What’s In The Elizabeth Arden x Lazada Surprise Box?

Elizabeth Arden Lazada Surprise Box

This is the only surprise box I’ve purchased from the recent birthday bash that Lazada held. The Triumph x Lazada surprise box I’d earlier bought was cancelled the day after payment had been processed and the order confirmed. If you’d like to find out what happened, read my blogpost ‘Lazada Surprise Box Cancelled‘ for the details. I’ve never bought anything from the Elizabeth Arden brand, but it sounds atas enough for me to be curious about what could possibly be in their $29 surprise box. ๐Ÿ˜› As always, I like to find out what is the retail price of the products within the box to check if Lazada’s claim that the surprise boxes contain items worth $100 or more is true or not.

The two items in the Elizabeth Arden x Lazada Surprise Box are the Ceramide Ultra Lipstick (in watermelon) and the Ceramide Purifying Toner. There’s also an additional set of vouchers with discount codes for use on the Lazada shopping site.

lazada surprise box

If you’re wondering what ceramide is, I’ve found some info online: “A ceramide is one of three types of lipids (fats) that helps keep moisture in the skin.”

What I found most shocking was the pricetag, actually:

elizabeth arden ceramide ultra lipstick

What sort of lipstick costs $84?! And its net weight is only 3.5g!

The 200ml bottle of toner seems more reasonably priced at $39. ๐Ÿ˜€

elizabeth arden ceramide purifying toner

The total value of these two products (with the toner being on sale) is S$124.14, which is about 4 times the price of the surprise box. Wow. If you’ve ever wondered why the surprise boxes get snapped up so quickly (sometimes within seconds of the launch), here’s why. It’s really good value. Plus, there’s free delivery to your doorstep.

Ok, now I can’t wait for the next batch of surprise boxes on Lazada! ๐Ÿ˜›


Renaza: Unexpected Prices For Facial Treatments At Palais Renaissance

palais renaissance facial

If you were to ask me how often I visit Palais Renaissance in a year, my very honest answer would be “just once or not at all”. It’s one of those places that I believe only those who want to ‘see and be seen’ (*ahem* Mediacorp celebrities getting their hair done *ahem*), or just want to avoid the hoi polloi at (sometimes) crowded malls, go to. At any other mall during the weekday lunch hour, facial or hair salons should be packed but it wasn’t the case at Renaza during my visit. I was definitely pleasantly surprised. But there’s more…

You can try any of their facial treatments for as little as $38. And a jar of snail cream? The full price is $69 but I believe you can ask for the discounted price. *I’m not sure if their pricing strategy is doing them a disservice: wouldn’t the people who visit Palais Renaissance be willing and able to pay more? And wouldn’t some equate a higher price with better quality? Facial salons deep in the heartlands have tried to charge me more money!

Not a normal sight: Prices on the wall…

renaza facial price

Besides the comfy-looking blanket and pillow(for your legs!) you see in the first picture above, I’m also a fan of their (what I shall call) ‘towel-wrap’. At other facial places I’ve been to before, you have to pull the entire “garment” down over your shoulders. Here, you just wrap it under your arms and button it up.

renaza wellness lifestyle lab

Though I’d signed this when I was filling out the usual particulars form, I had not “discussed all of the above with the consultant”.

renaza consent form

In any case, I was there for the Vita Aqua Glow Express Facial, which takes anything from 45 minutes to an hour. They say the usual price is $180 but I suspect few (if any) customers have ever paid that price. ๐Ÿ˜€ Why do I say that? ‘Cos the package price for 10 sessions is $388. That means each session will cost just $38. If you opt for the full facial, prices vary. I’ve been told it’s $588 (consultant) vs $1088 (Facebook manager). *’Full facial’ means you get the works – extraction, massage, etc.

