigh* now I’m hungry again… (@_@)


Recently, I’ve been impulsive enough to grab a pair of scissors and cut off a tangled mass of hair at the back of my head. That tangle, which I just could not straighten out no matter what I did, possibly formed due to two reasons: my hair’s getting pretty long now and I do not use conditioner diligently. Cutting it all off was probably not the wisest thing to do since I already have thinning hair to begin with. Then I heard from trusted pals that they have tried the treatment trial at PHS HAIRSCIENCE® and liked it, so I thought it’d be good to check out the place myself, and it’ll be even better if the company can help me with my hair woes.

So I popped by the PHS HAIRSCIENCE® CAPSULE at Bedok Mall to try their new Miracle Stem Cell Solution treatment trial which targets this (very common!) problem of hair fall / hair thinning. Interestingly, I found that together with their shampoo and home care kit, my hair’s a lot more manageable. If you have similar issues with hair loss and/or greying hair, read on till the end of this blogpost where you can take part in my giveaway as the good people at PHS HAIRSCIENCE® want to invite you for a treatment trial too!

I had washed my hair at home before heading (pun fully intended) to PHS HAIRSCIENCE® yet the scalp scan revealed some rather scary images (you’ll see in the video below). The consultants shared with me that there’s a lot of blockage. Apparently, my scalp has not been routinely cleansed properly so the follicles got clogged, and hair which falls out (naturally) is not replaced by new hair growth. Where there should be two to three strands of hair, there’s either only one or none. No wonder my hair looks like it’s thinning out!

So one of the consultants, Yumi, shared with me some tips which I’ve since implemented: 1) Washing my hair just once a day but double cleansing each time, 2) not tying my hair too tightly, 3) using conditioner diligently, 4) applying a hair mask once a week, and 5) exfoliating my scalp with their signature ADV Elixir.

And after experiencing the MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION treatment trial, I was blown away by the second round of scalp scans – my scalp looked so healthy and clean (as you’ll see in the video below).

So what’s this treatment they did for me?

The MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION was developed by Korean bio-scientists, trichologists (hair and scalp specialists) and dermatologists. It contains 100 active botanical ingredients including 9 growth factors, peptides (short chains of amino acids) and cytokines (proteins) which are scientifically proven to be effective in reviving dormant hair follicles so new hair growth results can be expected as early as two months, and can even treat advanced hair loss (Stages 5 and 6) without the need for needles!


The in-store treatment takes approximately 45 minutes only so it’s great for busy individuals. I’ve put together a quick video clip of the treatment session I’ve gone for so you can see what’s in-store when you pop by PHS HAIRSCIENCE® CAPSULE outlets at Bedok Mall or Parkway Parade:

And the home care kit is easy to use – just apply the stem cell activators onto your scalp. Based on the current condition of your hair and scalp, the consultants will recommend a home care regimen for you. Mine involved the Thickening Activators:


*PROMO PRICE* Get a special promotional price of $58 (usual price $398) for a trial
MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION Hair Loss or Grey Reversal treatment session when you quote “Grace Tan”. Visit https://goo.gl/K3XtXx to book an appointment or call 66920662. Valid from now till 15 June 2018 for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, E/S Pass Holders above 21 years of age.


*GIVEAWAY* 3 lucky winners will each WIN a MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION trial treatment session and products from PHS HAIRSCIENCE®.

#1: ‘Like’ my giveaway post on Facebook, and PHS HAIRSCIENCE® Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PHSHAIRSCIENCE/)

#2: ‘Share’ my giveaway post

#3: Fill in this contact form to receive updates and the winner notification email:

This contest ends on 27th March 2018.

School Holiday Kids Workshops: The Dimple Loft by Actress Joanne Peh

The Dimple Loft by Joanne Peh

I’ve only just spotted this on Instagram today: actress Joanne Peh has been keeping busy during the recent March school holidays with workshops for kids aged 18 months all the way to 6 years old! Her company, The Dimple Loft (how cute!), aims to “combine the filmic arts with the Reggio pedagogy, that is child-centered and constructivist.” At this point, I’m regretting my decision to ‘Google’ the meaning of constructivism. (@_@) I think, put simply (and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), that it’s about letting young kids explore, offering them opportunities to find out how they learn best, and allowing them that space to reflect on what they’ve experienced.

