Shopee: Buy And Sell In Less Than 30 Seconds

Shopee Door Gift [ Door Gift from Shopee‘s launch: necklace from White Fiction and Original Source Christmas Limited Edition Gift Pack from Original Store ]

This blogpost can be summed up in two words: Carousell, beware!

But here’s why they should keep an eye out for Shopee…

Shopee was “soft-launched” early this year in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan. And it appears to me that they are a strong contender for a (huge) slice of the mobile e-commerce pie. Let’s start with finding out who the CEO is…

Shopee’s CEO, Chris Feng, is also Garena’s Head of Mobile Business for Southeast Asia and Taiwan. He was previously the Regional Managing Director of Zalora Southeast Asia, and Regional Managing Director and Chief Purchasing Officer of Lazada Southeast Asia.

Shopee Singapore

In his own words, Shopee allows users to “buy and sell in less than 30 seconds, anywhere and anytime”. As a seller, you simply snap a picture of the product, add a description, set a price, and you’re ready for business. Shopee charges no listing fees, no commissions, no credit card fees, or any other fee right now.

And if you’re wondering how Shopee will make money without charging fees, Chris says they will follow Taobao’s model soon: charge search and placement fees, and also get advertising revenue.

Shopee Guarantee

Buyers will love the Shopee Guarantee: if products are not received in the previously agreed-upon condition, payment will be refunded to the buyers in full. This helps to eliminate fraud and transaction risks. Shopee’s CEO admits that escrow services are nothing new, but they will keep the money first to ensure buyer satisfaction. I do wonder what will happen if buyers don’t confirm that they have received the product, and the money doesn’t get released to the seller – I suppose Shopee will step in at some point.

For sellers, there’s Shopee’s Seller Assistant which aims to help individuals become successful entrepreneurs. But the best part probably is that you don’t have to register a business in order to make some money by selling products online. :)

The Live Chat function and hashtag functions are also popular with buyers and sellers. With live chat, you get to send your questions to the seller; the person who knows the product best, and with the relevant hashtags, you can find trending products easily.

At the media launch, we also got to meet 4 of the current Shopee vendors:

Shopee Vendors

[ Shopee vendors Belinda, Randy, Andy, and Hazel fielding questions ]

Andy is from Original Store – I received their limited edition Christmas gift pack in the door gift…

Original Source Singapore [ Mint & Tea Tree, Mango, and Strawberry & (pink) Peppercorn, with a free loofah ]

I’m currently using the Mango shower gel and I love it! :D Do check out Original Store on Shopee – they are the authorised sellers of personal care products from Original Source. I ordered these 6 products below from them too (Buy 5 Get 1 Free, for S$25, inclusive of delivery). Each one came individually wrapped in bubble wrap, and were delivered within 4 days of my placing the order. I got to use the Live Chat function on Shopee too! :D

Original Source Singapore

The only two drawbacks for me when purchasing from one of Shopee’s limited-time-only campaigns is firstly, the lack of a filter – so I’m seeing perfume, clothes and shower gels all in the same page when I’m actually only looking for shower gels. Secondly, as I’m shopping using my mobile phone, I can only scroll through the pages with 2 items per row. And it takes a really long time for me to scroll through them all. I cannot simply rotate my phone for a ‘horizontal’ view and scroll through, say, 4 products in a row. Something for the Shopee folks to work on, I guess.

The other vendors featured are from:

Imperial Studio: sells locally-sourced and imported licensed Marvel, DC, and anime figurines

White Fiction: sells women’s apparel and has a wholesale store in City Plaza

SD Perfume: sells perfume at 5 brick-and-mortar outlets in Singapore but likes Shopee because there is no need to apply for VISA terminals (customers’ handphones become “VISA terminals”) and there’s no high rental and labour cost


You can download Shopee for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. If you want to list items for sale, do it while there are (still) no fees charged. :D

Lady First SG Season 3 Ep 9: Beauty Round The Clock

Lady First Singapore

It’s the final episode of Lady First Singapore – Season 3! You can still watch it on TV – hit the VOD button – if you’re a StarHub subscriber. :) I love how the team leaves us with great tips in this last episode to help us stay pretty 24/7… almost. Socialite Jamie, for instance, shared how she uses lavender oil to help her relax and fall asleep at night. Dawn also taught us some breathing exercises to do at bedtime:

Press down on your right nostril and breathe in and out through the left one:

Lady First SG

*To help you stay awake when you are feeling sleepy, do the reverse: press down on the left nostril instead.