A handheld and wireless device is used to cleanse my skin, and the impurities removed are supposedly emptied into clean water thereafter. And the consultant shows me the result:

renaza review

I get 20 minutes of masking time in the dark, before my face is cleansed with the device once again. I actually took this picture myself, as I realized I could still see under those cotton pads, and my handphone was right next to me. ๐Ÿ˜€

renaza orchard

At the end of the day, I like that my face feels clean, there are no nasty red bumps from extraction (because it didn’t happen), and the result lasts for 2 to 3 days.

renaza palais renaissance

After the facial, there was a cup of tea and some biscuits awaiting me. I liked that there was no hard-selling involved. And I had even misheard and misunderstood what the consultant said to me. She mentioned that the 10-session package would cost 3-8-8. I thought she’d purposely dropped the final ‘0’ as most of us speaking in Mandarin will sometimes do, when the figures are ‘large’. And obviously, anything that costs a couple thousand dollars would require some mulling over back at home, so I left. ๐Ÿ˜€ Turns out it’s actually $388 for 10 express facials. ๐Ÿ˜€

renaza orchard review

Renaza has two outlets: Palais Renaissance #03-10 and Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-23.

If you’d like to experience a trial of their Vita Aqua Glow Express Facial too, simply fill out the contact form below:

*not a sponsored post*

Himalaya Herbals: New Look + A Giveaway

Himalaya Herbals Singapore

When I saw the press release, I got a shock. The packaging for the Himalaya Herbals ‘Root to Beauty’ range has been jazzed up with vibrant hues of orange, brown and green. That’s definitely standing out on any store shelf! My main facial cleanser at the moment is SK-II’s but I do have a ‘secondary’ cleanser that’s either from the Himalaya Herbals brand (which I shall call ‘HH’ henceforth) or Pond’s. Like with shampoo, I believe in switching up the products every so often so I reap the benefits of the different ingredients in each one. Apparently, the one from HH is great at preventing pimples but I’ve yet to use it for 28 days (or more) in a row so I don’t have a good review for you yet. ๐Ÿ˜€

Take away the gorgeous sleeves and you’ll see a more familiar sight:

Himalaya Herbals product range

What I’m currently using:

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash

Truth be told, that little bar of soap is really quite small. So you’ll either be running to the store pretty often or you’ll have to stock up…

Himalaya Herbals Protecting Neem and Turmeric Soap

I’m not too sure how much turmeric is in the products, or even how much turmeric is even needed in beauty products in order to see a visible result. So if you’re so inclined, go check out the products in store and read their ingredients list.

The ‘Root to Beauty’ range of products, in their newly designed turmeric root product sleeves, are available at Watsons, Guardian, NTUC, Giant, Mustafa and NHG polyclinics. The price range is between $7.95 and $12.95.


Want to win a Himalaya Herbals Gift Set worth $100? ๐Ÿ™‚ I have 2 to give away. So head over to my Facebook Page to participate.

Elegance Beauty & Slimming: We Tried The TCM Body Massage At Tanjong Pagar

elegance beauty & slimming

[screenshot from myfave.com]

There’s one Chinese phrase which perfectly describes how I am feeling today:ย ่…ฐ้…ธ่ƒŒ็—› (both my waist and back are hurting). The worst part is that I’m not even sure if it’s a good thing. You see, we went for a massage together yesterday and the therapists seemed so knowledgeable and they were locating knots in places I did not know could have knots (like at my waist area) and after that massage, even pulling my shoulder blades together hurts. Yikes!

He’d purchased a Fave voucher for a massage at International Plaza and so we went to Elegance Beauty & Slimming. I went into the centre first as he’d gone off to look for a parking lot. And initially I was taken aback at the strong smell of smoke in the air. Possibly why the glass doors to Elegance were left wide open too. I couldn’t tell if it was cigarette smoke or not. Asked the lady (M) at the reception counter and she said it’s from moxibustion. But are the smoke detectors in the building not working? (>_<) Shouldn’t there be an alarm or security officers running over?

Anyway… I thought we were off to a bad start as I really hate when there are strong smells. And the air here made me choke. I was coughing so much they asked if they could get me a glass of water.

But when it came to the massage, all I can say is that it was really good. Sure, I hated the white translucent paper undies and so wore the blue paper boxers for men over it as well, but everything else was good.

tanjong pagar massage

My masseuse (S) and his (J) are from China, and clearly skilled at providing massages. And according to him, they’re really good at sales too (he said he’d poach them if he’s opening a massage parlor, but I guess he’s kidding).

