Book Review: ‘I am not a label, I am Gary’

i am not a label i am gary

I regret picking up this book to read two nights ago when I was having trouble falling asleep. The reason I couldn’t seem to fall asleep was because I was buzzing after finally spotting Meow, whom I had not seen for weeks. And I regret choosing this book to read late in the night because it has just 168 pages, and was a relatively easy read, and so I finished reading the whole book in one sitting. (>_<) I think I may actually have seen the author working in Eighteen Chefs before, but I’m not quite certain.

Gary’s life is one that’s full of ups and downs, starting from the time his parents divorced when he was three years old. His story reads like the stories of many others before him – dropping out of school, joining a gang, getting into fights, substance abuse, blah blah blah. But in his case, there’s redemption. I love how he got his act together, doing extremely well in school due to sheer perseverance (4.0 GPA! Whoots!)

I was definitely horrified at the parts where he shared about sexual abuse he suffered as a kid, and when he later strangled a girlfriend till she fainted and had to be sent to hospital. I really hope the girl is well today.

I’m so glad Gary is a changed man, and he’s been actively giving back to society by reaching out to at-risk youths, and has even set up Happy Children Happy Future (find them on Facebook) to match volunteer tutors with children from underprivileged families.

One thing Gary wants to achieve with the writing of this book is to shine the spotlight on discrimination towards people with tattoos. I’m not sure what your take on tattoos is, but for me, I think people who DARE to get a tattoo (especially BIG ones) aren’t just brave; they are people who have experienced very painful situations in their lives, and therefore are able to ‘cope’ with the pain that comes with getting a tattoo. As for me, I’ve never wanted a tattoo before as I find that there’s no one perfect spot for a tattoo, and there’s no perfect design even if you’ve miraculously found the right spot, and if the tattoo artist makes a mistake, then guess who’s going to have to live with the mistake? So I really don’t mind if people have tattoos. If I’m an employer, I’d hire someone whether or not he/she has a tattoo (or many). But yes, if a GROUP of people with tattoos are walking towards me, my heart might start beating a little faster. While it may be art and self-expression and all that, one cannot deny that people belonging to gangs tend to also have tattoos.

All in all, I found this book to be a good read. Yes, the author thinks he isn’t a label. But I guess ‘inspiration’, as a label, would be a good one to have, ya?

Movie Review: ‘First Man’ @ Shaw, Waterway Point

first man movie review

[image credit:]

We watched First Man at Shaw (Waterway Point) yesterday as EVERYONE was so taken with the Health Promotion Board’s roadshow that the cinema was just about deserted. Yes, the HPB roadshow was awesome (freebies galore!) and why pay for a movie when you can claim free drinks, free rice and noodle packs, etc, an unlimited number of times? But we thought it was an opportunity not to be missed when we saw how there was absolutely no one in the queue for movie tickets ON A SUNDAY, and there were still lots of SAFRA 1-for-1 tickets available. 😀 We basically picked a movie at random, and ‘First Man’ it was.

The whole movie experience at Shaw this time round was rather weird. There were people coming in an hour after the movie had started, there was a little girl babbling away (not sure why her parents brought her to watch a film it was obvious she did not appreciate) and there were even 4 of the cleaning staff talking and laughing loudly just outside hall 7. Seated at the last row, I was quite distracted by their banter, and even took to opening the door and asking if they would quieten down a little. Sometimes it’s best to just watch movies in the comfort of one’s own home, no?

The movie itself was kind of boring. A family of three even upped and left halfway! I had to stifle some yawns too. But it taught me something I did not know. That Neil Armstrong had a daughter, who died as a toddler due to a tumor. The movie doesn’t show that he had remarried as he did in real life. But it was obvious that the couple had lots of strains in their relationship. How difficult it must be to tell your wife and children that you have to go to the moon, and that you may not return. It sounds like a suicide mission and I don’t blame the wife for hating the choices he makes because he just seems like he’s handing over all responsibility to her, while he goes be part of the space race.

At the end of the day, we realized that once you’ve seen a NASA movie, you’ve seen them all. Same for the zombie movies, really.

Okinawa Day 2: Makishi, Kokusai, American Village, Naha Main Place Mall

We visited Makishi Market, which is about a 15-minute walk from our Kariyushi hotel. Most of the shops and stalls were closed, probably due to the recent typhoon.

We found one stall in the “wet” market selling sashimi. One platter costs just 500yen, inclusive of scallop, uni, etc. Nothing exciting but very cheap. Add 50yen to sit at a table nearby for dining in.

