Fujifilm’s Astalift Beauty Workshop: Look Your Best In 18 Minutes This CNY

I went for the Astalift makeup workshop this week and enjoyed it. πŸ˜€ For $15, I had dinner at Typhoon Cafe (#04-63) in Plaza Singapura, learnt about the auspicious colors for this year, and received a goodie bag at the end of the session. πŸ™‚ Well worth that $15 fee, I think. So here’s a quick review. First up, I liked that the session was scheduled for 6.30pm to 8.30pm. In fact, I was the first customer to show up. And I think there were some 49 people who had similarly signed up for the event. And since we paid beforehand to book our seats, it meant the company collected $735 from the sale of tickets. This would help offset the $1000+ I think they paid to Typhoon Cafe (saw the printout which had the dinner menu together with the cost, supposedly, for the venue rental and food).

Upon arrival, I was asked if I would like to take a photo with the product display and post it on IG with their official hashtag, so as to get a set of red packets. HUH? It wasn’t enough to post a picture OF the display, but I had to take a picture WITH it. Too much trouble. Sorry. πŸ˜› (If we were given travel sets or some other premium, maybe…)

Anyway, here’s the display. A little haphazard. Would look nicer with a more CNY theme? Maybe some mandarin oranges or a platter of pineapple tarts? (To emphasize that your lip color stays on even after the feasting?)

As for the food, we had a choice of oyster meesua or san bei chicken (三杯鸑) with rice. I chose the meesua of course, and it kind of blew my mind. Firstly, the oysters are battered and fried and served separately. And there’s black fungus (still with some crunch, instead of being soggy) provided too. And the braised intestines are so good!

Luckily I didn’t order the rice, which I’ll probably not be able to finish. That said, the lady sitting across from me did not finish her meesua! I was rather surprised but didn’t question her. She seemed to have a really terrible cough (but still ordered an icy drink) and I had offered her my Strepsils lozenges for which she was very thankful.

As for the drinks, we had a choice of either apple yoghurt juice or brown sugar soya milk w/red bean. I don’t like red bean in beverages (for buns or mochi, that’s fine but NOT in drinks). And the apple yoghurt drink was, similarly, better than expected. This Typhoon Cafe is pretty good, I’d say.


As can be expected, I took some notes during the session. I’m just going to copy-and-paste them here so if you don’t mind reading my notes, you can go ahead and see if you’ll learn something, ok? The presenter was a Mr Jason Wong, Astalift’s Regional Trainer who also happens to be a former Bio-med engineer.

There were 2 makeup demos. With the same ‘model’ called Olivia. Because the first makeup look was not removed before the second was done, she had so much color / product on her face at the end, it was just too much for me to look at. (@_@)


1934: Fuji Photo Film Co Ltd was established
2007: Astalift

Flarosso codevped by fujifilm japan and makeup experts in italy

japse makeup is nvr cheap. so gd but not enuf makeup artists using cos cheaper alt

spotlighting effect look gd in any lighting
clear-coloring effect easy to apply n blend. no mess
3D effect. diff angles diff colors e.g. on eyes

2020 lucky colors
white peace
blue health (water)
yellow (prestige earth)
orange wealth metal
red luck fire

blue plus yellowΒ  green success (wood)

light beige bb cream. brings out features
concealer lighten spots n color correct
(under eye)
*dont use sponge to spread. use ring finger to pile on
loose powder holds makeup a lot better. tho usually not necess after bb cream. use puff to conceal more. otherwise brush

brown 1 and brown 2 brow colors. brow shd be lighter than hair color. otherwise looks fierce. no sharpening needed.

use brush to pick up pigment from pencil and brush on. lighter on the inner corner.

zigzag to pick up color. picks up more and wun cause a dent in ur palette. windscreen wiper mthod.

moss green – sponge applicator – face upwards prevents fallout onto face. impt esp when smoky eye. dun want it all over face

waterproof but can remove with normal cleanser. sweat resistant

metallic brown

coral and pink blush
coral festive cny. 2sec for blush

astalift lip cream to moisturize. always sold out. edible sun protection. asthaxanthin. safe sunblock for ur lips

highlighter whole face.


