My New Skincare Products from STENDERS and SOTHYS


I don’t know how beauty bloggers manage their stash of freebies from attending beauty product launches, especially when there can be multiple events to attend in a week. On Wednesday, I attended a SOTHYS launch, and yesterday, STENDERS’. I received the 4 products you see above. And I’ve begun using all of them. (Or else they’ll end up collecting dust somewhere)

And here’s my (quick) take on these products and whether they’re worth your time checking them out…

For SOTHYS, I have to say that the products have a delicate fragrance that would be well-loved. The Intensive Hydrating Serum (50ml) seems to do its job of delivering instant moisturization. The Hydrating gel-cream (50ml) seems to stay on my skin for a long time. Not sure why it’s not absorbed quickly – perhaps I apply too much of it at one go.

As for STENDERS, pretty packaging aside, I do think some of their products are worth buying!


In this second picture, I am holding the STENDERS Gentle Facial Exfoliator (75ml). Where my thumb’s pointing at is where the product ends – the rest of it is just air. I’m not quite sure why the company doesn’t just fill the entire tube with the product.

However, I like the wild rose scent and the consistency of the product – it’s like a jelly, without the micro beads that are present in many exfoliating products. So it’s very gentle on the skin. :)

One of the STENDERS staff did a demo on my pal’s hand and you can see the results below:

STENDERS plaza singapura

This is why regular exfoliation is important for cleaner, glowing skin. :)

The Moisturizing Toner (150ml) comes in a bottle which makes it hard to get the product onto cotton pads quickly. But this also means there’s less wastage, I guess.

STENDERS is located at #03-75, Plaza Singapura. I think their prices are very reasonable – probably around what you’ll pay for Body Shop products.

I was very interested in their 24 Carat Gold products. And I was shocked at how inexpensive they are. Seriously…

STENDERS Singapore

I can imagine how this would be a lovely Christmas present that looks very expensive but doesn’t cost a bomb. *wink*

Lady First SG Season 3 Episode 3: 101 Ways to Get His Attention

Lady First Singapore

This third episode is all about helping ladies to look stunning and get all the attention they crave. The street survey that was done to find out which part of a female’s body men think they look at first was not quite successful it seems, with many of the men interviewed keeping to the safe choice of “her eyes”.

However, the show gives good tips as usual. In the picture above, Candyce swops her frumpy outfit for a sexy, off-shoulder one. If you don’t want to show any cleavage, Keith’s advice is to flaunt your back instead. Apparently, saggy muscles and fats are not as obvious there and the skin on our backs tend to be the fairest and prettiest.

And here are a couple more tips:

(1) Qianyu has hereditary white hair so she recommends the hair dye from one of the show’s sponsors. Guru Wu Yilin shares that color #4 is good for Asians and that you can keep the bottle in a ziplock bag for the next application (and to store it in a cool, dark place, away from the moisture present in a bathroom).

(2) Don’t wear over-the-top accessories like Hayley in the ‘before’ picture. Do note though that pearls are in this season so ensure you get some hair accessories with pearl highlights!

Lady First Singapore Season 3

(3) Hair should be black and shiny. If your hair is ‘yellowish’ and/or too oily, consider using a latherfree shampoo and the raspberry vinegar featured in this episode.

(4) When spraying on perfumes, spray it along your neckline, at the wrists, behind the ears, and at the crook of your elbows. Do not rub, as it destroys the scent! And when purchasing perfumes, spray it on, then walk about the store and let the scent settle first. If you are pleased with the way it finally smells on your skin, then you may go ahead and purchase it.

(5) Pauline Lan described one of the female guests as having “strange” hair and a “really petite” frame. The latter is reportedly 1.47m tall, so Keith put her in these really “thick shoes”. The white pantsuit did give an elongating effect, but I pity any woman who has to wear such shoes as the arch is too extreme and it would be really easy to get a sprain or twisted ankle.