There are currently 3 kinds of workshops at The Dimple Loft – dates have not been updated to reflect (any) upcoming workshops:

The Dimple Loft workshops

For the really young ones (18 months to 4 years old), the 2-hour workshop with a half-hour break cost $65 per child. And each child may be accompanied by 1 parent. Participants get to enjoy “painting, printmaking, mask-making, drawing, collage, colouring”. Good time to discover young Picassos, I suppose! 😀

Likewise, for the 2 to 4 year olds (accompanied by the parents), they will learn about “painting, printmaking, drawing, collage, colouring and sound design”.

For the 5 and 6 year olds, it’s a 3-day camp (total of 9 hours) that cost $375 per child. Kids will “explore and learn how to use different materials and art forms to design, create and tell stories using numbers.” *And parents are supposed to drop off their kids for the programme, and leave them in the hands of the Dimple Loft crew. I’m guessing that many have relished the opportunity to have some ‘me time’. 😀


Obviously, I’ve not been to any of the workshops mentioned above, and neither have I been paid nor asked to promote them. I just think that Joanne and her hubby have been doing something right by keeping their kids out of the public eye, instead of ‘milking’ that youth, innocence and cuteness for ka-ching, social media likes, and added publicity.

I’ve also spotted Joanne at a book warehouse sale previously, and I couldn’t help noticing that while she was friendly and obliging about photo requests, she seemed to keep an ever-vigilant eye out for people taking photos at the warehouse, who might somehow snap pictures of her two kids who were with her. *I really was just taking pictures of the books on sale! 😀 Her daughter seemed very vocal, full of energy (aren’t they all), and expressive. I’m guessing Joanne is quite the hands-on mother. And now, whatever she has learnt about educating the young ones, you can get access to by sending your kiddo to her ‘school’. 🙂

Book Review: ‘Somebody I used to know’ by Wendy Mitchell

somebody I used to know by wendy mitchell

Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with early-onset dementia at the age of 58 and her memoir ‘Somebody I used to know’ helps readers understand a little better what it is like to be living with dementia. Sure, it freaks me out – suddenly not recognizing where I am nor remembering why I’m in a certain place would be really scary – but it offers hope too, in that there are different stages so you have some time to implement certain coping strategies.

For instance, Wendy uses technology to help her out – reminders to eat her meals and take her medication, for remembering birthdays, GPS tracking so her daughters know where she is, etc. And Post-it notes deserve special mention too as they have been so useful to her as reminders of where she is and what she needs to take with her (especially when she travels for conferences and such).

I’m really impressed by how she insists on having her daughters be her daughters (only), and not her carers. All too often, Asian parents expect their children, like insurance policies, to pay them back in times of sickness or in their old age. I’ve even heard of people who do not get married because they need to take care of aged or ill parents. I’m of the opinion that should I have children, I won’t want them to wipe my bum or wheel me around when I’ve lost my mobility. They have their own lives to lead as well.

Wendy sees the ‘silver lining’ too. For example, she can watch a show multiple times and be entertained the same as she doesn’t remember the plot or how it ends.


One big takeaway from reading this book is that people living with dementia may not remember people, places or events very well but they’ll remember how they felt during the interaction. So make them feel welcome, supported, appreciated and loved. And you can count on them to remember those feelings. 🙂

Also, Wendy has a blog over at whichmeamitoday.wordpress.com. Go check it out! 🙂

Guschlbauer’s FREE Devil Cheese Buns Draw Crowds at Waterway Point

guschlbauer singapore

Located right outside Din Tai Fung at level 1 of Waterway Point, Guschlbauer’s first day of giveaways received a warm welcome from Punggolians. It drew long queues for their free Devil Cheese Buns; some 500 pieces to be given out daily from 9th to 11th March. Since it’s the first day of the giveaway today, naturally I wanted to be there to find out just how yummy this cheese bun from the Austrian bakery brand is. I’ve heard some people say it’s really famous overseas so it was a good opportunity to find out just what the fuss is all about.

I joined the queue at 10.20am and there were probably some 40+(?) people ahead of me in the queue. There were elderly folks (I wonder how they knew about this since I’ve only seen the news about the giveaway shared on FB) and many families with children. The giveaway was supposed to start at 10am but there was evidently a delay (and no explanation from the company) so I heard a few people grumbling and saying “they should have prepared the buns in advance”. Singaporeans will complain about everything. Even a delay in the handing out of freebies.