Here’s the doorgift or goodie bag, which we had to collect downstairs at Astalift’s store, located across from Sephora:

The stuff inside:

I’m not sure why we were given brochures and stuff all in Japanese. A waste of paper resources though I did put mine in the recycling bin.

And, as you’d probably have guessed, we were offered special prices for purchases that evening. And here are the notes I took:

puma eyebrow. $32. 35% off $20.80
green palette gold palette
$65. $42.25
flarosso lip $46Β  $29.90
f. luci highlighter (gold/pink) $55 $35.75
blush $55 1-for-1 (beige for contouring)

25% off storewide
across from sephora
35% off makeup brushes bb cream (6hrs after application still moisturizing)

new astalift facials
$180 gets u pwd brush (worth $77) natural goat hair.
brushes hand assembled. every strand of hair handselected n placed

$480 meyer chopper n blender

accelerated skin rejuvenation (face) treatment. cool not hot like laser treatments.
1 free mini service:
scalp msg
eye therapy
cryo-therapy (reduce surface temp ofΒ  skin)
$138 20min 1 session
$39 for first time cust


I think the prices are pretty steep, especially for the facial treatments. For a brand that doesn’t really splurge as much on commercials (unlike, say, SK-II), I’m not sure people hear or read enough about the brand to want to fork out, for example, $55 for the blush.

Would be nice to have product testers at each table so we can ‘play’ with the products while the demo is happening. ‘Cos at the end of the session, I just wanted to quickly find their store, grab the goodie bag, and head for the train station. Won’t be keen to speak with the consultants, test some products or even buy anything. You have 2 hours to get me hooked on whatever it is you’re selling, and then I’m out.

Since this is their first workshop in something like 2 years, I believe the next one should be a lot better. πŸ˜‰

Review: Teeth Whitening At Massive Aesthetics (Riverside Point)

I reached Riverside Point about 45 minutes ahead of my appointment on Thursday. And I found that Massive Aesthetics was indeed within a shop with the name ‘Beauticove’ at #02-05/6. There were 2 female receptionists seated behind the counter. The shorter one looked smiley and friendly while the taller one is all ripped jeans and attitude. Tall lady tells me, somewhat annoyed, that the person I’m supposed to meet isn’t here yet. I take that as my cue to get out and come back later.

So I took a seat outside Harry’s, which was closed during lunchtime, and watched boats go by serenely on the Singapore River. πŸ™‚ Also, it was a good chance to finish up my Ten Ren’s Tea (bubble tea) purchased at Chinatown Point. I figured I’d have to drink less tea after the teeth whitening session so I might as well indulge beforehand. Same rationale behind going for a buffet just before commencing your dieting plans. πŸ˜€

I reach before 2.15pm and the ‘therapist’ was still missing. The tall receptionist placed a clipboard with a questionnaire on the counter WITHOUT A PEN and told me to fill it in. I also watch her signaling to a customer who has just stepped out the front door to come back as she has some final instructions to impart. Safe to say I don’t think she’ll be receiving any sort of ‘Best Receptionist’ or ‘Best Customer Service’ award any time soon.

I check my phone and see that an SMS has come in – from Amanda who is stuck in a “traffic jam” and would like me to come by at 2.25pm. Erm… but my appointment is for 2.15pm and I don’t want to head back to Harry’s. πŸ˜€

There is a steady stream of female customers though. I think Beauticove serves as some sort of aggregator for service providers – maybe massage, facial, waxing, etc? (It’s already 2.26pm)

A pretty lady with a black Chanel bag comes in and is directed by the receptionist to a room. I think she gets undressed in there? Receptionist goes in too and spends a few minutes in there – maybe 5? Then receptionist and pretty lady both come out and the receptionist asks for payment and pretty lady hands over her Nets card as instructed. I was so confused. What went on in the room? And what’s she paying for?

