Guardian: My Favorite Health & Beauty Store :)

I went to the Guardian outlet at Waterway Point this week because I wanted to stock up on mosquito patches. I ended up buying BRAND’S products because there was a too-good-to-miss promotion happening. But the reason for the mosquito patches? Two days ago, I killed two mosquitoes (the kind which explode in a bloody mess on your palms) within 5 minutes of getting out of bed. I figured the mozzie problem is getting serious, no thanks to construction sites nearby. Also, there’s been a sharp increase in the number of dengue cases this year, so it’s time to fight back. I’ve been using a lemongrass room spray scent from Mt Sapola (now called Hysses) every night since, right before bedtime. I spray it at entry/exit points of our home such as the bedroom windows, toilet windows, etc. And I haven’t spotted a mosquito since.

Now, as for the BRAND’S promotion, I saw that apart from the discounted prices for BRAND’S products, there’s also a further $8 off if you purchase more than 1 item. So I picked out two BRAND’S items.

Essence of Chicken 12 x 68ml bottles (which come with 2 x 60ml bottles of Lutein essence) $31.80 (*It’s $37.90 on BRAND’S Online Store and doesn’t even come with free Lutein Essence)

Berry Essence 12 x 42ml bottles $22.80 (It’s $26.90 on BRAND’S Online Store)

And because I picked 2 BRAND’S items, there’s a further $16 (2 x $8) off!

Impossible not to buy them, right? So I did. 😀 I really don’t know if the promotion is still ongoing. But you’re welcome to pop by your nearest Guardian store to find out.

The Guardian BuzzAway anti-bugs patches cost $5.15 for a pack of 24 pcs while the Eagle Brand Citronella Oil (30ml) costs just $2.60.

Do consider getting some mosquito patches or sprays to protect yourself and your loved ones. I’ve not gotten dengue fever before but I know of friends who have and it’s not something I’m keen on experiencing for myself. Hence, no plants at home! 😀

Brand’s Innershine Pre+Probiotics & Sesamin with Schisandra Extract

brand's innershine pre + probiotics

If you still think Brand’s sells only chicken essence, you’ve seriously got to check out their ENTIRE range of products. Yesterday, I got to learn more about the Brand’s Innershine Pre+Probiotics and their Sesamin with Schisandra Extract at a sharing session held at Popular’s Bookfest in Suntec. Brand’s also offered participants a goodie bag with items I found interesting because they were so unexpected. 😀

Anyway, here’s a quick crash course for all you folks who weren’t present at the session yesterday. You probably know all about probiotics already and how you can get them in yoghurt and other fermented foods. Prebiotics is the ‘food’ for the probiotics, and can be found in foods such as garlic, asparagus, flaxseed, seaweed, etc. We have about 100 trillion microbes in our gut, more than the total number of cells in our body. And when you have more good than bad bacteria, you get improved immunity and even better complexion! If not, there is an increased risk of allergies, fatigue, falling ill often, etc. The key is to find a good prebiotic that feeds only the good bacteria, and not the bad ones. That’s why Brand’s has xylooligosaccharide in this product: Brand’s Innershine Pre+Probiotics.

You can consume it straight from the sachet or add it to cold water like I’ve done:

Brand's Innershine pre+probiotics review

It’s said to have a “tasty peach flavor” but honestly, I think it tastes just like plain water which smells like a peach-flavored beverage. 😀 In case you think it’s sweet, it’s not. So go ahead and add it to your salads, juices and desserts. Kids should take 1 sachet while adults take 2, after meals. It’s incredibly convenient to carry around, even when you’re traveling, and it doesn’t require refrigeration at all. To purchase, visit and use coupon code PRE15OFF for $15 off a box (u.p. $49.90 for 30 sachets).

And here’s what was in the goodie bag given out yesterday: Soyfresh Hershey’s Chocolate Flavoured Soy Milk, Kang Kang Wholegrain Hokkien Noodles which unfortunately will expire in 5 days’ time so I’d better cook them soon, and Pre+Pro samples. 😀

brand's goodie bag


Brand's sesamin with schisandra extract

As for the Sesamin with Schisandra Extract, what you’re safeguarding is your liver, which has over 500 functions in your body, and is your 2nd largest organ. The sesamin (from just 0.5% of a sesame seed) helps in liver protection, regulating blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol, etc. But if you were to try and get sufficient sesamin from eating sesame seeds, you’ll have to eat a whole lot of them. So it’s easier to just get supplements, according to Brand’s. Schisandra is from the Magnolia vine and works in a similar fashion to sesamin, but is also an adaptogen (help balance your hormones), combats inflammation and can aid in cognitive enhancement.