I’d requested a “Relaxing” massage as I don’t really like massages; I basically tolerate them. Anything that’s painful or ticklish… is not my thing. He went for “Medium” strength, and his masseuse looked double the size of mine. LOL. But S, though petite, managed to make me scream in pain. I’d made it quite clear that I didn’t want any ‘baguan’ or ‘guasha’ or anything that would leave a mark on my skin so I escaped unscathed except for some aches here and there. When he got home though, his back still looked like this:

guasha massage tanjong pagar

Not a great look if you’re going swimming (people might think you have some severe skin issues) or just before you head off to a beach holiday, ya? ๐Ÿ˜‰

*And oh, S wanted to do naval candling (at least I think that was what she meant in Mandarin) for me but I refused even though she claimed it’d make my tummy feel all warm and fuzzy. Nope, thanks. No fire or heat or scraping or cupping or all of that. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve read too many horror stories in media reports already.


The sales pitch after the massage went pretty well. I wouldn’t say there was any hard-selling. M tried to have us sign for a package:

10 sessions for $888 / 20 sessions for $1500 / 50 (+6) sessions for $3888

And when we said we’ll go back to think about it, she asked if we’ll just pay for 1 additional session. It did seem a little bit desperate but overall, she was pretty nice about it and we left the place satisfied.

And no, we didn’t pay for any of those packages. If we decide to return, we’ll just pay per session. It’s too much of a risk, really.


Do you like / enjoy massages? Lucky you! I’d say this 1-hour massage at Elegance was worth the price he paid for it. $46 for 2 pax is decent; cheap, even. If you’d like to go try it yourself, I believe the voucher is still available at Fave (previously Groupon).

Shakura Pigmentation Beauty Review

shakura pigmentation review 2017

Once again, I went for a facial trial after spotting Shakura Pigmentation Beauty’s ad on Facebook. I was surprised that the outlet was so busy on a Wednesday afternoon, at 2pm. I thought I’d already avoided the peak lunch hour crowd. Here’s what happened…

Shakura facebook ad

*I did not receive the promised 4-pc Homecare Treatment Kit. It helps if you bring the screenshot of the ad to show the staff. I’d forgotten this was saved in my laptop.

The lady at the reception told me to get a seat in the consultation room, and she helped with the registration process (procedure’s the same at Jonsson Protein, and other such establishments). Then she told me to wait for the consultant.

Consultant enters and does a scan of my face – it was rather scary to see my pores, skin tags, blackheads etc close-up on the screen. (*I’m glad there was no ‘selling’ whatsoever at this stage)

Then I went into one of the treatment rooms and put on the robe they provided.

A lady wearing a face mask came in to do the face cleansing portion for me. She’s not the consultant I had spoken with. She also applied the first mask for “softening the pores”.

Then she left.

And another lady entered (might be the consultant, but I’m not sure as she was masked as well). She asked if the other lady had taken pictures of my face and I said no. So she took some. Then applied some “enzyme” to the right side of my face. Then cleansed it off and asked me to hold up a mirror to see how much more radiant the right side was. Actually I saw NO difference whatsoever, but said “ok” just to ‘agree’ with her. Then she worked on the left side. (Do not argue with your consultant, ok?)

She asked if I wanted any trimming / shaping of my eyebrows or stray hairs but I said no to that too. I actually just wanted her to focus on the facial bit.

The extraction was painful, but I guess that’s the way it is.

Then there was this really COLD mask applied to my face. I wondered if such extreme temperature was even suitable for the skin. It felt exactly like putting my face to a block of ice. And, of course, the consultant left the room.

The mask was supposed to slowly harden (?) over who-knows-how-long. Because it was rather cold in the room, from the air-conditioning and also the extremely cold mask, and I had taken some ABC juice for lunch, my bladder felt like it was about to burst from the need to pee. ๐Ÿ˜€

With that mask on, I couldn’t see a thing. It covered my eyelids as well. I sat upright on the bed, but that didn’t help very much. Laid back down and felt the urge even more.