Amanda arrives at 2.33pm. She smells strongly of cigarettes so I wonder if she was perhaps caught up in a smoke break instead of a traffic jam. In any case, her shoulders and biceps seem *sorry* massive. So I don’t comment about the cigarette smell.

It’s a tiny room…

When she came close to me, to apply the gum protector, insert the retractor(?) and apply the whitening gel, it was a bit uncomfortable for me. I guess I shouldn’t have booked an appointment during the rainy season when smokers need more smoke breaks than usual.

I like that protective glasses are provided, with a piece of tissue for hygiene purposes. However, I suspect she may have applied the whitening gel onto my teeth with her bare fingers (I was wearing the glasses so I couldn’t see) but when her hands were on both of my cheeks to guide me into facing the right direction, I could feel the warmth of her fingers on my skin. So… no gloves, I guess.

And she worked on probably only 12 of my teeth:

At one point, she used some sort of instrument to probe my gums. Did cause a bit of pain, discomfort and shock.

There were supposed to be 3 rounds of gel + light treatment. But after 2 rounds, Amanda says she’ll help clean me up. I could hear her customers chatting with her outside so I wasn’t surprised. Because she had showed up late, but her customers were all on time or early, my treatment time was cut short.

I’m told my teeth look a little discolored with uneven patches but that it’ll sort itself out in a couple of days. (True) Also, Amanda says 1 treatment is never enough. I may need 1 to 2 more. And that she’ll message me later in the evening – but she didn’t.

Ok. No hard-selling then.

3.19pm: I am out. There are no instructions as to what to avoid eating or drinking, and basically no after-care.

There’s no gum sensitivity (which is what I’m afraid of), no pain after the treatment (which is good), though I don’t think I will be back. Better to get whitening professionally done at a proper dentist’s office. Back in 2014, I had teeth whitening done at i.Dental and the results were stunning.

This time, my treatment at Massive Aesthetics was booked using a Fave deal (with the 11.11 promo, it cost just $7.70!) BUT I did let Amanda know beforehand that I’d be blogging about the session. Gave her my blog address as well. And she did still show up late, smelling of cigarettes. So she probably isn’t impressed with bloggers.

I’ll also do myself a favor and not go for cheap teeth whitening sessions from now on even if the Facebook reviews (for other services by Amanda) are good.

TANSAN MAGIC: Soda Spa Foam, Sparkling Beauty Hair, Dental Spa

I first tried Tansan Magic’s Soda Spa Foam when I was on holiday in JB (remember Puteri Pacific?) and fell in love with that grapefruit-like fragrance. What I did not know then was how much I’d like Tansan Magic’s other products, such as their Dental Spa, too! So in this blogpost, I’ll share about 3 of the products in the range – the Soda Spa Foam, Sparkling Beauty Hair and Dental Spa. You can find the products on Qoo10: they’re all priced affordably between $30 and $50.

First up, the Soda Spa Foam:

How To Use: Shake the cannister, press down on the nozzle head to release the foam. Apply it to 5 points on your face – forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Then spread the foam out evenly. (I’d usually apply it on my neck area too!) Leave it on for 5 minutes or more then wash it off. Both men and women can use this. My darling likes the scent too, and he says the foam feels cool on his face but warmer around his neck. I find that the lines on his face are less obvious after using the product just twice.

As for me, the skin on my face is thinner so I actually feel that when the foam’s working its magic, it’s actually warm. Now, the Soda Spa Foam is unique because it contains 8000ppm of Carbon Dioxide extracted from the Japanese onsen (hot springs) and the product helps combat signs of aging, cleanses clogged pores (which could be the reason I have pimples), tightens your pores, removes harmful chemical residue from the usage of sunblock, sunscreen, foundation and other make-up products. Also, I’ve read that “the natural carbon dioxide in the Soda Spa Foam regenerates corroded skin cells because it is rich in anti-oxidants”.

