Interview with Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar


1)     Why did you choose to become a lawyer and what do you love most about the work you do?

Unlike many people, I must say I am rather fortunate. It was my ambition as a teenager to grow up to be a lawyer someday. It was a wish come true. Especially considering my father could not afford to send me to law school. I worked part time and slogged the night and weekends away studying for my law degree and then the English Bar exams. I studied for the English Bar exams in Singapore. My father could not raise the money to send me to England to study full time for even 1 year. I worked during the day, studied at night, saved money to pay for my air fare and tuition fees and went over to London just to sit for the exams and return thereafter. I do not consider it as “work” but instead a vocation. I hope I have made a difference to many people’s lives over the last 15 years I have been a lawyer. That is not to say that it’s all plain sailing. It can get emotionally and psychologically draining. What keeps me going is the fact that I am helping someone with a problem that needs to be taken care of.

2)     How do you manage work-related stress?

I read a lot. I enjoy going for long runs with my MP3 player and a good pair of speakers to keep me company. Most importantly, I realise that 15 minutes of silent meditation each morning  keeps me sane.

3)     You have won numerous Toastmasters speech contests. How do you craft and deliver winning speeches? 

I have always said, never “think” your speech but “feel” it. I have always delivered authentic speeches, speeches born out of the deep recesses of my soul. It’s an art and sometimes a performance. If you have passion for what you do as a speaker, it shows. Speaking to a large group of people puts me in the zone, the stage is my castle, the bigger the crowd the more comfortable I am. With a smaller crowd, I do not feel as comfortable. Rather strange don’t you think?

4)     What are the daily Success Habits you practise?

“Success habits”, really, what’s that? I wish I knew. In the movie the Last Emperor, the young celestial King Pu Yi asked his English tutor, “Sir, are you a gentleman?” and he replied “Well, I try to be!”Likewise, I hope I have been living a decent and honest life, if I am on the right track that would be good enough for me. We come to this world alone, we will leave this world alone.

5)     What advice do you have for bloggers who want to avoid being sued (for whatever reason, eg defamation, plagiarism or copyright infringement, etc)?

If you defame someone by way of slander or posting libellous statements against him, her or it, than you deserve your just desserts. If you feel that you have a point to make and stand on moral ground, come down from your high horse and confront the person face to face, eye to eye. Don’t hide behind social media devices. Philosophically, we have to ask ourselves, why do we want to defame anyone to begin with? Treat others the way you want others to treat you. I am not a Christian, but does the good book not say something to that effect?

Grace says: I would hesitate asking lawyers for an interview because they usually talk a lot but don’t say very much, if you know what I mean. 😉

But I had a very good discussion with Pradeep over lunch previously and found that he really does care a lot about his friends and clients. So if you’re looking for a knowledgeable and friendly lawyer, head over to

It’s great that Pradeep is living his dream of being a lawyer. I think all of us should fight for and live our dreams, in spite of the circumstances we are in. 🙂

Come back soon for the next interview. I have so many interviews to share with you so stay tuned for more! -Grace