Eventually, I couldn’t hold it in much longer, so I got off the bed, took a few steps in the direction of the door, slid it open and tried to get the attention of the people outside. I hope I scared a few folks too! ๐Ÿ˜€ (take it as a late Halloween prank)

I wish there was a button to press to signal any sort of distress or to call for a consultant, but there was none. And no one came in to check if I was doing ok. Well, points for improvement for them, I guess.

So the folks who saw me exit with the mask on my face said they had to check if the mask could be removed (oh, my poor bladder!) and a very professional-looking / sounding lady came to me and helped remove the mask, saying there was actually 5 more minutes to go. And she said I should hurry to the toilet (thankfully, it was just next door to the Shakura outlet) and she’ll help cleanse my face when I get back.

When I got back from the visit to the washroom, I just grabbed some tissues and wiped my face. The professional-looking lady insisted I let her do the cleansing and application of toner, moisturizer and sunblock.

After which, she offered me some (detox?) tea outside. I took one sip and disliked it immediately.

She then asked me if I liked the consultant’s service. My jaw kind of dropped at that moment. What service?

I told her this outlet seems too busy for my liking, and the consultant seemed to be in a rush as well; it was all very stress-inducing.

The lady scribbled on a piece of paper that I could pay $321 for 2 more sessions (and get an additional 4 free). But I gave her that incredulous “HUH?” look, like why would I pay anything to come back again?

After that, she even went to get the consultant’s namecard for me. As if I would call her for another appointment. (@_@) The consultant never even appeared again. I suppose she was super busy attending to other clients.

By the way, there’s a 5-day cooling off period for Shakura customers as well, just like at Jonsson Protein. Same management?

shakura cooling off scheme

Before you sign anything, read everything carefully, ya? As for me, suffice to say, I won’t be back.

Hello Kitty Air Cushion from Welcia (BHG Bugis)

hello kitty air cushion welcia singapore

I read that Welcia (a popular drugstore chain in Japan) has set up shop in BHG Bugis, and so I popped by today to pick out a few products to try. I bought the Hello Kitty Air Cushion, a face roller and a packet of “Air Fragrance Beads” (lavender scented to, hopefully, ward off mosquitoes too).

welcia singapore products

The store is around the size of a regular Watsons store with some familiar brands and products (Maybelline, etc) and others which supposedly can only be found in Japan. Because of their opening promotions, many items are going at 20% off! I was looking for the Hello Kitty Air Cushion which I’d seen a picture of online and asked the sales staff I saw hanging about for help.

welcia singapore

Even the applicator has hello kitty print! I’m in love! ๐Ÿ˜€

So here’s what the conversation went like:

Me: “Hi! Where can I find this Hello Kitty Air Cushion?” *show picture*

Staff 1: “I think no stock.”

Me: “Huh? But this photo was posted 2 hours ago! So fast no stock already?!”

Staff 1 looks for Staff 2

Staff 2: “No stock. Maybe other outlet?”

Me: “Is there another BHG in Bugis?!”

Staff 2: “What is this ah? Powder cushion is it? (I say yes) You try this foundation product. Better for you!”

Me: “Ah? No no I want this Hello Kitty one.”

Staff 2: “Nevermind. You try first. This is better for your skin (blah blah)”

Me:”No lah, it’s ok, I don’t want to waste your time.”

Staff 2: “I’m very free.”

Me: (>_<“‘)

When I finally found someone who knew where the Hello Kitty product was placed, I overheard Staff 2 telling Staff 1 that it’s so hard to sell the product(s) she’s promoting because there are all these other (Hello Kitty) items.

This product has SPF50+PA+++ ๐Ÿ˜€ Another reason to buy it!

welcia singapore bhg

It’s also made in Korea, so I feel a bit more confident about using it.

welcia bhg bugis

As for the pricing, the regular price is $38.90. But with the discount, I paid just $31.12. The other two items I bought cost $1.44 (fragrance beads) and $2.24 (face roller) after discount.

*Items which are going at nett price with no further discount are clearly labelled as such within the store. So make sure you check with the cashier if you don’t get the discount you should.