STRETCH… and breathe deeply into each stretch

Lady First Singapore Season 3

Avoid using your computer, handphones and other digital devices before bedtime. So difficult, I know. Also, sleep facing the ceiling, instead of sleeping on your side which will lead to the formation of wrinkles (apparently these aren’t just the temporary ones). When you get sufficient sleep, your hormones are in balance and you don’t end up over-eating throughout the day. Weight gain is quite common for people who usually don’t get enough sleep.

Other Issues:

(1) Water Rentention: Drink coffee, and use a fat-burning massage cream on the problem areas (e.g. legs). The one that Kevin recommended has guarana extract, which supposedly has 3 times as much caffeine as coffee, thus aiding the fat-burning process. Use a 3D slimming gel for a tightening effect.

(2) Difficulties Falling Asleep: If you find that it’s hard for you to go to sleep because of an over-active mind, perhaps take a bath with water at 36 or 37 degrees Celsius. Try to get 7 to 8 hours of good sleep. One way is by keeping your bedroom as dark as possible – it’ll help you enter “Dreamland” easily. :)

(3) Puffy Face: Try to reduce your sodium intake if you find your face looking puffy even if you didn’t drink much water before going to bed. Jamie also recommends an electrotherapy device for a V-shaped face. Use a warm orange tone concealer for the under-eye area, and some contouring makeup products too. A lipstick in a redder tone will give the illusion of a “smaller face”. *wink*

Lady First Singapore S3E9

Not all of us can afford to be like Jamie who drinks birds nest before she even brushes her teeth in the morning. But what we can do is to take our vitamin pills after breakfast and put on suitable clothing so we can sleep comfortably. We may not all end up looking like a pampered tai-tai, but we most certainly can strive to look our best! :)

London Weight Management: The Improvements After 3 Years

London Weight Management Ngee Ann City

Back in 2012, I made my first visit to London Weight Management. This time round, I was back for a free treatment session (for bloggers) worth S$500. Because I lost 900g in just one session three years ago, I was happy to revisit the company to check out the improvements they have made over the years, and also… to lose some weight as well. :D

At their Ngee Ann City outlet, I got to meet their consultant, Charmaine. And we went through the same checklist to ensure I’m in good health. I was then given a robe to change into, and the consultant also took pictures of my trouble spots: the tummy, back, thighs, etc.

London Weight Management

What was different this time round is how the company has changed those almost-transparent paper undies (that I detest) to black non-translucent ones. And you’re given a robe to wear most of the time.

Next, I went for a quick rinse in the shower stall, and popped into the steam room with a cold towel to help me breathe better. And right after a sea salt scrub (which came not from a shared tub, but from hygienic individually-packed sachets), I got wrapped up in a hot blanket:

London Weight Management wrap

I’d informed Charmaine that my blood pressure can be quite low sometimes, so she kept the temperature slightly cooler than what other clients receive. Then I was left on my own, with the lights dimmed, and a gentle reminder to not fall asleep (pretty tough when you’re lying down and there’s nothing to do).

Note, though, the button next to me on the wood paneling. It’s for customers to attract the attention of staff via a buzzer. Anytime you feel light-headed, or that the temperature’s too high, that button’s a real lifesaver.

After a quick shower, I got myself weighed again, and I’d already lost 500g.

Then I was hooked up to a machine for the electro-intensive treatment. Electric pulses were delivered to my arms, tummy, and thighs.

London Weight Management toning

The tummy region appeared to be most sensitive and I had to let Charmaine know that I preferred if she could tone it down a little for my tummy.

At the end of the session, measurements were taken again and I was told that I’d lost 500g in weight (that I noted from the weighing machine) and a total of 9.5cm off my arms, tummy, bum and thighs (that Charmaine noted from her quick measurements using a measuring tape). I do wonder if customers may take their own measurements because that would be the most convincing, I think.

I was also shown the itemized receipt which details the treatments I received that day, and how much the total cost is. The company also sent me an SMS right after the session regarding the total amount spent – this is what they send out to all their customers.

London Weight Management’s clients also get a booklet for noting down their food intake. This is important so the consultant can advise if they are on track to reaching their target weight, or if they need to avoid certain foods. I like that customers go back to the same consultant each time – it’s great knowing that someone is tracking your progress and encouraging you along the way.