Sashimi at Makishi Market

Sashimi at Makishi Market

We also had one of those doughnut balls(?) that, again, was nothing to shout about. I think we’ll probably give Makishi Market a miss next time.

Should try one of those oyster-like clams in Okinawa.

Along Kokusai Street…

And if you want to get snorkeling gear, head to Donki…

Or get a Minions outfit…

We also found a KOI outlet, with a GIANT ‘cup’ at the entrance. It’s a pity their drinks come with a choice of just 3 toppings.

As always, I had to visit MOS burger. The shrimp burger was delicious! Burgers were served really warm too. Such a delight!

Because we had paid some 1800yen for overnight parking at the ‘repark’ carpark near our hotel (parking is really expensive in Okinawa!), we headed to the spots with free parking today, e.g. AEON near American Village.

(Note to self: No more Daiso at AEON Okinawa Rycom!)

American Village is kind of boring. But we found 100yen stores. Bought A LOT. Spent 5000yen to get a tax refund.

They seal your purchase in a transparent bag and you are not supposed to open the bag till you leave Japan.

Ended the day in Naha Main Place Mall. Free parking, yay! Had dinner at the food court. He had omu rice while I had saba fish with a BIG bowl of tofu soup that was so comforting. We spent about 700yen each.

So much awesomeness:

That’s sashimi at half price. How to say no to that? 😀 #CheapSupper

Okinawa Day 1: Cafe Curcuma, Orix Car Rental, Okinawa World, AEON!

*Reposting as the first draft was published by mistake :D*Once you exit Immigration, the Information counter is on your right and the currency exchange counter to your left. The latter opens at 9am (not 9.30am as stated on your GoGo Pass redemption voucher) so go ahead and get your pass at 9am. If you’ve also bought tickets to Churaumi Aquarium, make sure they give them to you too. 🙂

The Naha airport doesn’t have many shops and eateries so don’t bother. Just get what you need at the Lawson convenience store on level 1 and you’re good to go.

Car Rental

The staff from Orix and OTS were waiting right outside Immigration. Impossible to miss. Their company shuttle buses are outside, waiting to take you to the car rental pickup location. For Orix, the leisurely ride took just over 15 minutes I think. The driver seemed to be going at 20km/hr. The great thing about driving in Okinawa is that there aren’t any/many speed demons. And everyone drives as if they have all the time in the world. Probably the secret to their longevity, eh?

The staff at Orix are super friendly. Check the car for any defects before leaving their venue. We paid 18,000yen for 6 days’ rental.

First stop: Cafe Curcuma

This is a very homely, wooden cabin- like place, with a nice waterfront view too. And there’s this slightly creepy statue at the entrance to… erm… welcome you.

Curcuma Special Curry Set 1570yen and Green Curry 1140yen.

The special set seems to offer good value for money BUT it’s essentially the same curry, with different meats and varying levels of spiciness. The chicken cutlet comes with crispy skin so you might like it. I found the green curry delightful. They offer free iced water. And the seaview is awesome! 🙂 We ate indoors as there were lots of insects outside – dragonflies and such.

They have an English menu and will hand it to you without being asked to if you’re heard speaking in English. 😀

Okinawa World

Like a giant kampong with each wooden hut showcasing a traditional art form. Some fruit trees were devastated by the typhoon. At least one toilet was without running water for the taps.

The highlight of visiting Okinawa World was, ironically, the Blue Seal ice cream which can be found all over Naha. Lol.

We tried the Chocolate and Mango Tango flavors and the former was decidedly better.

Across the road, the Valley of Gangala cafe was also closed because of the damage from the typhoon.

Likewise, the cafe that is a hot favorite among Taiwanese tourists, Hanabe no chaya, was closed as well! It’s supposed to reopen on the 7th but we’ll be back in SG by then. What a pity!

Hard to tell a typhoon has just gone by… when the waters are such a brilliant blue and so still…

We loved visiting the various Aeon malls. Aeon Town Nanjo Osato has Daiso, which was a delight. And this other Aeon Haebaru was even bigger. Its foodcourt also has an A&W outlet. I went for the shrimp burger plus chili cheese curly fries combo. Total of 1080yen.

Meanwhile he had the Udon – a medium-size serving for 550yen. Hearty and good value for money.

Aeon haebaru foodcourt
My post on Day 2 is coming right up. 🙂

Hearing Inclusive Workshop with Puzzles SG

Puzzles SG workshop

Each of us received a “label” from one of the facilitators of the workshop, based on her first impression of us. I got “over confident”. O… K. 