Me: “This Hello Kitty cushion has 20% discount.”

Guy: “Is it?” (checks with female colleague)

Female: “We follow what the system shows, so if it doesn’t show a discount here, that means no discount.”

Me: “The lady over there told me there’s a discount.”

(Both look like they’re trying to decide if they should walk over and locate the promoter)

Me: “I got this only ‘cos she told me there’s 20% off.”

Female: “Just key in 20% discount on your side.”

Guy: “Ok. So the total is…”


Apart from the clueless cashiers and the pushy promoter I encountered, there was one Japanese lady (from Tokyo, she said) who helped me decide on which of the 2 shades to pick for my Hello Kitty Air Cushion. I’m hopeless at Japanese while she struggled with English, but it was a pleasant experience. ๐Ÿ™‚ I might pop by again before she leaves for Japan in December. I should bring my Japanese-speaking sista with me, and give the lady some recommendations for good local food (‘cos she told me she eats chicken rice daily… and is probably getting bored of it) ๐Ÿ˜€

Jonsson Protein Hair Treatment Review And Why I Won’t Be Back

Jonsson Protein cooling off period

Just like with Victoria Facelift, I spotted a Facebook ad regarding Jonsson Protein’s “FREE VE Protein Hair & Scalp Treatment + 3pc Hair Care Pack (total worth $388)” and so signed up for the complimentary trial at one of their outlets. Thankfully, I had my friend accompanying me or it would have seemed like quite a nightmare. Yes, I might have actually walked out of the outlet with my hair dripping wet, and just gone into an actual hair salon on the same level and got it sorted out, otherwise.

Here’s a screenshot of the ad I clicked on:

jonsson protein fb

I’d asked my pal if he’d like to go for a scalp treatment together with me, and after calling JP, we went there together. We arrived early for the appointment, handed our ICs over, and got ushered into a waiting room.

A lady came in to help us with “registration” – occupation, email, etc. Then she left.

It was a LONG, LONG time before anyone else bothered with us. We chatted, looked out of the room, watched the other staff walking about but with no one else coming in to attend to us.

Finally, in came another lady who went through a sort of questionnaire with us. She wanted to know just a couple of things: have we had chemotherapy, have we undergone scalp surgery, do we have AIDS, and other basic questions about lifestyle, work, stress, hair concerns, etc.

Then there was a scanning done to check on the condition of our scalp – whether we had dandruff, oily scalp, health of the follicles, etc.

Jonsson Protein review free trial

I’m showing you just half of the printout here

Then we were ushered to this other area which looks like your typical hair salon. We had our hair shampooed while we were seated, then took turns to get it all rinsed out in the back where there were only two washbasins. We were also each given a cup of “protein drink” which didn’t taste very good. I took a sip and left the remainder there. (We were also not told that it’s best to drink it all within the first 15 minutes for maximum benefit, and to avoid it oxidizing. My pal’s “consultant” only told us that much later.)

Jonsson Protein protein drink

My friend’s therapist kept the towel wrapped around my friend’s head and walked off to attend to someone else, while my therapist removed the towel and left me with my hair dripping wet. The air-conditioning was so cold, and with my hair wet, I was turning into a human popsicle in that seat!

My friend’s therapist came back soon enough and helped do the treatment for him; basically emptying the contents of a foil pouch into a bowl and, using a brush, spread it all over his scalp, wrapped it up and then the “steaming” began.

Jonsson Protein review 2017

Jonsson Protein review

Meanwhile, I was still waiting there, with my hair dripping wet, and cold, and with no therapist.

It was EVIDENT to me that teamwork wasn’t present. Maybe each therapist cares only for her own customer, earning commissions from her own client’s purchases, and couldn’t care less about the customer of another therapist.

So I sat and waited. Other staff walked past.

Eventually, one more senior-looking lady came over to help do the treatment for me. And I could finally get my hair steamed and stop freezing over. However, for some reason, she ended up with a small clump of hair on her gloves and she held it out for me to see, asking if I usually lose a lot of hair after hair washes. I was shocked and said that no, I’ve not seen that happen before. What did you guys do?!