Had an angry-looking pimple that looked less obvious in the ‘after’ pic:

tansan magic soda spa foam

Use it once every 2 days before bedtime! πŸ™‚

You can also watch this video by the NinjaGirls to find out more about the Soda Spa Foam:


As for this next product – the Dental Spa – I really love it because it is super effective in ridding the mouth of unpleasant smells. You know I love durian, but I hate durian breath. It’s even worse than garlic breath after a meal of chicken rice! Darling and I had durians at our pal’s home recently and yes, while Mao Shan Wang smells lovely in the husk / box, it is terrible for your breath. And Dental Spa, which is a food grade product, takes just 1 minute to work!

There are 30 sachets in each box:

Open the sachet, pour the contents into your mouth and move the granules around your mouth as if you’re gargling mouthwash. The granules interact with your saliva to form a foam. After a minute, you can either swallow it (food grade, remember?) or spit it out. And durian breath is gone!

Yes, I know that not everyone will be eating durian but the possibilities are endless. We could be going hiking, for instance, and we may not want to use our precious bottles of water for brushing our teeth but still want to maintain good oral hygiene, then this product is a godsend. Each sachet weighs just 1 gram, which is next to nothing. People who have to meet customers often, such as salespeople, should keep these sachets in their bags to ensure they have fresh breath always. Also, if you’re confined to bed-rest after an operation, for instance, then this product will save you the trips to the bathroom to brush your teeth.

I’d highly recommend you try this product! Especially if you have been indulging in durian but can’t stand having durian breath. This works better than brushing your teeth!


As for the Sparkling Beauty Hair, I like it because it’s a leave-in conditioner. I’ve cut my hair short recently because the weather has been insanely hot and also because I want to be rid of tangled hair. Unfortunately, my chin-length hair has somehow also managed to get tangles. So it’s not true that you don’t need conditioner if you have “short” hair.

This product smells somewhat similar to the Soda Spa Foam but the texture is more like that of a mousse. I like it because it acts as a hair fragrance product too, besides the obvious benefit of preventing and eradicating tangles.


There are other products in the Tansan Magic range so feel free to check them out on Qoo10. These three above are definitely worth purchasing. If you’d like to ask me which one to buy first, I’d recommend the pink cannister – the Soda Spa Foam. Simply because you can use it for your face and for your scalp. πŸ™‚

For more information, visit: https://www.tansanmagic-sg.com/

2-Hour Full Body Massage at RM48 / SGD16: JA Skin Solution in JB

JA Skin Solution Taman Century

If you’re heading over to JB and you’d like a full body massage, manicure or pedicure, one place you can consider is JA Skin Solution at 114 Jalan Harriman Tarum, Taman Century. It’s located along the main road so if you’re going to Taman Sentosa (ε€§ι©¬θŠ±ε›­) for food, or shopping at Plaza Pelangi, you can drop by JA first. We actually found this place via Fave a.k.a. Groupon (*you can change the ‘location’ portion and see the deals in Malaysia while you’re still in SG). There was also a RM9.60 promo cashback with a promo code applied. So the actual price we paid for this was SGD12.80 per pax. Of course, there was the offer of top-ups before the treatment commenced:

JA Skin Solution pricing

I picked the detox essential oil, which was supposed to be lemongrass – can’t say I really smelled it during the treatment though. I took it to be a ‘tip’ for the staff. Yes, the lady with the really long nails you see in this picture above did the treatment for me.