Lady First SG

To find out more about the episodes, giveaways, and featured products, head over to :D

Finding The Best Wedding Vendors in Singapore On Bridestory

Remember my previous post about Bridestory and how I said I’ll share about some of the local wedding vendors I’ve found on their site? :D Well, here are my picks for bridal gown, hair and that all-important wedding cake…

(1) Gown by Ted Wu [Picture from Ted’s portfolio on Bridestory]

Ted Wu Bridestory

No long gowns for me as I’d hate to trip on my dress, and also because shorter gowns make more sense in our climate, especially if you’ll be taking pictures outdoors. The main trouble I’d have with this gown is the need to shape up those arms first… OR… I could just keep my hands on my hips the whole time. Hahaha! :D I love the ruffles, the lace and the ribbon details. And while I’m shaping up those arms, I’d have to get my legs toned too. On second thought, a long gown might not be such a bad idea after all. XD

(2) Hair and Makeup by Cleo Chang [Picture from Cleo’s portfolio on Bridestory]

Cleo Chang bridestory

Truth be told, I hate hair wax and hair spray of all kinds. Once these things get in your hair, they are terribly difficult to wash out and get rid of. I’d like to just get my hair tonged and curls pinned up with not too much fuss, and not too much hair spray either. And then a few tendrils let loose to make it all look effortlessly chic and carefree. Some bling won’t hurt too. :D

(3) Wedding Cake by Febspantry [Picture from Feby’s portfolio on Bridestory]

FebsPantry bridestory

I’ve actually interviewed the owner of Febspantry before! Check out my interview with Feby here. Feby makes really pretty cakes and cupcakes, so yes, who better to bake me a wedding cake than this talented lady? :)

You really should check out Bridestory for your wedding needs if you’re getting married soon! Wedding planning doesn’t have to be a chore if you visit a one-stop site like this one. :)

Lady First SG Season 3 Episode 2: Fashionista Mums

Lady First Singapore Season 3

This second episode of season 3 seems to be a first for Lady First Singapore, in which celebrity moms are invited and they bring their young children with them! As you can see from the picture above, the kids are not quite content to stay seated. There’s Jaime Teo’s daughter in the midst of vacating her seat, and Eelyn’s son could be heard screaming during a good portion of the show. Lina and Shuqing’s children were less… erm… active.

But it’s interesting to watch how the moms react to their kids’ behavior during the filming. :)

Gurus Kevin, Dawn, and Keith dished out advice for moms who want to look their best even after having children. Here are some tips I’ve gotten from watching this episode:

Lady First Singapore Eelyn1) If you don’t want to have an uneven skin tone, make sure you wear sunscreen (and ensure it covers your neck and collar bone).

2) Applying too much loose powder makes you look like you have too much makeup on and it also makes your fine lines more visible. If you have dull or sallow skin, don’t use pink lipstick. Instead, pick a coral shade.

Lady First Singapore Lina Ng

3) If you want to adopt Victoria Beckham’s fashion style, choose outfits with high necklines so it’s harder for kids to grab at your clothes when you carry them. Choose clothes in bright colors too if you’re not wearing any accessories (again because the kids will grab at them). You can even make your kids your ‘fashion accessories’ by dressing them in handsome outfits. *wink*

Lady First Singapore Season 3 exercises for moms

4) Make sure you keep exercising even after having children. It helps keep you in shape and can also be a good bonding time for you and your children. Here, Dawn demonstrates the ‘Superman’ exercise. You can also do squats together with your kid – work those thighs (especially the inner thighs)!

Lady First Singapore Shuqing

5) When using a BB cushion, use light, patting motions instead of spreading the product onto your face! Use a cream blush and apply it a bit higher than usual for a more youthful look!


To find out more about the featured products, episodes, and contests, head over to

My Top 3 Tips To Help You Pursue Your Dreams and #ChangeDestiny

*29/9/15: This post has been updated

This post is sponsored by The 7th Chamber. The message, meanwhile, is entirely from me :)

Priscilla Shunmugam

SK-II has done a survey and found out that only 17% of women dare to pursue their dreams and change their own destiny. This concept of changing one’s destiny might sound ‘iffy’ and difficult to understand, but what it means to me is the question of whether I’m currently doing what I love to do. If I am, then there’s no need to change anything unless I’m not happy.

Are YOU perhaps feeling ‘stuck’ in a job? Are you feeling burnt out from work yet unwilling to leave the comforts of a regular paycheck behind? Do you sometimes feel like you’d much rather do something else, or live someone else’s life?