I reached the head of the queue only at about 11.20am, so that was a full hour standing in line. But it was not a waste of time as I was reading yet another book I’ll be reviewing soon. 🙂

Ahead of me, there was a lady carrying her young son (he looked like he was about 2 years old) and when it was her turn, she requested for an additional bun for the boy. The Guschlbauer staff, whom I’ve seen give out free buns to kids even younger than this boy, told the lady that kids young enough to be carried won’t get a bun. And her reason was that there are (still) many people standing in line. The lady immediately put the boy down, insisted that he could walk and therefore should receive a bun too. Little kiddo probably felt the situation was getting tense and promptly burst into tears. The staff called the manager to come over and the result was the same. The lady walked away with just one bun for herself.

I’m guessing she won’t be back. 😉 Just give the kid the bun lah. They’ve been queuing for an hour. 😛


guschlbauer waterway point

Another thing I noted was that while staff were slathering the cream cheese onto the buns, not all of them wore masks. Their caps also did not contain their fringe and stray hairs so I’m guessing the caps are just more of a fashion accessory or for corporate branding, and not very relevant for hygiene and safety when it comes to handling food. Good that they were all wearing gloves though.

guschlbauer devil cheese bun


Biting into the bun, I taste some saltiness first, then sweet and finally a slightly sour taste hits me. Was it the cream cheese? I have no idea. It’s a good thing that it’s not another one of those castella cakes. It tastes nothing like what you’ll find at BreadTalk. If you like trying ‘new’ food items that taste different from what you’re used to, go ahead and grab one of these.

Each of these cheese buns will retail at $5.80. I do consider the price a little steep. So I’ll enjoy it while it’s free, thank you very much! 😀


If you’re someone who loves to bake, you can even make your own cheese buns at home:


And if you’re too lazy uninspired to bake, and prefer something less pricey, try Nam Kee Pau’s char siew pau. It costs just 90 cents but is delicious! The stall has long queues throughout the day too! Located just next to Old Chang Kee and very near to the MRT station! *Their pork porridge CMI though. Seriously. Just go for the pau.

nam kee pau waterway point

Book Review: ‘A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea’ by Melissa Fleming

a hope more powerful than the sea

This is one book I’d agree is exceptionally well-written, and reading the author’s note about the list of people she has to thank, you’re left with very little wonder why. While this book is based on a true story, it’s not about the life of the angmoh, Melissa Fleming. Instead, it’s about a young Syrian woman called Doaa Al Zamel. Doaa’s family had to flee from Syria because of the war, and while Egypt appeared to be welcoming at the start, things soon changed. Doaa and her fiancé decided to try and get to Sweden with the help of some smugglers (I’d call them thugs with lousy boats, really) then send for the rest of her family. Unfortunately, some of those thugs decided to sink the vessel and have the refugees (some 500 of them) drown in the sea. And like a scene from the ‘Titanic’, Doaa, who’s on a child’s rubber float, watches as her exhausted fiancé relinquishes his grip and sinks into the water. She, however, survives the 4 days floating out at sea, and also looking after two babies that had been left in her care by their family members who knew that they themselves might not survive but hoped the children would be able to.

Indeed, as Melissa Fleming has shared, it’s so much better to focus on one person’s story instead of trying to write about the millions of Syrians who have been displaced, killed or separated from their families.

Doaa’s story is a powerful one. And I think it really helps readers understand that these refugees are people just like us. And I’m grateful for the TED talks and other videos which share more of her story.

TED Talks:

*The average time a refugee will spend in exile is 17 years.*

And if you’re wondering how refugees can be better supported, watch this:


Come to think of it, Doaa is someone who’s truly blessed. For a person who cannot swim, she managed to survive for 4 days out at sea. And while others were dragged down by those who were drowning and grasping at anything and everything, she managed to avoid that same fate. And miraculously, no one tried to take the flotation device away from her – if they had, she would most certainly have perished.

And if not for the two babies left in her care, I’m guessing she would have followed her fiancé to the same watery grave. It would appear that a divine power wanted her to live.

Read this book. There’s both delight and despair in almost equal parts. You’ll be horrified at the ugliness of humanity (the smugglers trying to fleece and then kill the refugees, the citizens who harassed the refugees, the horrors of the civil war). But there’s also hope – one baby died after being rescued but Masa survived. Doaa lost the love of her life but Sweden embraced her and her family. And while many Syrians have died while trying to escape the war, Doaa’s sharing of her story has captured the attention of people in countries which can help.