Within the room, the furnishing is sparse. And you’ll probably notice the peeling paint below…

JA Skin Solution JB review

I like the lymphatic massage. It started off with a back scrub, then (cool) steaming, then the massage and finally there’s a ‘mask’ applied all over. Of course, a shower right after was necessary…

JA Skin Solution JB

The shower stall with peeling paint on the wall

I think this outlet may require renovation. The peeling paint on the walls can be quite an eyesore. Other than that, the floor’s pretty clean, especially since customers and staff are supposed to walk around barefoot. The area near the entrance, where manicures and pedicures are done, is nicely furnished.

Regular prices: Express mani / pedi are at RM20 and RM28 respectively. Facial treatments cost anything from RM119 to RM450, and massages from RM128.


JA Skin Solution

114, Jalan Harriman Tarum, Taman Century, 80250 JB, Johor

Review: Hada Labo Surprise Box (Really Worth Buying!)

Hada Labo Surprise Box

December was truly a month full of surprise boxes, and I’m not referring to Christmas presents (that’s for another upcoming blogpost!) I’ve already shown you what’s in the Etude House surprise box and Hysses surprise box. Now it’s time for another of my favorites: The Hada Labo Surprise Box. It costs just $29.90 but has over $106 worth of goodies within.

  • 2 x Care Cera High Moisturising Body Foam Wash (450ml) Exp: 30/09/20
  • Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel SPF30 PA+++ (110g) Exp: 31/10/20
  • Sunplay After Sun Gel (200g) Exp: 09/2020
  • Hada Labo Lotion (170ml) Exp:06/2021
  • Hada Labo Hydrating Light Cream (50g) Exp: 08/2019
  • Mentholatum Lip Pure (4g) Exp: 11/2021

I like that they don’t stuff soon-to-expire items into these surprise boxes. There are boxes from some brands which really amaze me with their generosity. Take this Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion, for instance, which already retails at $22.90. It’s in this box which costs just $29.90. Madness, isn’t it? *ahem* I mean… isn’t it awesome? If you’ve managed to get your hands on one of them, consider yourself terribly lucky! πŸ˜€

You might be concerned about what to do with items that you don’t really use but come in the surprise boxes. Well, you can sell them off on Carousell and probably earn enough to pay for this box. Alternatively, you can wrap it up and gift them away during Christmas. XD

I do love online shopping but yes it does create a lot of wastage especially with the boxes the items come in, the packaging materials (bubble wrap and whatnot) and when there are so many items that you forget about some of them and they expire and have to be thrown away. Perhaps I should challenge myself to forego online shopping for a month or two. It’ll be insanely tough but worth a try. (@_@)


What’s In The Etude House Surprise Box? :D

etude house surprise box

I don’t usually buy stuff from ETUDE HOUSE, so I’m truly taking this 12.12 opportunity to grab a beauty box from the brand and see if I like their products. When this box was delivered, my first impression was wow, this box is pretty! This surprise box contains 6 items. If you’d placed your order on Shopee on 6th Dec, the box should be in your hands now. Yes, Shopee has totally gone one-up on Lazada and launched their mystery boxes way ahead of 12.12. And what I really LOVE is (1) you get to set reminders so your phone buzzes 3 minutes before the box you’re eyeing goes on sale, (2) you can ‘chope’ it first and pay or cancel the order later, and (3) it’s infinitely easier to grab a popular box via Shopee. (I’ve already grabbed a Laneige one, which is on the way to my home). πŸ˜€

So what’s in the ETUDE HOUSE box? Don’t be fooled by the number of items below. The 3 brow pencils and pencil liner are my separate purchases but which came in the same box. πŸ˜€ I believe in throwing out makeup products regularly because they accumulate bacteria. Even if they aren’t used up yet, when it’s time to change them, it’s time to change them. πŸ˜‰

Here’s what the box comes with:

TRUE relief Moist Cream 80ml

Any Cushion Color Corrector 14g (Lavender refill)


BIG COVER Concealer Cushion 5g

Dear Darling Tint

Satin Fit Eyes

etude house surprise box review

The box of 6 items cost just S$29 with free delivery. Well worth the pricetag, I’d say. πŸ™‚

I don’t know who came up with the idea of surprise boxes but so far, it’s been fabulous.