Also, (only) customers get to purchase the coffee sachets that come with a special formulation by London Weight Management’s experts. It supposedly helps speed up your metabolic rate so you can burn more calories and fat. I’m not a big fan of coffee, though. Their formulation tastes like white coffee to me and I believe coffee drinkers will like it:

Besides the special coffee, there’s also a take-home kit with 4 gels for refining problem areas.

All in all, I’m pleased with the improvements in customer service at London Weight Management.

If you are keen on visiting one of their many outlets to experience the treatments yourself, I have some tips for you:

  1. Make sure you are not menstruating on the day of your visit.
  2. Maybe weigh yourself at home first, before and after you visit the toilet to pee so you’ll know approximately how much “weight” you lose after each toilet visit, and then you can better gauge whether their treatments have helped you tackle your water retention issue (if any).
  3. Ask your female best friend to be present to help take some additional measurements for you, if you’d like to be 100% convinced that you should sign up for a package – just ensure you let your consultant know about this first! :D
  4. Take note that London Weight Management has adopted a consumer-friendly policy of 5 days cooling off period for all purchases of their packages. Kindly inquire with the friendly consultants prior to your purchase.


If you’re interested to try out London Weight Management as well, here’s your chance!

They are offering a free Slimming Trial + Fat Burning Product Kit that’s worth a total of S$368. Simply go to this link and sign up now!

For more information about London Weight Management:
Hotline: 6222 1234

Ngee Ann City Tower B
Tel: 6757 1234

Business Hours: Monday – Saturday, 11am to 9 pm
Sunday, 11am to 8 pm
Public Holidays, 11am to 7pm

Hotline: 6222 1234

Jubilee Square
Tel: 6238 1234
Tel: 6908 1234
Ngee Ann City Tower B
Tel: 6757 1234
Novena Square
Tel: 6565 1234
Paya Lebar Square
Tel: 6262 1234
Tampines One
Tel: 6260 1234
The Clementi Mall
Tel: 6883 1234
Suntec City
Tel: 6363 1234
Woodlands Civic Centre
Tel: 6760 1234
Yew Tee Point
Tel: 6465 1234
Chinatown Point
Tel: 6388 1234

Lady First Singapore Season 3 Ep 8: Beauty Hacks For Power Women

Lady First Singapore

It’s almost the end of Season 3, and what better time to celebrate “power women” (a much better term compared to “office ladies” or “OLs”)? Office workers have to deal with extremes in temperature (air-conditioned offices versus the blazing hot sun outside when they head out for lunch) and they also tend to work long hours every day. On top of that, they have to worry about how they look.

Kevin recommends black-rimmed glasses for a scholarly look and pearls with a ‘young vibe’. Also, thin bracelets and ring sets are ‘in’ this season. *wink*

I like how dark-rimmed glasses serve to hide dark undereye circles too. :D

Lady First SG Dawn

Office workers also tend to accumulate fat around the lower part of their bodies. So exercise is important, especially exercises that can be done within the office. Leg raises, for instance, while holding the back of a chair (or the photocopier). Or you can try to ‘sit’ on an imaginary chair – it’ll definitely work those leg muscles as you try to hold that pose.

For the adventurous, grab the sides of your seat and lift your bum off the chair (and your feet off the ground). Once again, try to ‘hold’ the pose. Hehe! This exercise is definitely not easy – I’ve done it before! :D

Lady First SG

As for the fashion aspect of things, professional-looking simple jackets are best. And here’s an important note: DO NOT hold your handbags as shown in the picture above as this will lead to creases forming on your (expensive) leather jacket around the elbow area! Similarly, DO NOT carry it at the shoulder area too.

Lady First Singapore Season 3

A small sling bag is best, if you want to prevent aching shoulder muscles!

Finally, make sure you get enough exercise everyday. Take the stairs when possible. Also, carve some time out of your schedule to relax… :) I recommend having a spa experience at home every night, with the use of the right products – it could be an aromatherapy diffuser, or a shampoo or body lotion with an awesome, relaxing scent.

 *To check out the products featured in this episode, head over here:

STENDERS: The GOLD Standard In Christmas Gifting! :D


I met a blogging student at Plaza Singapura today, and since I was there I popped by the newly-opened STENDERS store to check out their Christmas offerings. I’ve blogged about the products I received at their launch previously – read it here if you haven’t already done so. I’m still loving the facial exfoliator; not done using it yet since it is recommended that I do the exfoliation just once (or twice) a week. The scent is pretty amazing.