Yet another glum-faced lady assisted with the hair wash after the “steaming” was done.

And FINALLY, my original therapist appeared again to blow-dry and comb out my hair. GOSH! It was painful. It was like she was combing the hair on a mannequin head, without caring if it hurts or not. For once, I was thankful I don’t have a lot of hair to be combed. ๐Ÿ˜›

Eventually, it was time for the scalp scan once again, and the sales pitch. It would be $2488 for 10 (+5 free) treatments. OR we could go for $588 for 5 treatments. OR $388 for 3 treatments. And we were also told we could buy shampoo from them for some $30+ dollars (I don’t remember the exact figure). We didn’t want any of them. Even if it was free, I won’t be back again. Thanks! What I found most funny was that we each received a card we can present to a friend and get him/her to come for the complimentary trial. (I put it in the bin later on)

Anyway, we each received the promised 3-pc take-home kit:

Jonsson Protein hair care kit

I’ve included a packet of Watsons tissue for a size comparison.


Here are some things I’ve learnt from going for these free trials:

  1. Having a friend go together with you is a GREAT idea. Try not to get separated though.
  2. Pick an outlet that’s not in the central area. So it would be less crowded.
  3. Avoid peak hours like lunchtime when office workers come in for treatments during their breaks.
  4. There IS a 5-day cooling-off period. So make sure you tell them you want to cancel your purchase (if any) before the 5 days are up. Make sure you check what you’re signing too as there might be a clause saying there’s an admin fee or something.


~ย  [Ad below ] ~



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Official Website: toppikmalaysia.com
Facebook/Instagram/Youtube: toppikmalaysia

Victoria Facelift (Singapore) Review: Free Trial, Price, Products

Victoria Facelift products

I spotted an offer on Facebook regarding a free 90-minute facial trial at Victoria Facelift some time back. And as it was near my place (yet I had never heard of the company despite its 7 outlets around Singapore), I decided to sign up for a facial treatment on the same day.

This is a screenshot of the ad on Facebook that I’d clicked on:

Victoria Facelift free trial

Interestingly, if you book the trial online, it’s FREE. But if you go to the outlet, you’ll see the poster outside which says the 90-minute trial costs $48 (U.P. $388) for the first 50 walk-in customers daily. Wouldn’t folks feel silly if they had paid the $48 then realized you can get it free online?

When I arrived about 10 minutes before the appointment, I was told to get a seat while they took my IC – perhaps to check that it was indeed my first visit. Then a consultant asked me the usual questions regarding medical history, last facial session etc. I felt the lady was just going through the motions, like she really wished she was elsewhere (not very friendly this one).

Then a more senior-looking consultant took over to do a scan of my skin. First, the inner side of my arm (not as tanned) then my face. I have no major skin issues so they could only point out the few small milia seeds that I have in the undereye area and also warn me about the dangers of not using sunblock and how pigmentation might result.

*She asked what my skin concerns were and what I hoped to achieve in that session. I told her I was only bothered by dark eye circles and slightly dry skin. She asked if I wanted to top up for the eye treatment. I said nevermind, just give me what’s in the free trial. ๐Ÿ˜€

The facial treatment itself was awesome! Yes, awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

Victoria Facelift review

The room was really small though. Actually it’s not even a room. It’s one room partitioned into many smaller cubicles. But my therapist, a lady in her mid-20s (let’s call her A), was evidently skilled. Starting from the facial cleanse… I knew I was in good hands, literally.

There were 3 masks used during that session… before a machine was utilised for that final facelifting effect.

The first mask was (if I remember correctly) to help soften the skin / exfoliate / open the pores. There was also a “cold steam” (like a hydro mist) blowing on my face.

Then a hyaluronic hydrating mask.

Then finally a collagen mask.

In-between, there was extraction, simple eyebrow shaping, neck and shoulder massage, and a facial detox massage. I was left wondering how come this was free-of-charge. I contemplated giving A a $10 tip (the only money I had on me).