If you’d love to get your hands on a surprise box from your favorite brand, do check out Shopee. Get $10 off your first purchase by using my code THEGR226. πŸ™‚

Beauty Hope: Meridian Bo Jin Facial Review

beauty hope waterloo

I have to be dragged to facial treatments because I don’t particularly enjoy them (especially the extraction process… OMG) and you will never know what the therapists apply onto your face. As a female pal told me once, these therapists may point to the shiny bottles and jars in their cabinets and say that’s the branded stuff that’s going onto your face. But once the lights are dimmed and your eyes are closed, who’s to know what exactly they apply for you? So it was with a little bit of trepidation, buoyed by reading the (likely sponsored) online reviews of Beauty Hope, that we popped by Waterloo Centre. The staff wear floral headbands and seem pretty friendly, so I saw that as a good sign.

I find the notices pasted everywhere “for gentlemen” quite hilarious too! πŸ˜€

beauty hope review

Their notices for the gentlemen are everywhere. I suppose the staff get many indecent proposals.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the treatment ‘room’, which was basically just a partitioned corner, was that the bedding seems a little worn out. But everything appeared to be clean, at least.

However, the sound-proofing was non-existent. I could very clearly hear the client + therapist speaking on the other side of the partition (not wall). They were talking about someone’s husband having an affair, and after the gossip was over, they chatted about their height and weight and who supposedly looks younger / lighter than whom. *eye roll*

The facial treatment itself wasn’t too bad, though the product sometimes got into my nostrils or between my lips. Otherwise, the therapist (whom I’m guessing is Malaysian based on the accent) was gentle enough.

And the effects last for about 2 to 3 days, and not the 7 they promised. Basically you get cleaner and brighter skin for a couple of days. And without the extraction, there’s no reddening and no pain as well.

~ But the ‘sales’ portion was a bit troubling ~

What I found most mind-boggling was that I thought I’d given them an objection they cannot counter, when I said the facial is good but the soundproofing is horrid. Wait, scratch that. There’s zero soundproofing.

Yet they still insisted on having us pay something. Whether it was $880, half of that, $100 and eventually even $30. I hate desperation. Don’t you?

And I think it’s also a rather sly move to have the two therapists who’d done the facials for us be the ones to sell us something too. I find it much easier to turn down someone who had done nothing for me, such as a sales consultant who has been sitting out there at the front desk the entire time.

Would I go back to Beauty Hope? NO.

Would I recommend you visit them? Yes. Why? If you are there for treatments, it is fine. Say if you have a problem with sagging skin, or need help with weight loss, or if you simply need a listening ear ‘cos you need to rant, this place seems right for that.

If you want to have a relaxing facial and massage session and bliss out on the bed, and catch up on much-needed sleep, then this probably isn’t the place for you. But otherwise, I think the service is good, the therapists are quite skilled, and the prices are not too expensive.

Get Your New Hair Color At This Japanese Hair Salon in Singapore

Belleza De Midori

[ Images courtesy of Belleza De Midori ]

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between the hairstyles and hair colors favored by Japanese ladies versus Singaporean ladies? Do you know how to pick the right shade to match your complexion and how to help that color last a little longer? We posed these questions and more to two of the stylists at Belleza De Midori, a Japanese hair salon located in Velocity at Novena Square. If you’ve read the previous blogpost, you’ll know that together with fellow blogger Tiffany, I got a new hairdo at this salon.