If you’re unsure about how you can lend a hand, just grab a copy of this book as most of the proceeds will go towards helping the refugees. 🙂

The Pizzerian: Pizzas To Rival Pizza Hut’s, Nuggets Better Than McD’s

the pizzerian review

After a long day at Our Tampines Hub, we had dinner at The PiZZERi人N (yes that’s actually how they spell the word) and it was a gamble that paid off. There was just one other table that was occupied, and we’d never eaten here before nor read any reviews about this pizza place. BUT there was a Fave voucher available so we shared a 14-inch pizza + 2 sides + 2 drinks for $29.90 (before any rebates or promo codes used). The staff were kind enough to allow us our choice of the Hawaiian pizza even though it’s not on the list of pizza options for Fave users. [Hence, free blogpost, yo! :D] And that steaming hot pizza that came fresh out of the oven was very tasty! And the equally hot nuggets were really awesome (best nuggets ever, actually). <- I was thinking about asking where they’d bought their nuggets from, but decided against it ‘cos they might not want to share trade secrets, which would be perfectly understandable.

Totally famished, I forgot to take a picture of the 6 nuggets. So here’s a half-bitten one dripping in chili sauce:

the pizzerian tampines review

The nuggets are golden and crispy on the outside, and juicy within! That’s totally not what you expect from nuggets that very likely just came out of a freezer not too long ago. Next time I’m in Tampines and craving for something deep-fried, I’m heading here for nuggets. And maybe pizza too if I’m up for a 14-inch pizza. 😀

And if you haven’t stopped to wonder why I’d order an entire pizza even if I’m dining alone… here’s why, actually: Once you’ve tasted pizza that’s fresh out of the oven, you really cannot go back to eating pizza sold by the slice and that has been sitting in the display case for a while. <- That’s cold and unappealing. So just order a whole pizza, get it prepared on the spot just for you, and take the remainder home (whatever you cannot finish) and heat it up for your next meal. 😀

The salad’s so-so, and drinks are served chilled but without ice:

the pizzerian review singapore

It was quite an experience, sitting here feasting on our monster-sized pizza while watching a huge group of ladies dance their butts off in the overcrowded Zumba class opposite us. Muahaha!


The Pizzerian has two outlets: Tampines Hub (#B1-K3) and POMO (#01-22).

the pizzerian tampines hub

Bynd Artisan: Customized Notebooks I Can Cherish For Years

bynd artisan notebook price

I didn’t even know there’s a place in Singapore where you can go to for customized notebooks that are wallet-friendly till I won some vouchers recently. So I told my sis that we’re gonna go get some customized notebooks and her initial response was “the paper kind of notebook or the… laptop?” and I laughed. I guess that’s what happens when such a question is posed to a millennial. At Bynd Artisan, you can get a notebook for just $35 – pick out the materials and the colors you like and the ‘master craftsmen’ will put them all together for you.

Pick an add-on like the elastic bands or flaps…

bynd artisan notebook design

Covers: lots of colors and textures to choose from too…

bynd artisan raffles city

I was really tempted by this light blue weave-like texture. I think it’d look perfect with a slightly darker blue elastic band. But eventually, I picked a black cover with a slight shimmer to it, had my name stamped on in rose gold, and I threw in a hot pink elastic band. Such a crazy color combination but I LOVE IT! Muahaha! 😀

bynd artisan notebook cover

One of Bynd Artisan’s staff, Danz (what a cool name), helped take our order for the notebooks. She’s a very sweet lady and so patient. Also, I went around the store taking photos with my compact camera and strangely enough, no one seemed to care. When I got home, I read a few online interviews and found out that the bosses know how important it is to allow customers to take photos so they can spread the word about the business. And the (older) staff have been (re)trained so they now know that it’s perfectly ok for people to take pictures within the shop. That’s really smart. *Until recently, Daiso did not allow people to take photos within their stores so folks had to secretly snap pictures and then post in online forums to share about the wonderful products Daiso carries. But now, Daiso has put up signs welcoming shoppers to take pictures! 😀 I really hope more businesses start allowing photo-taking because hey, it’s free marketing and word-of-mouth marketing is really the best? 😛

bynd artisan notebook customisation


I think $35 is a really good price point for such a product. If it’s $45, for example, I might choose to get a limited edition Moleskine notebook instead. But for $35 and the fun of choosing the materials and design, it’s worth it.

Also, while my sis chose lined paper for her notebook, I picked the weekly schedule one. And I was told that once 2018 is over, I can bring the notebook back and have the paper replaced with the ones for 2019… for something like $10 only? Brilliant!


We visited the Bynd Artisan outlet at Raffles City, #03-24. The other outlets are at Holland Village and Takashimaya. The staff take only about 20 minutes to put together the notebooks so you can even pop by during your lunch break! 🙂