Some people are able to break out of that mold themselves while others need a push, kick or shove. Renowned fashion designer Priscilla Shunmugam left her previous job as a lawyer to become a fashion designer (I believe she broke out of the mold herself and you can watch the video below) while I was ‘pushed’ out of my S$114,000 job due to various factors, not just the lure of full-time blogging. :D

Find out more here:

But here are my 3 tips for you if you would like to take a step in the direction of your dreams but don’t know where to start…

1. Start Where You Are

If you’re in a job which pays the bills but doesn’t feed your soul, and you know you’d much rather be doing something else, well, do it without quitting your job! It’s what I did too. I love interviewing people so I started my blog and conducted those interviews (for free at first) while I kept my S$114,000 job. Everyone needs a hobby, right?

I know of a home baker who works for a non-profit organisation (click on the link to read the interview) and who bakes and sells premium and oh-so-beautiful cakes as a (money-making) hobby.

2. Begin With The End In Mind

I’m not talking about any random task here, I’m talking about your life! Imagine that you’re now 70, or 80 years old, and looking back on what you have achieved. Will your thoughts be full of “I should have…” or “If only…” statements?

Some people will say “Don’t Live With Regret”, I’d say “Don’t Leave With Regret”. If there’s something you’d like to do now, do it.

3. Listen To Your Heart

We listen to much of the well-meaning advice from family, friends, and the society at large. Their voices are amplified while we mute the murmurs of our hearts.

I conducted a blogging workshop for a group of university alumni once, and one lady who attended the session was actually sent by her father-in-law, who attended (and loved) an earlier session I conducted. The heavily-pregnant lady, who is a lawyer, was visibly bored – she had zero interest in blogging and was there only because she was sent by her FIL.

I spoke with her, and as always, asked if she loved her job as a lawyer. Her answer was unsurprisingly, that she didn’t enjoy her work. I asked her what she’d rather be… and her answer: architect (while her eyes lit up). But her family wanted her to be a lawyer so she became one.

Yes, she’s well-to-do. Yes, she’s in a “stable career”. Yes, she can buy everything she wants.

But can she buy happiness? :)

My friend, make a change today. :)

Lady First Singapore Season 3 Episode 1: Bosom Buddies

Lady First Singapore season 3

I cannot be happier that Lady First Singapore is back again – and it’s already SEASON THREE! :D The set is now even more eye-catching, and I’ve noticed that everyone who appears in episode one has formidable brows. (No, seriously!)

Missed an episode? Just press the ‘VOD’ button and you’ll be able to watch it. And if you’re staying indoors since the haze doesn’t seem to be getting better, you might as well pick up some beauty and fashion tips, and win some prizes too! :)

And here are Kevin and Keith – notice those brows, especially Kevin’s?

Lady First Singapore Kevin and Keith

The first episode of season 3 is kind of in-your-face as it’s all about boobs. And Kanny’s bosom buddies definitely stole the limelight right from the start. The ‘makeover’ was most welcome and I guess the most important thing people learn from watching this episode is about how to look sexy in a tasteful manner:

Lady First Singapore Kanny

5 Takeaways From This Episode:

  1. Instead of wearing bras in bright colors under a see-through top, pick a bra that is skin-colored instead.
  2. Don’t wear a bra that is one size smaller and try to make your breasts look bigger. It doesn’t work that way and ugly bulges will appear (even at the back)!
  3. Small-busted? Get a bra that gets your breasts focused inwards. An added benefit is that you’ll also look (more) slender.
  4. Wearing the wrong bra can result in the thickening of fats and pigmentation due to abrasions. Poor blood circulation, sagging and shrinkage can also occur.
  5. Want bigger, firmer breasts? Use a breast-enhancing mousse and massage your breasts in the daytime and at night. Exercise helps too! And while you’re doing the massages, it helps rid your body of lymphatic toxins, and it could also serve as a breast examination in which you can check for lumps or other abnormalities.

For a list of the products featured in this episode, and fabulous giveaways, head over to:

Lady First Singapore Is Back With Season 3! :D

Lady First SG Xiao Kai Lao Shi

I attended the recent Lady First beauty workshop held at Suntec City two Sundays ago, and once again got to see Xiao Kai in action. He’s arguably the most handsome guru featured on Lady First Singapore and it’s little wonder why. He takes pride in looking his best at all times. Apparently, he takes 2 hours to get himself ready before he heads out of the house. This is why he looks so flawless.