Yuan (pictured below) was the stylist who gave Tiffany a new hair color (or perhaps I should say ‘colors’ as there were three). He patiently explained which of the Hoyu hair colors would suit her complexion, provide a chic and natural look, and still look good even when her hair gets longer and she hasn’t done any touch-ups.

japanese salon singapore

Top 3 Tips From The Stylists At Belleza De Midori:

#1: Pick a hairstyle and hair color that suits your lifestyle. Do you lead a hectic lifestyle and often fail to have enough time in the morning to tong your hair properly? Choose a simpler and easier-to-manage hairstyle. For a more natural look, have your stylist pick a color that suits your complexion.

#2: Use color shampoos if you want your new hair color to last a little longer. Your regular scalp or treatment shampoos have harsher chemicals compared to color shampoos, so you’ll find that these harsh chemicals strip your hair of its new color a lot faster.

#3: Wait for a month before changing your hair color (again). Give your hair and scalp some time to rest before getting yet another hair color. Unless you need regular hair color changes for work (maybe you’re a model?) or if the previous stylist did a bad job of coloring your hair, it’s advisable to stick with your new hair color for at least a month before thinking of changing it.


Yuan is a stylist from Malaysia, who has been working here in Singapore for almost 7 years. Yusaku is Japanese and has spent more than a decade working as a hair stylist in Japan, Australia and now, Singapore! Tiffany and I asked them some questions and you’ll see a snippet in the video below.

And if you’ve not watched the previous video, here it is:


~ Ready for a new hairstyle / look? ~

I’d highly recommend you make an appointment before heading down to the salon as the stylists have a busy schedule. CallΒ 6358 2900 to book a timeslot. *Psst… there’s 20% discount if you are appointing either Yusaku or Yuan to be your stylist for the day. πŸ™‚ Tell them you read this blogpost. πŸ˜‰

Belleza De Midori is located at #03-43/44 of Velocity, Novena Square.

Belleza De Midori novena square

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Belleza De Midori. πŸ™‚

Belleza De Midori: Highly Recommended Japanese Hair Salon in Singapore

Japanese hairstylist singapore

The ultimate indulgence: having two hairstylists blow-dry your hair at once. πŸ˜€ Tiffany is one lucky girl!

Earlier this month, I met my new pal, Tiffany, for an afternoon of hair pampering at Belleza De Midori, a Japanese hair salon located at Velocity in Novena Square.Β I’ve only been to Belleza De Midori twice. The first time was during their weekend peak hour – I walked in, saw that everyone was busy, and walked right out. πŸ˜€ With Tiffany, we’d made an appointment for a weekday afternoon, right after lunchtime, and it was less crowded.Β I even enjoyed a quick session of their highly-popular hair spa treatment as I was waiting for Tiffany to arrive. Check out the “nano steam” machine they use in the video below. πŸ™‚

Yusaku, who is Japanese, was my hair stylist. He seemed pretty impressed despite my limited knowledge of the Japanese language. I can only do the simplest of self-introductions, like so: “Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Grace desu. Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” πŸ˜€

I’ll have a “cut-to”, please πŸ˜€

Japanese hair salon in singapore

And here’s a quick video I shot of our afternoon of hair and scalp pampering:

I think there are three main reasons why Belleza De Midori is so popular:

#1: The Stylists’ Professionalism

They know what you need even when you might not be so sure yourself as to what sort of hair style or color you want. Tiffany had about 6 different hair colors she’d wanted to try, and had trouble deciding on one.

I’d initially wanted to get a short bob that ends just above the chin-level. Yusaku asked if I would be tying my hair frequently. I said “no”, but with some hesitation. I wasn’t exactly sure if the recent hot weather in SG would force me to have to tie up my hair even after getting it cut. I think he picked up on that and gave my hair just a trim so I’d still be able to tie up my hair when necessary. πŸ˜€

As for Tiffany, she’d eventually decided she wanted to dye her hair red. I don’t even know how to describe this color she’d chosen when she last got her hair dyed. Copper? It’s pretty evident that the black roots are showing. That’s one downside of getting a new hair color that has a big contrast with your original hair color.

best hair salon in singapore

So Yuan, a stylist from Malaysia, recommended that instead of dyeing her hair bright red (which wouldn’t suit her complexion), he’d give her a more natural look with a darker color at the crown (so you won’t see much of a color contrast when the hair grows out), a redder tone in the middle and finally some violet towards the end. It’s kind of like an ‘ombre’ effect but done in a classy, inconspicuous manner.