The ‘machine’ treatment has a 3-ball tip. After using it on the right side of my face, (as can be expected) she held up a mirror in front of me to let me see how the right side had been ‘lifted’. Then she worked on the left side.

*And oh, before and after pictures were taken, which I’m not concerned about since I don’t usually wear makeup anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Post-treatment, it was the sales pitch, of course. I was first given a collagen drink – ‘cos it’s not cold, it tasted a little weird. And I was then told about the pricing and installment plans for payment via credit card.

Victoria Facelift Collagen drink

Apparently it’s $3,880 for 20 treatments (the more senior lady explained it as 10 treatments + another 10 “free” ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). With GST, it’s over $4K. But using a credit card, e.g. POSB’s, you get 10% discount. So the total amount is $3,736.44 which you can pay via 12, 24 or 36 months in interest-free installments.

And here’s the free 3-piece product kit I got to take home:

Victoria Facelift reviews

I didn’t sign up for the package as I am concerned about 2 things: (1) it’s quite common for companies to fold and there are no refunds for the unused portion of the packages, and (2) the service standards noticeably ‘dip’ after the first (trial) session.

I’d rather pay a la carte pricing whenever possible.

If you find yourself in a bit of a pickle after going for a free trial and consultants are trying to ‘hardsell’ you a package, here are some tips:

1) Be nice to staff. It’s hard to hardsell someone who’s sweet to you.

2) Have an exit strategy even before entering the shop. Even if the treatment is awesome, and you are tempted to purchase a package, you DESERVE to be able to think it through at home FIRST. So whether you want to arrange for someone to call or come in and ‘rescue’ you, or whether you want to leave your wallet at home, it is up to you. Just have a plan before heading for a free trial, whether it is at a facial salon or a gym or spa.

3) Ask the consultant other questions to get her off her guard. They have practised sales pitches so try to break their momentum. Once the momentum is gone, they will find it hard to get back on the hard-selling track. When she’s talking about the packages, try to change the topic to something else (I ended up chatting about traffic accidents. LOL).

4)*MOST IMPORTANT: if you have never been in the sales line before, have a very thin skin, and have difficulty saying ‘no’ to people… say no to the free trial instead.

I don’t mind going for free trials because (1) it’s free and facials (usually) don’t hurt, (2) I get to practise my “skills” when it comes to offering objections and (3) those trial sessions offer the best facial treatments (it’s true). I’ve read too many reviews of various facial salons which provide really good facials the first time, so customers sign up for packages and then the subsequent treatments are not as good – the therapist might be a different (less skilled) person, or there’s more up-selling of ampoules and various add-ons EACH time you visit the centre. That’s really stressful.

That said, I don’t mind (discounted) paid trial sessions too. Went for a few via Groupon. The bonus is that if you’ve paid something (even if it’s $20), you don’t feel so bad (paiseh) when you have to tell them you’re not signing up for a package, whatever the reason may be.


All in all, I’m more than pleased with the free trial at Victoria Facelift. It truly was an awesome experience. I do understand that companies only offer discounts to people who sign up for packages with them but with the current economic climate, perhaps the company can consider staggering the discounts for those who prefer a la carte pricing, e.g.:

(after trial session)

1st visit: pay 100% of facial price

2nd visit: pay 90%

3rd visit: pay 80%

and so on…

Thus, the more times the customer returns for a la carte treatments, the cheaper each session costs. It’s an incentive for the customer to come back if he / she likes the service here, and it also protects the customer from being left stranded if a company suddenly folds. ๐Ÿ™‚

La Source Spa: If You Need A Really Good Massage

La Source Spa Singapore

I went to La Source Spa today for the very first time – it’s their 10th anniversary! When the founder, Jane, looked me in the eyes and said it has not been easy at all, I really did believe her. The spa’s prime location along Scotts Road (opposite Far East Plaza and to the left of Galleria) doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. Locals would not usually walk along that stretch, I suppose. But the spa has won fans such as socialite Jamie Chua (who’s known for her collection of Hermes bags and appreciation of the finer things in life).