When it comes to dispensing beauty advice though, he keeps to three words most of the time…

” 凭感觉 “

It literally means “it’s based on how you feel”.

It can be quite frustrating to hear these words if they are uttered by a less-charming host. It’s like when you’re trying to learn a new recipe and the chef is unable (or unwilling) to tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you should add. This means you are unable to replicate the dish at home if you need precise instructions.

It’s the same with this beauty segment. There are no straightforward answers from Xiao Kai.

Ask him what shade of blusher suits your skin tone, and he’ll use those 3 words. Ask him how thick your brows should be and he’ll use those 3 words.

His rationale is that even if he says a certain color will look great on you, but you do not like it, then you won’t use it anyway. So you must feel good first before you will look good. And in a strange way, it does make sense!

So make sure you catch Lady First Singapore Season 3 every Tuesday evening – on StarHub’s E City (CH 111/825). Get as many tips as you can, and test them out to see if it suits you and if you feel good, then incorporate it into daily living! :)

Lady First SG giveaway

And, of course, there were lots of prizes given away. Even shoppers who stopped by just to listen in could win fabulous prizes after answering some questions. :)

And the stage games were hilarious. This one involved the sticking of cotton pads onto their faces using the Albion Skin Conditioner. I thought the lady would be the obvious winner since she’s probably the one with the most experience using cotton pads and skincare products, but the winner was actually the guy in the white shirt! :D

Lady First SG stage game

If you’d like to win some prizes too, then head over to StarHub Community – there’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, an Apple Watch, and other prizes up for grabs! Link here:

And if you’re curious about what each episode of Lady First (Season 3) is about, here’s a list:

Episode 1: Bosom Buddies (胸有大志傲人秘笈)
Episode 2: Fashionista Mums (时尚妈妈速成班)
Episode 3: 101 ways to get his attention (让男人为你转身的秘诀?)
Episode 4: Get Yourself a Celeb Bod (至少瘦5公斤,享瘦绝招大公开)
Episode 5: Secret to Staying Young Forever (冻龄美丽魔法)
Episode 6: Impress at First Sight (初次见面必杀技)
Episode 7: Say Goodbye to Acne (拯救痘痘脸,无暇肌肤大作战)
Episode 8: Beauty Hacks for Power Women (职场常胜军)
Episode 9: Beauty Round the Clock (美丽24小时不打烊)

Happy Watching and Stay Beautiful (and Dashing) !!!

Ziaja Manuka Tree: Skincare For Oily And Combination Skin

*Giveaway* Be 1 of 2 Winners of the FULL Manuka Tree range. Details at the end of this blogpost :)

Ziaja Manuka Tree skincare

I don’t think I have ever done a review of an entire range of skincare products. It’s because I tend to pick out the products I think would best suit me and incorporate them into my already very basic skincare regime. But Ziaja has this range for oily and combination skin (which suits me to a T) and the company wants to sponsor two full sets (worth S$59.50 each) for my readers as well, so I thought it best if I try all 5 products myself first. So here goes…

Ziaja Manuka Tree Purifying Normalising Cleansing Gel

1) Manuka Tree Purifying Normalising Cleansing Gel

I’ve said this before – I like products which smell good. And this one sure does smell good. My skin feels clean and soft after the cleanse so I really wouldn’t mind getting another bottle of this cleansing gel.

2) Manuka Tree Purifying Astringent Face Toner

The toner comes in a spritz bottle so I thought I should just spray it onto my face directly. The instructions on the bottle say otherwise though. You’re supposed to apply the product using a cotton pad. In which case, it should just be any regular bottle, no? This one makes me feel like spraying it on, like I do with a face mist. Ha!

I like how it’s cooling on the skin and gets absorbed quickly too. And it smells pretty good for a toner! It’s a pretty big 200ml bottle so it’s gonna last a really long time.