But I’m so glad I popped by STENDERS today because I discovered something AWESOME. In the picture you see above, I’ve indicated the prices for their gift-wrapping services. You pick a box size that you want, e.g. the medium-sized one for S$7 and the staff will pack your products in them, and include the (REAL) dried fruits/flowers/leaves and the ribbon on top FOR FREE! Can you imagine that?! I mean… a box of that size would easily cost me S$15 or even S$20 from a gift shop elsewhere! And they are giving us all those gorgeous extras for FREE? That totally brings out the #Singaporean in me. :D

I also asked if I could… you know… bring a teddy bear I’d bought elsewhere and put it into the box, together with a STENDERS product I’ve bought. And the really friendly sales assistant, Summer, said that yes I could, as long as the bear would fit inside the box! OMG. I’m SO doing my Christmas gift-shopping here.

And behind the counter is a whole selection of really pretty (and very REAL) dried fruits, flowers, leaves and other sweet-smelling potpourri-like stuff which will beautify those gift boxes…

STENDERS gift wrapping

And, of course, I’ve already mentioned this before: I’m eyeing their GOLD range of products. The scent is a light but pleasant one. And the packaging just looks very atas and expensive. But they are affordably priced:

STENDERS plaza singapura

 In case it’s hard to read… 24 Carat Gold Shower Gel (S$33), 24 Carat Gold Bath Elixir (S$31), 24 Carat Gold Body Scrub (S$39). I hope I don’t regret this later (if the company decides to raise prices)… I think the current prices are actually ridiculously low.

And in the same range, there’s also the Gold Bath Ball (S$15) and Gold Soap (S$22). It’s a no-brainer, die-die-must-buy-for-Christmas.

And in case you are wondering, no, this is not a paid nor sponsored post. It’s just the result of my entering a store today, having a great conversation with the sales assistant, and discovering a really good bargain for gift-wrapping. And… you’re welcome. *wink*

STENDERS is located at #03-75 Plaza Singapura

Lady First Singapore Season 3 Ep 7: Say Goodbye To Acne

Lady First Singapore

I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve never really had prolonged bad experiences with acne. Just an episode here and there, and it clears up quickly too. I’d like to think it has something to do with good genes, and eating lots of vegetables as a kid. :D

In this episode, however, even guru Xiao Kai shares that he had acne as a 16 year old.

And if you’d like to avoid getting acne, you will first have to take care of your skin when it’s still in the blackheads or whiteheads ‘stage’. When there are blocked pores, there might be follicle inflammation. So always keep the follicles clean and exfoliate the right way.

And you must remember this important tip: Moisturize immediately after exfoliation to prevent dryness.

Lady First SG

Here are more tips to help you prevent and combat acne:

  1. Consumption of too many dairy products can increase your protein intake, leading to acne in some cases.
  2. Sweet/sugary foods increase insulin production, leading to more oil secretion. Even fruit juices can be high in sugar content!
  3. If your skin is acne-prone, focus on moisturizing.
  4. Use a copper-colored foundation if you have acne.
  5. Avoid using loose powder in a single color.
  6. Try not to hide acne behind your hair around your forehead or cheeks – conditioner residues can cause acne or worsen existing problems. Change your pillowcases frequently too!
  7. You can go to the doctor’s to get an injection to drain the pimples a few hours before a major event that you have to attend. *wink*

Lady First Singapore Season 3 Ep 6: Impress At First Sight

There is no doubt that first impressions are important. And this episode of Lady First Singapore demonstrates this clearly. From socialite Jamie Chua’s impeccable outfit (and hairdo) to 19-year-old Zhenxiang’s trouble with hereditary white hair, we come to understand that the image we portray has a huge effect on how others perceive us.

In some cases, the remedies are simple. Take Zhenxiang’s white hair, for instance. Guru Wu Li Yin’s recommendation is to use Men’s Bigen Cream Color and to apply some moisturizing lotion along the hairline before you start dyeing your hair. Just like that, Zhenxiang is able to dye his hair black within a short span of 5 minutes.