I’m still in a bit of a shock. I’ve been to many training programmes, courses, classes, etc, and I’ve never come across one as damaging shocking as today’s. It was supposed to be a “hearing inclusive workshop” led by Puzzles SG, a cafe that hires people with hearing impairments and also gives customers 10% discount if they were to place their orders using sign language. I wasn’t expecting the workshop to deliver such a punch to the gut, really. It started off extremely well, in fact…

We were taught how to sign the alphabet – A to Z – which is something I’ve learnt in CCA during my Secondary School days but conveniently forgot, save for how to sign my own name. 😀 Then we were led to a table with multiple items laid out on it – Vick’s vaporub, lipsticks, powder compacts, etc, and we were supposed to use sign language to indicate which item we wanted without pointing at the item. I immediately went for VICKS! Five easy letters to sign mah. 😀

Because we had taken a pledge of silence, there’s no talking for 20 minutes. Then we also had to decipher the instructions given to us in sign language, and get ourselves into a row according to date of birth (such confusion!) No one knew what was happening, especially since there were three people born in the month of August, and they had to arrange themselves according to date of birth!

~ The (next) very scary bit about LABELS ~

One of the two female facilitators said she used to be given the label of “bad friend” so she wrote this down on a sticky note. She had been given that label largely because she used to be involved in so many activities and had so many friends that she didn’t really have much time to spend with each person. THEN… *cue scary music* she wrote down for each of us one (negative) label based on her first impressions of us. AND sticks the notes to our sleeves.

(I think the faint-hearted would have… fainted)

She dished out labels like slow, bossy, jealousy, lazy, disrespectful, etc. I think I got away too easy with the label “over confident” which to me, seems to be praise more than anything else. Hahaha! But the elderly lady next to me seemed somewhat affected. She was given the label “slow”. She even tried to defend herself, saying she usually walks too quickly, so it’s probably wrong to call her “slow”.

It was rather horrifying.

Another lady, who arrived late at the workshop but was HIGHLY proficient in signing, was given the label of “disrespectful”. (Might be accurate since she came with a Mr Bean drink. Late already still can buy drink huh? 😛 BUT who would dare to call her out for being disrespectful this way?) Someone’s got balls, man.

Then we were asked to write down a new label for ourselves. I simply decided to strike out the “over” and keep the “confident”. The elderly lady who was given the label “slow” decided to switch her label to “kind” instead. And the “disrespectful” one? She chose “dependable”.

We then got to reflect on how we simply label the hearing-impaired as deaf… and frankly, at this point, I’d shut out their voices already. The exercise had too much of a shock factor for me. Especially when the participant labeled as “lazy” ended up labeling himself as “sensitive”. So the facilitator just called a sensitive person lazy! O.M.G. (@_@) I thought he might have been tearing up, or it could have been my imagination.

Did you know that it takes about SIX positive comments to counteract the effects of getting ONE negative comment? Google it. There’s even an article in the Harvard Business Review.

I think that this activity, if conducted recklessly, is highly dangerous. Plus there’s physical contact when the notes were pasted onto our clothing.

I think the distinction between physical attributes and character traits must be clearly distinguished. When we call someone “deaf”, it merely describes the person’s physical attributes. It’s the same if someone were to call me “old”, “obese” or “fierce-looking”.

But to call someone slow, bossy, lazy or disrespectful, among other labels, that’s not stating a fact; it’s stating an opinion. I’m not sure if the lady called “slow” would take less offence if called “old” instead. ‘Cos she really is old(er) mah. I can only say the facilitators got balls lor.

After the session, the facilitator shared with me that at other workshops, people even broke down in tears because of the labeling. I really do disapprove of this particular activity. Seriously.

The really scary thing is that these are all done on purpose. Now I’m horrified. And I wonder what we, as a society, have done to the hearing impaired community that we have to be shaken up this way. In case you are wondering, the facilitators are part of us, the “hearing”, and they are not deaf. I would really love to hear (sorry for the pun) from the deaf community themselves.

To me, the term “deaf” doesn’t have any negative connotations attached to it. I’m sure lots of people with hearing impairments are highly intelligent, creative, loving, inquisitive, extraordinary in their own ways. If possible, I’d love to interact and communicate with each one I meet.

So I’m not sure why this “labeling” thing is such a big deal. Like I said, I’d already zoned out from the horror.