This product should be taken after meals. You take 4 tablets daily if you’re over age 15. This product is probably unsuitable for kids, since they don’t need them. XD

I think Brand’s can probably work towards reducing the number of tablets required. Four’s just too much for me. I have trouble swallowing tablets – I end up drinking more water than usual. 😀 Why not put all that goodness into ONE tablet, or have it in sachet form like the Pre+Probiotics?

In any case, if you’d like to purchase this product, use coupon code SCHTRY15 over at and you’ll get $15 off each box of 120 tablets (u.p. $48) plus free delivery.

Really Worth Buying: Hysses x Lazada Surprise Box

hysses x lazada surprise box

Now, if you’re wondering “Hysses? What’s Hysses? Never heard of it!”, well the brand used to be called Mt. Sapola. 😉 And I’m a fan of Mt Sapola’s products. Absolutely love Mt Sapola’s diffusers because they really help keep out mozzies. After the rebranding however, I’ve not been back to the company. I don’t know why either. Hmm. Might be the weird-sounding name I can’t pronounce. 😀 Thanks to Lazada, I get to review the Hysses x Lazada surprise box and I think I’ve just fallen in love with the company again. I found 3 products within the box and have already begun using one of them: the Ginger Lemongrass Body Oil:

hysses surprise box review

I wouldn’t say it’s 100% non-sticky but it’s barely noticeable. And the scent’s pretty alluring… to me. This product is certified organic and also cruelty free (so important to animal lovers!) and while it’s made in Singapore, the ginger is sourced from India and the lemongrass from Thailand (no surprise there). This product retails for $15.90 at Hysses.

The two other items in the box are valued at S$86.80 in total. So do the math and you’ll know the products in this box are easily worth over S$100! And it’s going for just $29 during the Lazada 12.12 Campaign, which runs from 10th to 12th December 2018. You should totally invest in a set for yourself or as a Christmas gift for a friend or even for your company’s gift exchange! Yup mark your calendar or set an alarm with your phone ‘cos you’ll want to get your hands on one of these Hysses x Lazada surprise boxes for sure!

Here are a few more reasons why you should shop during Lazada’s 12.12 promo period: Up to 90% off, 1 MILLION deals, up to $120 vouchers, and of course, THE SURPRISE BOXES (priced at $29, $49 and $99 but are worth $100 or more).

Go ahead and check out the good deals before everyone else -> LAZADA

Book Review: ‘Somebody I used to know’ by Wendy Mitchell

somebody I used to know by wendy mitchell

Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with early-onset dementia at the age of 58 and her memoir ‘Somebody I used to know’ helps readers understand a little better what it is like to be living with dementia. Sure, it freaks me out – suddenly not recognizing where I am nor remembering why I’m in a certain place would be really scary – but it offers hope too, in that there are different stages so you have some time to implement certain coping strategies.

For instance, Wendy uses technology to help her out – reminders to eat her meals and take her medication, for remembering birthdays, GPS tracking so her daughters know where she is, etc. And Post-it notes deserve special mention too as they have been so useful to her as reminders of where she is and what she needs to take with her (especially when she travels for conferences and such).

I’m really impressed by how she insists on having her daughters be her daughters (only), and not her carers. All too often, Asian parents expect their children, like insurance policies, to pay them back in times of sickness or in their old age. I’ve even heard of people who do not get married because they need to take care of aged or ill parents. I’m of the opinion that should I have children, I won’t want them to wipe my bum or wheel me around when I’ve lost my mobility. They have their own lives to lead as well.

Wendy sees the ‘silver lining’ too. For example, she can watch a show multiple times and be entertained the same as she doesn’t remember the plot or how it ends.