I enjoyed a complimentary neck + shoulder + hand massage today. It was most enjoyable even though the seating arrangement was a little weird. We sat on acrylic chairs – two rows facing each other – in one of the spa’s treatment rooms (where people usually get facials done, I believe). The therapist, Yaya, helped alleviate the stiffness in my neck, shoulder and arms. SO GOOD!

Didn’t manage to visit the various ‘stations’ (I think there was angel card reading and who knows what else). Just had a massage, some finger food and I left for lunch at Saveur.

I really do love those balloons – stared at them for a while ๐Ÿ˜€

La Source Spa review

I’m not usually one to reach out for cake pops but these golden blobs were really tempting. And tasted as good as they looked, which was a surprise!

La Source Spa

I liked the mini lobster charcoal burgers as well. Delish!

Mini Lobster Charcoal Burger

And the Ethereal Garden Tiramisu Pot looked so real – like little plants sprouting out of soil. I wonder if any of the guests would eat this…

Ethereal Garden Tiramisu Pot

If you’re in the Orchard area and would like a good massage, I’d highly recommend you pop by La Source Spa. Their in-house range of products smell heavenly and there’s nothing quite like a mid-day massage. You’ll need it if you want to shop till you drop!

Must Try: Lab Visage’s Nano Infusion Facials

Lab Visage Novena Medical Centre

Thanks to Lab Visage’s invitation, I got to try their facial treatment that uses nano infusion technology, and the results really blew me away. I know the bosses of Lab Visage have good skin, so I’m usually happy to try any treatments they recommend, and they have been raving about these nano infusion ones recently.

They shared with me some information about nanotechnology that I did not know about beforehand. For instance, how small is a nanometre? Do you have any idea? It’s actually one millionth of a millimetre, and thinner than a strand of human hair! Lab Visage’s Nano Infusion uses needles that are no bigger than 100 nanometres. This technology was first used to treat diabetes, and is now also being used as medical-grade treatment in skincare and aesthetics, and it isย set to revolutionize the aesthetics industry.

The device they use has some 82 nano needles on each disposable needle head. The nano needles help penetrate the skin so as to deliver the skincare products right into the dermis layer. Unlike micro needles used in the past, these nano needles do not cause any bleeding:

Lab Visage Nano Infusion Facial

And even though they are called needles, they don’t actually prick as bad. It feels more like ant bites. And for the more ‘fleshy’ parts of your face, such as the cheek area, it’s actually pretty painless – feels kinda like waxing with upward strokes. The area around my cheekbones, forehead and nose are sensitive so the combination of stinging + tickling was almost unbearable. However, let me just say that the results are AMAZING!

If your regular facial treatments are not giving you the results you desire, you should consider nano infusion because it achieves a high level of penetration of the skincare product into the dermis layer. It’s practically painless, has almost zero downtime and is fast and highly effective.

I’d requested for the hydration level of my skin to be tested before and after the facial because I am not really good at determining the effectiveness of a facial just by relying onย the naked eye. Why not use technology to tell us if a hydrating facial actually worked?

Lab Visage Facial Review

That’s my hand holding the device and those are my actual results!ย Before the facial commenced, the result indicated “very dry” skin with “very low” elasticity. OMG. The numbers at the bottom may be too small for you to read but it’s ‘6’ for elasticity value and ‘7’ for moisture value. And this was taken before the therapist did anything to my face. I didn’t have makeup on, I’d taken the train to get to the clinic, and I’d figured there should be at least some facial oil on my face so the reading can’t be that bad, right? I was wrong.

After the facial, with the residue from the hydrating mask wiped off, the reading came as a shock to me. I suddenly had “very moist” skin that had “very high” elasticity, with an elasticity value of ’92’ and a moisture value of ’99’. WOW. I was sold on the facial.

My skin did feel a little dry the day after the facial because of the skin renewal process – older skin cells areย pushed to the surface. So I returned to Lab Visage for a hydrating facial experience, and totally loved it.

Lab Visage Facial

You can contact Lab Visage to find out more about their current promotions for their facial treatments. There are introductory prices which are very, very attractive.


Lab Visage is located at #11-17, Novena Medical Centre. Tel: 6397 6009.