What I liked about this session, though, is the small group size and the sharing about some of the difficulties that the deaf face e.g. when they want to ask for directions, it would not be as straightforward as going up to a stranger and asking “Is this Lobby A or Lobby B?” And ordering food, for instance, can be problematic when service staff get your order wrong because they cannot understand you.

I suppose most can write down their questions and there are definitely apps to assist.

At the end of the day, I think we can do more. I gave the Puzzles SG crew a suggestion that people who are open to helping the hearing-impaired can wear a pin on their clothing or bags that indicate they know sign language (and maybe even state their proficiency e.g. basic, intermediate, advanced). It would mainly indicate their willingness to assist and also communicate with people with hearing difficulties.

Much as we’d love for the whole of Singapore to be “inclusive”, not everyone will be patient / kind / caring / loving / helpful, etc.

We can start with some merch. 😀

p/s: Read about the previous workshop I attended, which involved leather crafting with Personalised Love. So much more chill and enjoyable. 😀

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ – Can International Exposure Be Counted Towards ‘National Service’?

Crazy Rich Asians movie

Image Credit:

Had some time to spare after yesterday’s photoshoot at Bruno Gallery, and before an event in the evening, so my photographer pal and I watched ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ at GV, Tiong Bahru Plaza. I liked the movie more than I thought I would, and I also hated some bits of it. So you really should go catch the movie and decide for yourself if you love or hate it. 😀 But if there’s a sequel, I’m not catching it. I’ve read the books some time back and I remember thinking the first one was good, and it goes downhill after that. Anyway, here’s a quick review of Crazy Rich Asians…

I’m a bit puzzled at how tightly the scenes are shot. Like, if the characters in the movie are dining at a hawker centre, you’ll not be able to see many other regular Singaporeans. The focus is always on the cast and their FACES. (So don’t sit too close to the screen – pick cinema theatre seats right at the back) That said, the story’s definitely an enjoyable one. And the movie has brought Singapore so much international ‘exposure’. In my humble opinion, I think that should be counted towards ‘National Service’. I shudder at the thought of how many tourists will be visiting our tiny island from now on to explore this place they once thought was a part of China, but which they now suppose is filled with crazy rich Asians. Sigh.

~ Watch Out For Eye Candy, Ladies! ~

Everyone’s crazy about Henry Golding right now but if you compare his shirtless scenes in the movie and Pierre Png’s, you have to (honestly) say that Pierre has a hotter bod. Pierre has well-defined abs (real washboard abs!) while Henry’s look like he might do some sit-ups once in a while? *shrug* If you think my critique is too harsh, well, according to Henry, he was ‘plucked from his honeymoon’ by the Director to shoot this film. And Pierre has been married for goodness-knows-how-long. So, by right lah, Henry should have a hotter bod but, nope.

Pierre Png’s abs:

Pierre Png's abs

Image from, which was originally credited to Warner Bros Pictures.

Along the same vein (haha), I think Henry Golding lacked chemistry with his co-star. They’re supposed to be madly in love with each other but somehow I didn’t feel it. Sure, the proposal scene on board the plane was awesome. It was touching but more importantly it was so funny because of that uber-Singaporean auntie who went “YES! YES! She will marry you!”

I cringed a bit whenever the female lead wore dresses with plunging necklines, and whenever she stood next to Fiona Xie. If you’re standing beside Fiona, you’re bound to look like you have an ‘airport runway’ chest, so it’s really best to cover up. I do also think that Fiona should have been given more opportunities to shine. After all, they keep featuring her in media interviews. You’d think she got a meaty role in the movie, but when you watch the film, it’s like she could have been an ‘extra’.

On the other hand, I like the character, Peik Lin (the best friend of the female lead, Rachel Chu). I’d love to have a best friend like that. It’d be such fun! 😀


It’d be totally funny when people make their first visit to Singapore and realise it’s nothing like what’s depicted in the movie! 😀 At Tiong Bahru, I saw an elderly lady pushing her trolley stacked high with flattened cardboard boxes, and trying to keep an umbrella up to shield her from the unrelenting sun. At Tiong Bahru Market, there were ‘donation workers’ from a certain TCM institution asking for donations to help elderly people pay their medical bills. And at Tiong Bahru Plaza, right outside the cinema, there was a loud beeping noise coming from the automated massage chairs where older folks wanted to sit and rest without paying any money. (The machines have been programmed to beep loudly in protest whenever that happens)

Maybe we have some people whom we can call Crazy Rich. But for the rest of us, we’re just, according to GCT, “very, very mediocre”. So, if you’ve watched the movie and want to book a flight to Singapore because of it, just hang on for a minute. Some of us are crazy (actually quite a number of us are), some are rich, and yes, only some of us are Asian. 😉

Two Scam Calls In One Day; Caller ID Becomes Useless

Scam Calls in Singapore

Receiving 2 scam calls in a day – from the “High Court” and “Monetary Authority” – and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.