Here’s Yuan explaining which colors work best for Tiffany:

japanese salon singapore

The hair colors are from Hoyu, which “enjoys the largest market share in Japan”. Little wonder why.

And here’s our before-and-after pictures:

Belleza De Midori

Tiffany’s new hair color looks so natural. And this new haircut suits me better as it frames my face, making it look instantly smaller. Muahaha! πŸ˜€

#2: The Very Reasonable Pricing:

Belleza De Midori price menu

For such a central location (at Novena Square), the prices are indeed affordable. Also, the salon uses premium Aveda products (from USA), Hoyu hair colors (from Japan) and they import the machines used for hair treatments from Japan.

There’s also a further 20% discount if you’re appointing either Yusaku or Yuan to be your stylist for the day. πŸ™‚

#3: The Friendly Vibe / Atmosphere

The stylists are friendly without being nosy, and are certainly not pushy. They also have a good sense of humor. Elsa gave me a really good scalp, neck and shoulder massage – probably the best I’ve ever experienced in a hair salon. And I couldn’t help but ask if she has a sister. (She does, actually. Three sisters!) Tiffany, being Tiffany, went ahead and asked for the sisters’ names. We wanted to know if Anna is one of them. πŸ˜€

As you can tell from the video above, we had a really good time. I’ll put together another video clip of a short Q&A session we had with our two stylists. So watch out for the next blogpost.

~ Ready for a new hairstyle / look? ~

I’d highly recommend you make an appointment before heading down to the salon as the stylists have a busy schedule. CallΒ 6358 2900 to book a timeslot.

Belleza De Midori is located at #03-43/44 of Velocity, Novena Square.

Belleza De Midori novena square

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Belleza De Midori. πŸ™‚

What’s In The Elizabeth Arden x Lazada Surprise Box?

Elizabeth Arden Lazada Surprise Box

This is the only surprise box I’ve purchased from the recent birthday bash that Lazada held. The Triumph x Lazada surprise box I’d earlier bought was cancelled the day after payment had been processed and the order confirmed. If you’d like to find out what happened, read my blogpost ‘Lazada Surprise Box Cancelled‘ for the details. I’ve never bought anything from the Elizabeth Arden brand, but it sounds atas enough for me to be curious about what could possibly be in their $29 surprise box. πŸ˜› As always, I like to find out what is the retail price of the products within the box to check if Lazada’s claim that the surprise boxes contain items worth $100 or more is true or not.

The two items in the Elizabeth Arden x Lazada Surprise Box are the Ceramide Ultra Lipstick (in watermelon) and the Ceramide Purifying Toner. There’s also an additional set of vouchers with discount codes for use on the Lazada shopping site.

lazada surprise box

If you’re wondering what ceramide is, I’ve found some info online: “A ceramide is one of three types of lipids (fats) that helps keep moisture in the skin.”

What I found most shocking was the pricetag, actually:

elizabeth arden ceramide ultra lipstick

What sort of lipstick costs $84?! And its net weight is only 3.5g!

The 200ml bottle of toner seems more reasonably priced at $39. πŸ˜€

elizabeth arden ceramide purifying toner

The total value of these two products (with the toner being on sale) is S$124.14, which is about 4 times the price of the surprise box. Wow. If you’ve ever wondered why the surprise boxes get snapped up so quickly (sometimes within seconds of the launch), here’s why. It’s really good value. Plus, there’s free delivery to your doorstep.

Ok, now I can’t wait for the next batch of surprise boxes on Lazada! πŸ˜›