One big takeaway from reading this book is that people living with dementia may not remember people, places or events very well but they’ll remember how they felt during the interaction. So make them feel welcome, supported, appreciated and loved. And you can count on them to remember those feelings. 🙂

Also, Wendy has a blog over at Go check it out! 🙂

BRAND’S Lutein Essence Promo Code (Lazada)

lutein essence promo code

If you’d like to try BRAND’S Lutein Essence, there’s no better time than right now, when there’s a $3 discount code plus free delivery. 😀 The lutein essence is on sale right now at (S$21.90) and you can use my promo code and get an additional discount of $3, so you pay just $18.90. So it works out to just over $3 per bottle. Delivery is free.

It’s a small price to pay. Buying vegetables like kale, asparagus and brussel sprouts to give me an equivalent amount of lutein would cost me way more than S$3.

So I’ve paid for yet another box of lutein essence. It’s delivered in a huge cardboard box… 😀

brand's lutein essence lazada

This code is valid only till 31st March 2018. So, hurry and get S$3 off your purchase of BRAND’S Lutein Essence from Lazada. 🙂

Run For Good: Balloon Run 2017

Balloon Run Singapore 2017

[ Pic not taken by me. My “rep” took this 😀 ]

October 1st appears to be an auspicious date – so many events happening today. While I was meditating under an imaginary mango tree at the Space Out Competition, he was completing a 5km run at the Run For Good: Balloon Run 2017. I’d signed up for both events and only realized much later that there’s a scheduling clash. So he went for one, and I went for the other. LOL. #Teamwork

While there are many environment-related concerns because of the use of so many balloons for this run, I have to agree with the organizers that the sight of balloons (especially such colorful ones) really helps make people feel happy. That brilliant balloon rainbow for the start / end point is so cute!

I like the strap attached to the medal as well. And he also brought back a floral balloon sculpture for me. Aww…

Balloon Run medal

The race cost just $12 per pax, with the money going to charity. It’s easily one of the most affordable races and they aren’t stingy with freebies either.

He received Wall’s ice cream (if it’s sponsored, THANK YOU WALL’S!), water and a banana.

Balloon Run Singapore

[ Pic not taken by me. My “rep” took this 😀 ]

After the Durian Run, and now the Balloon Run, I really cannot wait to find out what other fun Run will take place next. So exciting! 😀

La Source Spa: If You Need A Really Good Massage

La Source Spa Singapore

I went to La Source Spa today for the very first time – it’s their 10th anniversary! When the founder, Jane, looked me in the eyes and said it has not been easy at all, I really did believe her. The spa’s prime location along Scotts Road (opposite Far East Plaza and to the left of Galleria) doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. Locals would not usually walk along that stretch, I suppose. But the spa has won fans such as socialite Jamie Chua (who’s known for her collection of Hermes bags and appreciation of the finer things in life).

I enjoyed a complimentary neck + shoulder + hand massage today. It was most enjoyable even though the seating arrangement was a little weird. We sat on acrylic chairs – two rows facing each other – in one of the spa’s treatment rooms (where people usually get facials done, I believe). The therapist, Yaya, helped alleviate the stiffness in my neck, shoulder and arms. SO GOOD!

Didn’t manage to visit the various ‘stations’ (I think there was angel card reading and who knows what else). Just had a massage, some finger food and I left for lunch at Saveur.

I really do love those balloons – stared at them for a while 😀

La Source Spa review

I’m not usually one to reach out for cake pops but these golden blobs were really tempting. And tasted as good as they looked, which was a surprise!

La Source Spa

I liked the mini lobster charcoal burgers as well. Delish!

Mini Lobster Charcoal Burger

And the Ethereal Garden Tiramisu Pot looked so real – like little plants sprouting out of soil. I wonder if any of the guests would eat this…

Ethereal Garden Tiramisu Pot

If you’re in the Orchard area and would like a good massage, I’d highly recommend you pop by La Source Spa. Their in-house range of products smell heavenly and there’s nothing quite like a mid-day massage. You’ll need it if you want to shop till you drop!