For the other guests, it’s not quite as straightforward:

1) Keely and I share one thing in common when it comes to makeup: We do not like the sticky feeling of lipstick. Yup. And I definitely detest having hair sticking to my lips after a gust of wind blows past. However, it is important to keep lips looking clean and moisturized, so a lip scrub can be helpful. The cleansing beads in facial scrubs may be too large and too harsh for your lips, so get one that’s just for the lip area, where the skin can be thinner than our eyelids, according to guru Clarence.

Lady First Singapore

2) If you are a young man about to meet potential in-laws, remember that slick hairstyles are NOT suitable. You want a look that portrays trustworthiness so avoid going with the ‘bad boy’ look.

Lady First SG

3) If you are a slightly more mature woman, avoid what Lina did by wearing a white dress and going with a makeup look that had her cheeks and eyes looking too pink. In fact, her skin tone is pretty dark so it doesn’t make any sense to have extremely pink cheeks. Clarence’s suggestion is to apply blusher in a circular motion, or use downward strokes, to ensure it blends in well. And, of course, pick the right shade of blusher!

Lady First Singapore Lina

You can also consider using a micro-blur product to cover wrinkles around the eye area, a glow creator to add a bit of sparkle to your look, but definitely always apply makeup according to your age.


To check out the products featured in this episode (I already want to buy a few of them), take part in contests, and find out what the next episode is about, head over to


Sponsored Link:

Take Note, Shopaholics: For the best deals when shopping at Singapore’s online sites, grab your coupons at Popular ones include Lazada, Zalora, FlyScoot and many more! :)

Nouri Face and Body Concepts: My Introduction To Eyebrow Embroidery

Nouri Face and Body Concepts is well-loved by customers for its pre-natal and post-natal massage services, but I found out it has a whole suite of services to cater to the needs of the modern woman! I spent almost a full day at Nouri and experienced the Nouri scrub, wrap, facial, tummy slimming, underarm IPL and even 6D eyebrow embroidery!

Nouri is located near Textile Centre, and accessible by bus from Bugis Junction – just two bus stops’ away. Situated at the ground floor of Block 462 (Crawford Lane), it’s easy to feel at home in Nouri. In fact, the quirky decorative pieces give the place a ‘homely’ instead of an atas feel.

Nouri face and body

Do not be fooled by the size of this boutique salon – it is very well-equipped inside. Valerie, the founder of Nouri, strives to ensure she has everything her clients require – whether they have skin concerns, weight issues or need the latest beauty fix. Clients go to her for beautiful brows too (more on this in a bit). Valerie shared with me that she has been offering eyebrow emboidery services since 2007. She received her “first certificate in 3D eyebrow art in 2007 from David brow art academy, had a 2nd upgrade in 2010 with the Ivan Shaper korean eyebrow course and a third upgrade with Browtisan in 2015”.

There are 2 treatment rooms at Nouri, and 1 comes with a shower, right there in the corner:

Nouri Face and Body Concepts

It’s quite convenient as one can immediately pop into the shower after a scrub. Nouri and/or the therapist will be in the room changing the sheets in preparation for the next treatment though. XD


My treatment ‘menu’ for the day:


Valerie found that while I have tanned skin, my skin wasn’t “glowing” because of the accumulation of dead skin cells. So a scrub was ordered. Specially formulated in-house, the scrub isn’t too harsh on the skin.


I then experienced the hot blanket ‘wrap’ at Nouri – I was told it’d be set at “gentle heat” for a longer period of time than at similar centres. It sure got pretty warm eventually and I almost thought I’d pass out. However, the wrap and the induced perspiration helps expel toxins and also alleviate my water retention issue. It’s really effective though I can’t say I like being wrapped up like a burrito and “marinating” in my own perspiration very much. No pain, no gain then. :D


I love the facial treatment most. I’ve been for facials in many different salons and it’s pretty rare to come across a therapist whose fingers dance across your skin. There are many therapists who do facial cleansing and massages as if they are cleaning a tabletop or the bottom of a cooking pot. Valerie, on the other hand, does facials as if she’s polishing an antique (and very expensive) vase. It’s quite a treat, really. Definitely head to Nouri for a pampering facial. :)


As for the tummy slimming, all I can say is that the effects are long-lasting. The special cream starts the fat-burning process, the machine breaks up the fat cells and I even found some red and black marks on my tummy when I got home. It was as if I’d done so many crunches that my mid-section ached. The marks only subsided after a few days. According to Valerie, just a few sessions of this and one can easily slip into a bodycon dress and have no worries about a tummy showing.