3) Manuka Tree Purifying Normalising Day Cream (SPF 10)

Ziaja Manuka Tree Purifying Normalising Day Cream

What’s great about this day cream is the matifying effect it gives. After one full day, my face doesn’t get oily like it usually does. I’m very impressed! Of course, the low SPF of just 10 is not as impressive, but this product helps even out skin tone and has moisturizing properties too. If you’re someone who doesn’t wear sunblock ‘cos you find it sticky/heavy/oily like I do, then you might really want to consider getting this product. This 50ml tube will fit into any handbag too, so stick it into your bag and you can apply it anytime in the day if you forget to do so in the morning. *I tend to forget about sunblock. :D

4) Manuka Tree Purifying Gently Exfoliating Night Cream with Almond Acid

I have mixed feelings about this one. It’s supposed to help with “exfoliating” but you’re supposed to leave it on overnight, instead of washing it off. And I got a huge pimple under my right eye the next day (not sure if it’s due to this). My skin also looked a little dry, with more visible pores. I’ve read reviews online and this product works better on other people, I’m not sure why, and the company has assured me that it’s not supposed to cause any pimples. However, my recommendation is that you apply a face mask after cleansing in the morning, and problem’s solved. :)

5) Manuka Tree Purifying Deeply Cleansing Peeling Paste

It works as an effective scrub with micro-beads to help remove impurities. It’s not too harsh on my skin, so I don’t mind using it more than once a week. It is supposed to help prevent the formation of blackheads too, so go ahead and apply it generously on your nose during cleansing. :)

~ Giveaway ~

To win the full set of products so you can experience what Ziaja’s Manuka Tree range has to offer, simply head over to my facebook page to take part in the giveaway! :)

Also, there’s a cool 20% OFF ALL Ziaja products at Watsons, starting TODAY! :D If there’s any Ziaja product you’d like to try now, hurry and get it at Watsons stores before the promo ends!~

Desire Aesthetics: Get An SG50 Promo For An Award-winning Facial Treatment :)

Desire Aesthetics

If you enjoy a good facial and massage (I sure do!), then you might love what I have in store for you in this post! Desire Aesthetics is offering a special SG50 promo for my readers, which you’ll find at the end of this post! :) But first, here’s a brief introduction to the company…


Desire Aesthetics is a premiere aesthetic boutique that offers a complete range of aesthetic services for the rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. The programs are customised to each individual by qualified staff producing clinically proven results.

Desire Aesthetics has won awards from Singapore Tatler’s Best of Singapore every year since 2008! Want to try their award-winning treatments? :)

Desire Aesthetics invites you to enjoy a treatment consisting of:
– Deep cleansing
– Non surgical skin tightening
– Massage

All for just S$50! The total value of this package is S$200! Only available at the International Plaza branch (10 Anson Road, #03-33, International Plaza, Singapore 079903) *Strictly by Appointment only: +65 6222 8586

Stay beautiful, folks! :)


*This post is part of my 50 for SG campaign – details HERE. Business owners who donate a minimum of S$50 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation will get a feature (at no cost) on my blog. :D

Kinworks Tsubaki Hair Care: Claim Your SG50 Promo Code Now :)

Kinworks Tsubaki

Established in 1932 (in Spain), KIN Cosmetics is an international hair-care brand with a strong presence in more than 20 countries. KIN Cosmetics is a market leader among the professional labels, using the natural ingredients and formulations to deliver products of the highest quality.

KIN Cosmetics Singapore has won several awards, such as:

  • 3 distinctive 2015 Hair Awards by The Singapore Womens’ Weekly
  • 2015 Hair Awards by Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore
  • SME Asia Award 2014 by Asian Business Journal

KIN Cosmetics Singapore specialises in a wide array of professional hair products, such as hair colouring, hair and scalp treatments and home-care products, with an island-wide presence of over 200 salons and still growing.

Their latest arrival is KINWORKS Tsubaki, a simple 2-step home-care treatment that consists of a shampoo and a mask. The 400ml shampoo is paraben-free, and the 200ml mask is both paraben-free and silicone-free.

What is Tsubaki Oil?
Tsubaki oil is a natural beauty ingredient used by the Chinese and Japanese for centuries. It contains high levels of Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9 acids. KINWORKS Tsubaki Oil Shampoo (S$38) & Mask (S$40) will smoothen, moisturise and add shine to all hair types. This treatment has a warm and seductive fragrance that evokes a relaxing experience.

It is available at authorised salons and online at (Use promotional code “gracesg50” for 10% discount on all items and get free domestic delivery)

For enquiries, call +65-62580118.


*This post is part of my 50 for SG campaign – details HERE. Business owners who donate a minimum of S$50 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation will get a feature (at no cost) on my blog. :)