Pocari Sweat Run 2016: The Most Enjoyable Run Thus Far

Pocari Sweat Run 2016

Last Saturday, we went for the Pocari Sweat Run at the Marina Bay Floating Platform, and though we haven’t been running for a while now, we had such fun at this particular race. I signed us up for the 5km race and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Allow me to share with you the highlights of the event 😀

First up, I LOVED that the race started at 6pm. If you’ve NEVER gone for a race before, try signing up for one that starts in the evening. I’m rather terrified of races that start early in the morning when the sun’s not even up yet. You have to drag yourself out of bed and you’d most likely have to shell out good money for a taxi to get to the venue on time because the trains and buses aren’t in operation yet. You COULD, however, save some money by taking the official shuttle buses (if any) that could cost something like 6 bucks or so per pax. Unfortunately, that means you may have to wake up even earlier to make it for the pickup time in your estate. (Tip: Sleep while on the bus OR just sleep earlier the night before)

Secondly, I loved how well-organized the 2016 Pocari Sweat Run was. There were signs to tell us where to go, where to wait, where baggage deposit was, etc. The waiting ‘pen’ was not unpleasant and we could very orderly make our way to the start line. I liked also that we could get drinks before the race. That’s something that has rarely ever happened at other races. But since it’s the Pocari Sweat Run, OF COURSE you get to drink your fill of Pocari Sweat! 🙂 The downside of this generous gesture was that I had to complete the race with a full bladder, so I couldn’t run as fast as I would have. LOL! But I felt very fortunate for picking 5km instead of 10km! 😀 (Interestingly though, after the first water point around the 1km mark or so, there were no other water points. Hmm)

Also, for the first time, I had such fun during the pre-race warm-up session that the organizers had planned. Three very muscular fitness instructors got up on stage (I think they are from Fitness First) and they led us through a quick warm-up (think jump rope on the spot, stretches, rotations, etc) and they did this… to the tune of the POKEMON theme song! LOL! So so enjoyable, and so relevant to what’s going on these days, i.e. the Pokemon Go craze. It really got us into a good mood for the race!

What was really cool though was the love the organizers had for their media friends. We got wristbands which supposedly gave us special access to photo spots…

Pocari Sweat Run media invite

AND that VIP corner:

Pocari Sweat Run Singapore

At the VIP section, there were tables (with Pocari Sweat) and food provided by Emporium Shokuhin! 🙂 There were chicken and unagi kebabs, and pastries including tarts and slices of cake. I was taken aback by the spread (and calories) but I guess there’s no better time to feast than after a run when your body’s gonna burn those calories faster than usual. Woohoo!~ Such a treat!

Finally, I was pretty impressed by the rather hefty finisher’s medal. It looked and felt like a medallion. Upon completing the race, we were also given bottles of Pocari Sweat and really fresh bananas. I’m so looking forward to the next installment of the race. And yes, I think 5km’s gonna be good enough! 🙂


If you haven’t been training for a particular race, then what you need right after would be a good massage / foot reflexology session. I was so fortunate to have a loving better half book a massage for us post-race. It was a good deal via Groupon for Urban Spa located in the City Hall area. The foot soak and massage helped relieve sore muscles and ensured we didn’t have aches and pains the next day. The staff were attentive, the session went well, and there was no hard-selling. Only thing that prevented them from getting “full marks” was the weak air-conditioning. Pity. But I might pop by again if I’m in the area. 🙂

Urban Spa Singapore


Refer A Business Owner & Receive S$500*

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*For each successful referral leading to a sign-up

Why Singaporeans Go To Work When They’re Sick

Go to work when ill

I try to avoid taking trains during peak hours as it’s near impossible to escape when another passenger near me sneezes or coughs. Trapped in that impossibly small space, one either risks inhaling the airborne viruses or hold one’s breath till the next station and flee from the train. Singapore does not have a culture of being civic-minded, unlike countries like Taiwan and Japan, where people wear face masks whenever they are ill. In fact, if you cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, you are already very “polite”/”cultured”. So many people sneeze, cough and clear their throat with zero consideration for the people around them. But have you ever wondered why Singaporeans go to work even when they are ill?

#1: Too Much Work To Do / The Company Cannot Do Without Me

Some people are genuinely good-natured and do not want to trouble others to cover their duties for them. In other words, paiseh lah. Perhaps it’s a special project that the team has been working on for the past few months and today’s D-Day and everything has to go smoothly? Perhaps, too, you may not want others claiming the credit for the project’s success (during your absence)?