The funniest thing that happened today was when I was paying for a bottle of wine and the cashier asked if I am above 18 years of age. Bless her kind soul. 😀 What was less funny was receiving a phone call in the morning from the “High Court” of Singapore and in the afternoon from the “Monetary Authority”. Both were scam calls. The frequency of these calls is definitely alarming. I suppose with the reports in the media yesterday (and today) that scams are increasing in number, the scammers are going to strike as often as they can, while they still can. I hope there’s a special place in hell for them.

The increase in the number of scam calls actually presents an opportunity for people out there who are able to come up with a system to help screen calls. I believe there’s a huge potential for making a lot of money if your company is able to provide a service which screens all the calls before allowing the phone to ring and having me pick up the call.

I certainly wouldn’t mind paying for such a service seeing as how it’ll be way more useful than caller ID, which is currently pointless and useless and yet I have to pay for it!

Caller ID doesn’t help when the scammers use VoIP (or so I’ve read) so they can have any number they want to appear on your screen. And previously, when they called it was always the “Police Headquarters” and always in Mandarin. Today, both the “High Court” and “Monetary Authority” calls were in both English and Mandarin. They’re certainly casting the net wider now, so even people who don’t understand Mandarin have a chance of falling into their trap.

I’m not sure why the Government isn’t acting quickly. Something like 6 million dollars was lost to scammers within the first half of this year? And why the telcos, who charge us so much money every month, are not taking action either. Just have a call filter service, please. It’s like when you’re requesting information online and that’s this little check box you have to check to verify “I’m not a robot” that helps filter out the bots. I think such a service will be needed for phone calls as well. I hope it happens soon. Or at least the scammers can come up with something new – instead of the Police Headquarters or Monetary Authority or High Court, how about the Istana or Prime Minister’s Office? 😛

Remove Mould Easily With This 2-Dollar Mold Remover Spray

Daiso Mold Remover Spray

I’ll be the first to admit that I hate doing housework. Especially when it involves cleaning the area behind washbasins and sinks that have been invaded by mould. OMG. Scrubbing with a hard brush doesn’t help, and neither does trying to wash it off with soap and water. I found out that there’s a $2 Mold Remover Spray at Daiso (what would we do without Daiso, really!) and discovered why this product is such a hot favorite. If it’s the first time you’re purchasing the product, make sure you get the smaller bottle that comes with the spray head.

Daiso Mould Remover Spray

Both cost $2 each. However, the one with the spray nozzle contains only 300ml of liquid, while the one without has 400ml. I love the consideration for the environment: when we reuse the spray head for one of those ‘refill’ bottles, we are rewarded with an additional 100ml of product.

In the very first picture you see at the top, I used the product 3 times to get rid of that amount of mold. Just spray once, let the ‘foam’ settle and do its work, and when you return, if there’s still some mold, spray again, and repeat till you’re satisfied.

The mold problem behind my kitchen sink is a little more difficult to handle:

Mold behind kitchen sink

If you keep your chopping board behind the sink / tap like I do, you’ll know that mold will start growing in those crevices as that area gets wet easily. I had to use the spray like 5 or 6 times before getting rid of a substantial amount of mold. I’m not complaining as it’s really easy to use, without the need to scrub or expend much effort.

However, do note that this product contains some really harsh chemicals that can potentially affect the color of your floor tiles if you use the spray for your bathroom floor mold situation. And you might want to use gloves and some protective googles while you’re at it too. I also hold my breath while using the spray to avoid accidentally inhaling any of the vapors released. (It doesn’t smell awesome)

I’m really thankful we have all these wonderful products at Daiso. For a really low price, they help make housework a little more enjoyable, or perhaps, less unbearable! 😀

Found Him Watching Videos Of Naomi Neo in Panties, So I Requested For This…

Naomi Neo Kotex Overnight Panty

[Screengrab from YouTube]

Yes, it was pretty shocking the first time I saw him watching a video clip of Youtuber Naomi Neo wearing what looked like an adult diaper. Where are her pants?! Turns out he had downloaded a free game app and was forced to sit through multiple (unskippable) commercials of the same thing: Naomi Neo in Kotex’s Overnight Panties. Good grief. Why would ads for overnight panties be targeted at guys? 😛 And since Kotex is giving out free samples of their Overnight Panties, I went ahead and asked for one. 🙂

If you want to watch the video clip, here it is:

As you can probably tell, the overnight panties aren’t the sexiest thing to wear to bed. So, the only reason anyone should buy (or even sell) these overnight panties is because it works as stated: no pad, no panty, no leakage.

This is what it looks like right out of the box:

kotex overnight panties

And after a ‘heavy flow’ night, there was absolutely no leakage. Consider me thoroughly impressed.

That said, this overnight panty doesn’t come cheap. There’s a promotion right now at FairPriceOnline: 2 pieces for $2.45 instead of the usual $3.50. You might also want to consider the environmental impact of this diaper-looking pad. I’ve tried using a menstrual cup before but it didn’t work for me: couldn’t get it to sit right. Won’t go into details but it was a most frustrating experience.


Anyway, go ahead and subscribe to Kotex’s YouTube channel so you get to know when they have released new products. There’s usually a link provided so you can request a sample. I’ve just requested for their Kotex Luxe®  sample after spotting this new product in a supermarket. It has really colorful (safari?) print. Anyway, who cares about the print? Since it’s free, just get it and use it. 😛 You’ll save quite a bit of money just requesting samples from the various brands. 😀

How To Save On Foreign Payments

For the big plans in Life, we’ll often have to find out how to save on foreign payments. Here are a few tips for the savvy, modern woman, for every important occasion or milestone in life.

#1: For Your Destination Wedding

If you’re engaged, you may already be planning a destination wedding at an exotic getaway that doubles as a honeymoon spot after?

Couples can easily spend around $20,000 – and often a lot more! – on a destination wedding, so the first rule is to plan ahead. Sounds basic right? But preparation is key and it’s worth familiarizing yourself with local rules and regulations. Research on- and off-peak seasons, so as to score a better deal with hotels and make sure you don’t book a beach wedding during the monsoon season!

Add together the travel, hotel and venue costs and your bill will quickly add up. What’s more, many couples choose to pay for immediate family members’ and the bridal party’s travel, and many consider it customary to pay for guest accommodation as well. If that’s the case, you’ll want to get the best deals where you can – including when making your payments. Engaging an international payments specialist can help you avoid both the hefty transfer fees and poor exchange rates people typically experience with their banks.

#2: For Your Child’s Education Abroad

A common Mother’s dilemma; should you send your children abroad for higher education?

First, take location into account. In the US, studying in a private institution can easily cost over USD40,000 per year, though it is worth remembering that some universities offer free tuition to international students. Do your research.

Also think about duration too. For example, undergraduate courses in the UK typically last three years, instead of the usual four. You’ll also need to factor accommodation and living expenses into your decision too.

What is clear is that if you send a child abroad to study, you’ll also be sending lots of money overseas to support them too. You could save money by getting your currency exchange right. Fix a rate in advance – this is known as a forward contract – so you’ll always know what you’ll pay, even if the exchange rate goes against you.

#3: For Your Overseas Properties

A discerning investor like you might be looking for passive income. Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in overseas properties. Right now, you can save substantially when you buy a second home in other parts of the world. For example, with the pound at its lowest in decades, you can snatch up that charming little house in UK, for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than before the British Referendum.

The average UK home price was around USD 297,250 just before Brexit. Now, with the historically low pound, average UK home prices are down to USD 266,500 – meaning you’d pay a whopping USD 30,750 less for a typical UK home than if you had bought one before Brexit*.

Engage with a currency broker to lock in your exchange rate, so you can ensure you take advantage of the favorable exchange rate vs the pound. That way you’ll know in advance exactly how much you need to pay upon completion, and manage the risk from adverse currency fluctuations.

Currency markets can move fast and can be volatile, especially around big events like elections. To help navigate your way through, it’s worth enlisting the help of a currency expert to help you take control of your finances and make the best decisions on your international purchases and transfers.

To find out more, visit

World First


Rebecca Snape

[ This article was contributed by Rebecca Snape, Head of Dealing Singapore, World First ]

World First provides a fast, secure and customer-friendly online international payments platform to private individuals and small and medium sized enterprises around the world. Experts in global currency markets and with a truly customer-focused approach, World First helps clients make international payments quickly, efficiently and safely, helping them to take control of their international payments.

*Nationwide House Price Index