I can’t say I like IPL very much as it can sting, especially if it is targeted at the rare pimple or two. A few more sessions are required for the desired effects to be long-lasting.



6D Eyebrow Embroidery

(Yes, that’s my eye and brow. The brown strokes are done by Valerie. They look just like actual hairs! Cool eh?)

When done professionally with adequate numbing cream applied, the 6D Eyebrow Embroidery is not at all painful. You’ll be able to hear scraping-like sounds as the blade makes cuts across your skin. But there should be no pain at all. It’s quite surreal. Do ensure that your therapist uses a new blade for you as each cut may draw blood especially if the surface of your skin is really thin, like mine.

Pre-drawn lines act as a guide for when the actual ‘cuts’ are done:

Nouri 6D Eyebrow Embroidery

With enough numbing cream, there’s no pain at all. You might even fall asleep:

Nouri Face and Body Concepts

Pain is my #1 concern. But the numbing cream used at Nouri really works. After the numbing cream and anesthetic wears off though, it stings a bit… all the way till I got home. Then comes the tricky part: your brows are not supposed to come into contact with water for a week at least. You can purchase Tegaderm plasters from Watsons stores to paste over your brows before you head into the shower, or before you wash your face. And there’s a healing cream from Nouri that I have to apply 5 to 6 times during the day.

Eyebrow Embroidery Repair Cream

And oh… I had to abstain from seafood for a week as well. And truth be told, it’s actually quite troublesome to have to “plaster” my brows before every face wash or shower. Thankfully, the Tegaderm plasters are truly waterproof. I even went for a swim with them on, while I was on a staycation at Park Hotel Alexandra.

Because there wasn’t quite enough time to work on the tail end of one brow during the first session, I popped by Nouri a second time within a week for a quick touch-up.

My brows after the second session at Nouri:

Nouri eyebrow embroidery

(There was temporary swelling under one brow due to the anesthesia)

Because cuts are made on the skin, you can expect scabs to form and then fall off within the next few days. Touch-ups are usually done a month or so after the first session, and you may even require up to 3 sessions. In my case, because the touch-up was done when the skin was still rather ‘tender’ from the earlier cuts made, I did experience some pain. I would describe the pain level as being the equivalent of having three paper cuts on one brow. It’s not very pleasant, so do ensure you set aside enough time for your very first eyebrow embroidery session.

While the original price of the 6D eyebrow embroidery package is S$1800, Nouri Face & Body Concepts is offering a 50% discount to my readers for a limited period. I’d recommend it for ladies who have absolutely no time to perfect their brows in the morning and/or want natural looking brows that don’t look tattoo-ed on.

For more information about Nouri’s range of services, click on these links below:

Nouri Face & Body Concepts facial treatment services

6D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery by Nouri Face & Body Concepts

Lady First Singapore Season 3 Ep 5: Secret To Staying Young Forever

This episode probably gives ‘hope’ to a lot of women (and maybe, men too). :D And there’s a special guest (Rosina Lam, an actress from Hong Kong) who is absolutely gorgeous. If you’ve missed the episode, you can still watch it ‘on demand’ as a StarHub subscriber. *wink*

I’ve learnt a lot from this episode of Lady First Singapore. The most interesting nugget of information I’ve gleaned is about the signs of ageing, and where they appear. Apparently, they can be observed in places like your heels, neck, skin, dark circles & eyebags, hands, and crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes. And truth be told, I really don’t pay much attention to any of these (other than the eye area).

But just by making small tweaks here and there, from the color of your eyeliner to the shape of your eyebrows, you can achieve a significantly younger look. Choose the right brow shape for your face, and the right brow color to match your hair color:

Lady First Singapore

Xiao Kai’s advice to us ladies is to exercise, stay cheerful and to drink more water. Also, it’s important to exfoliate and moisturize our skin. You’ll definitely not want sallow and tired-looking skin.

Lady First Singapore Xiao Kai

If your skin tone is already yellow-ish, Xiao Kai recommends products with Areginine essence, hyaluronic acid, and seaweed extracts. You can head over to StarHub’s Lady First website for more details on the products – link below.

When applying mascara, guru Clarence’s recommendation is to pick waterproof mascaras if your eyelashes have a tendency to become droopy. I have to disagree with him about the choice of color for the eyeliner though… Maybe it looks good off-screen, but on a TV screen it looks like Candyce has some sort of eye infection:

Lady First Singapore Candyce

And oh… Graphic tees are IN this season so go ahead and experiment with colors:

Lady First SG

Looking forward to the next episode – TONIGHT! :D

Head over here for more on Lady First SG:

Interview with Dr. Sylvia Ramirez: How Viveve Treats Vaginal Laxity

Cutis Medical Laser Clinics

[ Pic: Dr. Sylvia and her friendly staff at Cutis ]

I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Sylvia recently, at Cutis Medical Laser Clinics which is located at Pacific Plaza. I’d heard about the Viveve procedure and how it helps treat vaginal laxity, and I had many questions for the doctor. You see… a friend of mine recently became a father, and jokingly told me that he’d wanted to pass a red packet to his wife’s gynae after the delivery of the fairly-large baby, to help stitch his wife up a little tighter down there. I cringed upon hearing that as I hate anything to do with needles. I’ll now be able to share with him this blogpost :D

Cutis is currently offering the Viveve treatment to their clients, and Dr. Sylvia shared that many mothers experience vaginal laxity after vaginal delivery of their babies, but as can be expected, few are likely to openly share about this issue. [I like that this procedure is non-invasive and does not involve needles!]

She also told me that in countries like Japan, sexually active women opt for the Viveve treatment even if they have not given birth to children, so as to get heightened sexual satisfaction! Yup, I found that to be a mind-blowing piece of information. ;)

Let’s just say that my (albeit short) conversation with Dr. Sylvia was a pretty eye-opening one.

This blogpost is specially for you, ladies, so read on…


[ The beautiful waiting area within Cutis ]

Dr Sylvia Ramirez and blogger Grace

[ And a picture with the gorgeous Dr. Sylvia ]

1) Viveve definitely sounds like it would be way less painful than extra stitches after delivery! What is the level of pain and/or discomfort that women undergoing the procedure can expect?

The innovative cooling technique of the Viveve system allows the surface to be sufficiently cooled to experience no discomfort from the heat delivered to the deeper layers of the vagina.

2) How receptive are locals towards this procedure? 

This system has just been launched in Singapore, in end-September, so we do not have any data on the reception of local women towards this treatment yet. Studies in the US and Japan have found, however, that vaginal looseness is one of the biggest issues for women after giving birth – even before weight gain and urinary incontinence.

3) How long must mothers wait, after vaginal childbirth, before going for the Viveve treatment? Can women go for a second treatment after a subsequent childbirth?

Mothers should wait for at least 12 months before undergoing the treatment. Yes, treatments can be repeated.

4) Because it’s for a sensitive region, what precautionary measures has Cutis taken to ensure the safety of the Viveve treatment, and to prevent infections from occurring?

As with any medical treatment, cleanliness of environment is paramount to avoid infections. The treatment tip is also a one time use device which eliminates the possibility of an infection from the device.

Viveve treatment tip

[ I saw how each treatment tip was packed in sterile, sealed bags ]

5) Why is the Viveve system not FDA cleared for the treatment of vaginal laxity, but approved in Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, etc?

The US FDA Approval is notoriously long and is currently in process. CE clearance and Asian FDA approvals are quicker which is why Viveve has launched in these markets first. However, the US is expected to be the largest market and Viveve Inc. is expecting an update on the US FDA clearance by mid 2016.

6) What is the price for one session? And is one session enough for sustained results for, say, 12 months?

The price per session is $4,200. Currently, Cutis has an introductory price of $3,600. Clinical studies from both the US and Japan have shown that the Viveve treatment has restored vaginal tightness to pre-childbirth levels and maintains this tightness for 12 months.

7) What would you say to women who are ‘sitting on the fence’ and not quite sure if they should go for the Viveve treatment?

This treatment is not only for women who have given birth via vaginal delivery or are sexually active but for all women who undergo an aging process. Vaginal tissue also consists of collagen (same as the face) and a Viveve treatment is like putting collagen in the bank. Everybody accepts that skin tightening for the face is an appropriate response to aging and the same logic holds for other parts of the body. Also, women who participated in clinical studies experienced a significant increase in sexual satisfaction over a 12 month period and sexual health is part of overall health.


So there you go… no need for extra stitches after delivery of babies! And with a treatment procedure like Viveve, you can take charge of your sexual health at any time, even if you have not undergone vaginal delivery. :)

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