#2: For A ‘Wayang’ Show For The Boss

During my JC days, there was a tutor who “taught” us many things such as how to “act busy”. The tutor also taught us how to make our (future) bosses impressed by our work ethic and dedication to the job. One day, he was down with the flu but still came to teach, and when he had to leave for an urgent meeting with the Principal, he brought along AN ENTIRE BOX of tissues even though there was probably no real need for the whole box. But for dramatic effect, it worked. I heard he got multiple promotions later down the road.

#3: To Score That ‘No Sick Leave’ Bonus

Some companies offer staff a bonus if they go an entire month without taking sick leave. On one hand, it provides employees with an incentive to stay fit and healthy, and for the company’s operations to run smoothly as people do not go on medical leave for any little ailment. On the flipside, it means that employees who are ill may still come to work if their condition is not so severe that they cannot get out of bed. What this also means is that if they have a contagious virus (such as the flu virus), they’ll likely end up sharing the love within the office. If you have a performance appraisal coming up, you’ll also not want to have your superior take special notice of your absence due to sick leave either.

#4: Because Your Boss Is A Slave Driver

Someone told me that his slave driver manager once told the office that “If you are fit enough to walk to the GP to get an MC, you can come to work”. Good luck to that manager when he eventually falls ill. It means he’s probably in hospital if he isn’t in the office.


Ever wondered why Singaporeans don’t wear masks when they are ill?

Excuse #1: It’s not comfortable.

Excuse #2: Worry about being ostracized. *I once wore a mask while on a train and a lady was about to take the seat next to mine – her butt was already hovering over the seat – when she noticed my mask, and hurriedly walked away. I’m not complaining. I love the extra space 😀

Excuse #3: “Trapped germs not dispelled from body” – easily the weirdest excuse I’ve heard thus far. But I guess it’s also why some people don’t cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze; they don’t want the “germs” on their hands.

Whatever your excuse may be, do note that for the sake of the people around you, you really should put on a mask and practise proper hygiene and be considerate. If you’re ill, stay home. You’ll recover faster with adequate rest too! 😛

Diamond Dash 2016: Vertical Challenge To Win Diamonds and Staycations

Diamond Dash 2016

Couple Planking

When I first heard about this vertical challenge called the Diamond Dash, I thought it’s a really cool idea! I love how I don’t have to be part of the fastest couple team but can still win a diamond in the lucky draw. 😀 Needless to say, I’ve signed up. And here’s why you should too… even if you are single (because there’s a Singles category too)…

Here are my 5 reasons why you should sign up for Diamond Dash:

1) Awesome Prizes: Diamonds and Staycations up for grabs

Need I say more? Which other race gives you a chance to win such prizes? 😀

Diamond Dash Prize

2) Cool Race Entitlements

You’ll receive an exclusive race t-shirt, active tights shorts, a tote bag, a finisher medal, a race belt for personal belongings, race bib (competitive category with timing chip), and more.

Diamond Dash Entitlements

3) Bonding Time For Couples (M/F, M/M, F/F)

There will be a lucky draw to award a 1.50 carat Diamond in an 18k white gold ring setting from Ilya Diamonds (worth $20,000) to one lucky couple in the Couples Category. A 2D1N Klapsons staycation prize will also be given to the best dressed couple.

Diamond Dash Couples Category

You can sign up as a Male/Female couple, or a Male/Male or Female/Female couple. *wink* You’ll race on Day Two (8th May, Sunday).

4) Meet Other Singles Who Are Ready To Mingle

Those who sign up for the Singles category will race on Day One (7th May, Saturday), and there will also be a fun get together session for the participants to mingle.

The fastest male and female individual dasher will also receive a 0.80 carat Diamond Pendant (worth $8,000). A 2D1N Klapsons staycation prize will be awarded to the best dressed individual.

Diamond Dash Singles Category

5) Held Over Two Days, With Affordable Fees

Early bird rates are at S$29.50 per pax, while normal rates are at S$39.50 per pax. Sign up before Valentine’s Day! 🙂 Compared to many other races in Singapore, the fees are really very reasonable. And considering how you’ll get a tshirt, active tights shorts, a tote bag, a race belt, etc, I’d say the fees are pretty low, don’t you think?

Diamond Dash Stairs

Go on… you know you want to sign up: